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| <code>01e6</code> || Fiery Bulblax fire sphere || <code>Enemy_FireChappy_TYakiBody_1</code> ||
| <code>01e6</code> || Fiery Bulblax fire sphere || <code>Enemy_FireChappy_TYakiBody_1</code> ||
| <code>01e7</code> || Fiery Bulblax fire- looks like minecraft grass || <code>Enemy_FireChappy_TYakiBody_2</code> ||
| <code>01e7</code> || Fiery Bulblax fire - looks like Minecraft grass || <code>Enemy_FireChappy_TYakiBody_2</code> ||
| <code>01e8</code> || Fiery Bulblax hellfire || <code>Enemy_FireChappy_TYakiBody_3</code> ||
| <code>01e8</code> || Fiery Bulblax hellfire || <code>Enemy_FireChappy_TYakiBody_3</code> ||
Line 1,341: Line 1,341:
| <code>027f</code> || || <code>Enemy_OtakaraBase_TOtaPartsoff</code> ||
| <code>027f</code> || || <code>Enemy_OtakaraBase_TOtaPartsoff</code> ||
| <code>0280</code> || Titan Dweevil Fireflies || <code>Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaParticle</code> ||
| <code>0280</code> || Titan Dweevil fireflies || <code>Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaParticle</code> ||
| <code>0281</code> || Green (Bulbmin/Carrot) idle halo || <code>Piki_TPkToeKourin_green</code> ||
| <code>0281</code> || Green (Bulbmin/Carrot) idle halo || <code>Piki_TPkToeKourin_green</code> ||

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Editor's note: The information on this page was gathered from eff2d_world_map.jpc and game.jpc. This page is not finished.

JPC files represent an indexed collection of JPA files, and contain information on particle systems and store BTI images.

File header

Data type Description
0x0 (8 char) String, JPAC2-10.
0x8 (uint16) Number of BEM1 headers, total number of defined emitters.
0xA (uint16) Number of BTI format textures (TEX1).
0xC (uint32) Total size of data excluding the TEX1 sections.

Before the BEM1 section, every particle emitter starts off with 8 bytes of data:

Offset Data type Description
0x0 uint16 Identifier.
0x2 uint16 Unknown - Always set to 5.[unsure]
0x4 uint8 Unknown - Crash handler mentions something about JPAWorkData.[unsure]
0x5 uint8 Unknown - Crash handler mentions JPAKeyBlock? Related to alpha?[unsure] Crashes when changed to something else.


Offset Data type Description
0x0 4 char String, BEM1.
0x4 uint32 Value is always 0x7C since the data size of this section is static (124 bytes).
0x8 uint16 Unknown - Doesn't seem to do anything. Changing doesn't crash.[unsure]
0xA uint8 Purpose unknown.[unsure] Can be set from 0-7. Crashes resulted when set to 7. Crash handler mentions JPADyanmicBlocks? Setting numbers higher than 7 will wrap around to represent 0-7.
0xB uint8 Bit flags. Upper 4 bits not used? Going right to left the 1st bit doesn't seem to do anything noticeable. 2nd seems to turn off particle cap. 3rd seems to determine if the particle system should fire continuously or once. 4th makes the particles parented to the emitter.[unsure]
0x10 float Scale X, these scale values may be used for the shape that particles can spawn within.
0x14 float Scale Y.
0x18 float Scale Z.
0x1C float Emitter's X offset from origin.
0x20 float Emitter's Y offset from origin.
0x24 float Emitter's Z offset from origin.

Game.JPC particle list

ID Description Internal name Image
0000 Flies from Doodlebug Enemy_Fart_TBabyFly_ver01
0001 Fart from Doodlebug Enemy_Fart_TBabaHe_1
0002 Fart from Doodlebug Enemy_Fart_TBabaHe_2
0003 Bulborb Larva Enemy_Baby_TBabyBecha
0004 Bulborb Larva spawns Enemy_Baby_TBabyBorn
0005 Drain clog destroyed Item_Barrel_TBarrelDead_1
0006 Drain clog destroyed Item_Barrel_TBarrelDead_2
0007 Drain clog destroyed Item_Barrel_TBarrelDead_3
0008 Bomb rock explosion Enemy_Bomb_TBombrockABCD_1
0009 Bomb rock explosion Enemy_Bomb_TBombrockABCD_2
000a Bomb rock explosion Enemy_Bomb_TBombrockABCD_3
000b Bomb rock explosion Enemy_Bomb_TBombrockABCD_4
000c Bomb rock explosion Enemy_Bomb_TBombrockEFGH_1
000d Bomb rock explosion Enemy_Bomb_TBombrockEFGH_2
000e Bomb rock explosion Enemy_Bomb_TBombrockEFGH_3
000f Bomb rock explosion Enemy_Bomb_TBombrockEFGH_4
0010 Pikmin breaking bridge Piki_TBridgeAttack
0011 Bridge breaking Item_Bridge_TBridgeSet
0012 Careening Dirigibug dead Enemy_BombSarai_TBsaraiDead_1
0013 Careening Dirigibug dead Enemy_BombSarai_TBsaraiDead_2
0014 Careening Dirigibug create bomb Enemy_BombSarai_TBsaraiSupli
0015 Ravenous Whiskerpillar eat Enemy_ImoMushi_TChouDown_1
0016 Ravenous Whiskerpillar eat Enemy_ImoMushi_TChouDown_2
0017 Ravenous Whiskerpillar eat Enemy_ImoMushi_TChouDown_3
0018 Hit Unmarked Spectralid Enemy_ShijimiChou_TChouHit
0019 Part of leader whistle Cursor1
001a Part of leader whistle Cursor2
001b Part of leader whistle Cursor3
001c Beady Long Legs Enemy_DamaGumo_TDamaDeadBomb
001d Beady Long Legs Enemy_DamaGumo_TDamaDeadElecA
001e Beady Long Legs Enemy_DamaGumo_TDamaDeadElecB
001f Beady Long Legs Enemy_DamaGumo_TDamaDeadHahenA
0020 Beady Long Legs Enemy_DamaGumo_TDamaDeadHahenB
0021 Beady Long Legs Enemy_DamaGumo_TDamaDeadHahenC1
0022 Beady Long Legs Enemy_DamaGumo_TDamaDeadHahenC2
0023 Beady Long Legs Enemy_DamaGumo_TDamaFootw
0024 Beady Long Legs Enemy_DamaGumo_TDamaFoot_1
0025 Beady Long Legs Enemy_DamaGumo_TDamaFoot_2
0026 Beady Long Legs Enemy_DamaGumo_TDamaHahen
0027 Beady Long Legs Enemy_DamaGumo_TDamaSmoke
0028 Beady Long Legs Enemy_DamaGumo_TDamaWalkw_1
0029 Beady Long Legs Enemy_DamaGumo_TDamaWalkw_2
002a Beady Long Legs Enemy_DamaGumo_TDamaWalkw_3
002b Beady Long Legs Enemy_DamaGumo_TDamaWalk_1
002c Beady Long Legs Enemy_DamaGumo_TDamaWalk_2
002d Electrical wire Enemy_ElecHiba_TDenkiHiba_1
002e Electrical wire Enemy_ElecHiba_TDenkiHiba_2
002f Electrical wire Enemy_ElecHiba_TDenkiHiba_3
0030 Electrical wire Enemy_ElecHiba_TDenkiPole_1
0031 Electrical wire Enemy_ElecHiba_TDenkiPole_2
0032 Electrical wire Enemy_ElecHiba_TDenkipoleSign
0033 Anode Beetle Enemy_ElecBug_TDnkmsHoudenA
0034 Anode Beetle Enemy_ElecBug_TDnkmsHoudenB
0035 Anode Beetle Enemy_ElecBug_TDnkmsThunderA
0036 Anode Beetle Enemy_ElecBug_TDnkmsThunderB
0037 Small seesaw block rises Item_DownFloor_TDownf1On
0038 Small seesaw block moving Item_DownFloor_TDownf1Updown
0039 Small seesaw block rises in water Item_DownFloor_TDownf1WOn
003a Small seesaw block moving in water Item_DownFloor_TDownf1WUpdown
003b Large seesaw block rising Item_DownFloor_TDownf2On
003c Large seesaw block moving Item_DownFloor_TDownf2Updown
003d Large seesaw block rising in water Item_DownFloor_TDownf2WOn
003e Large seesaw block moving in water Item_DownFloor_TDownf2WUpdown
003f Unknown[unsure] Item_DownFloor_TDownf3On
0040 Paper bag moving Item_DownFloor_TDownf3Updown
0041 Paper bag rising in water Item_DownFloor_TDownf3WOn
0042 Paper bag moving in water Item_DownFloor_TDownf3WUpdown
0043 Leader using spicy spray? Navi_TDopingSmoke_1
0044 Navi_TDopingSmoke_2
0045 Navi_TDopingSmoke_3
0046 Electric gate electricity Item_ElecGate_TEgateA
0047 Electric gate electricity Item_ElecGate_TEgateBC_1
0048 Electric gate electricity Item_ElecGate_TEgateBC_2
0049 Egg broken Enemy_Egg_TEggdown
004a Enemy_TEnemyBombM_1
004b Enemy_TEnemyBombM_2
004c Enemy_TEnemyBombM_3
004d Enemy_TEnemyBombM_4
004e Enemy_TEnemyBombS_1
004f Enemy_TEnemyBombS_2
0050 Enemy_TEnemyBombS_3
0051 Enemy_TEnemyBombS_4
0052 Enemy spirit Enemy_TEnemyDead
0053 Enemy_TEnemyDownSmoke
0054 Enemy_TEnemyDownWat_1
0055 Enemy_TEnemyDownWat_2
0056 Enemy_TEnemyDownWat_3
0057 Enemy_TEnemyHamonM
0058 Enemy_TEnemyHamonMInd
0059 Enemy walking dust Enemy_TEnemyWalkSmokeS
005a Big enemy walking dust Enemy_TEnemyWalkSmokeM
005b Falling flowers in Awakening Wood TForestSakura
005c Yellow Wollywog Enemy_Frog_TFrogDive_1
005d Yellow Wollywog Enemy_Frog_TFrogDive_2
005e Yellow Wollywog Enemy_Frog_TFrogDive_3
005f Yellow Wollywog Enemy_Frog_TFrogDive_4
0060 Yellow Wollywog falling Enemy_Frog_TFrogLanddrop_1
0061 Yellow Wollywog falling Enemy_Frog_TFrogLanddrop_2
0062 Yellow Wollywog Enemy_Frog_TFrogPota
0063 Broken Pellet Posy Pellet_TFruitsDownP_1
0064 Broken Pellet Posy Pellet_TFruitsDownP_2
0065 Broken Pellet Posy Pellet_TFruitsDownR_1
0066 Broken Pellet Posy Pellet_TFruitsDownR_2
0067 Leader whistle beam Cursor_TFueactBiriBase_1
0068 Leader whistle beam Cursor_TFueactBiriBase_2
0069 Leader whistle rainbow disc TFueactCircle
006a Cursor4
006b Antenna Beetle Enemy_FueFuki_TFuebugOnpa
006c Puffy Blowhog Enemy_Mar_TFusenAirhit_1
006d Puffy Blowhog Enemy_Mar_TFusenAirhit_2
006e Puffy Blowhog Enemy_Mar_TFusenAir_1
006f Puffy Blowhog Enemy_Mar_TFusenAir_2
0070 Puffy Blowhog Enemy_Mar_TFusenAir_3
0071 Puffy Blowhog Enemy_Mar_TFusenDead_1
0072 Puffy Blowhog Enemy_Mar_TFusenDead_2
0073 Puffy Blowhog Enemy_Mar_TFusenSui
0074 Gas pipe Enemy_GasHiba_TGasuHiba_1
0075 Gas pipe Enemy_GasHiba_TGasuHiba_2
0076 Piki_TGate1Attack_1
0077 Piki_TGate1Attack_2
0078 Item_Gate_TGate1Down_1
0079 Item_Gate_TGate1Down_2
007a Piki_TGate2Attack_1
007b Piki_TGate2Attack_2
007c Item_Gate_TGate2Down_1
007d Item_Gate_TGate2Down_2
007e Piki_TPkS_Gate3Attack
007f Item_BigFountain_TGeyserAct_1
0080 Item_BigFountain_TGeyserAct_2
0081 Item_BigFountain_TGeyserAct_3
0082 Item_BigFountain_TGeyserSet_1
0083 Item_BigFountain_TGeyserSet_2
0084 Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
0085 Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
0086 Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
0087 Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
0088 Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
0089 Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
008a Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
008b Bulborb snot bubble Enemy_ChappyBase_THanachoN
008c Fiery Bulblax snot bubble Enemy_ChappyBase_THanachoY
008d Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaHit1_1
008e Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaHit1_2
008f Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaHit1_3
0090 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaHit1_4
0091 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaHit2W_1
0092 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaHit2W_2
0093 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaHit2W_3
0094 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaHit2_1
0095 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaHit2_2
0096 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaHit2_3
0097 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaHit3_1
0098 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaHit3_2
0099 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaHit3_3
009a Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaHit3_4
009b Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaShell
009c Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaShootA
009f Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THamaShoot_1
009e Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THamaShoot_2
009f Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaSight
00a0 Burrowing Snagret Enemy_SnakeCrow_THabiAphd_dive
00a1 Burrowing Snagret Enemy_SnakeCrow_THabiAphd_dive_2
00a2 Burrowing Snagret Enemy_SnakeCrow_THabiAphd_dive_3
00a3 Burrowing Snagret Enemy_SnakeCrow_THabiAphd_dive_4
00a4 Burrowing Snagret Enemy_SnakeCrow_THebiDead_1
00a5 Burrowing Snagret Enemy_SnakeCrow_THebiDead_2
00a6 Burrowing Snagret Enemy_SnakeCrow_THebiDead_3
00a7 Burrowing Snagret Enemy_SnakeCrow_THebiDead_4
00a8 Burrowing Snagret Enemy_SnakeCrow_THebiDeadHane_ver01
00a9 Burrowing Snagret Enemy_SnakeCrow_THebiRot
00aa Burrowing Snagret Enemy_SnakeCrow_THebiWait
00ab Fire geyser Enemy_Hiba_THibaFire_1
00ac Fire geyser Enemy_Hiba_THibaFire_2
00ad Fire geyser Enemy_Hiba_THibaFire_3
00ae Fire geyser Enemy_Hiba_THibaFire_4
00af Overworld cave fog Item_Hole_WarpZone_1
00b0 Overworld cave fog Item_Hole_WarpZone_2
00b1 Overworld cave fog Item_Hole_WarpZone_3
00b2 Overworld cave fog Item_Hole_WarpZone_4
00b3 Splash when bitter drop hits ground Honey_THoneydownB
00b4 Splash when spicy drop hits ground Honey_THoneydownR
00b5 Splash when nectar drop hits ground Honey_THoneydownY
00b6 Ravenous Whiskerpillar break berry Enemy_Imomushi_TImoEat_1
00b7 Ravenous Whiskerpillar break berry Enemy_ImoMushi_TImoEat_2
00b8 Ravenous Whiskerpillar Enemy_Imomushi_TImoSmoke
00b9 Hermit Crawmad Enemy_Jigumo_TJgmAttack_1
00ba Hermit Crawmad Enemy_Jigumo_TJgmAttack_2
00bb Hermit Crawmad Enemy_Jigumo_TJgmAttackW_1
00bc Hermit Crawmad Enemy_Jigumo_TJgmAttackW_2
00bd Hermit Crawmad Enemy_Jigumo_TJgmAttackW_3
00be Hermit Crawmad Enemy_Jigumo_TJgmBack
00bf Hermit Crawmad Enemy_Jigumo_TJgmBackW_1
00c0 Hermit Crawmad Enemy_Jigumo_TJgmBackW_2
00c1 Hermit Crawmad underwater bubbles Enemy_Jigumo_TJgmBubble
00c2 Armored Cannon Beetle Larva Enemy_Kabuto_TKabutoAttack
00c3 Iridescent Flint Beetle Enemy_Kogane_TKoganeDive_1
00c4 Iridescent Flint Beetle Enemy_Kogane_TKoganeDive_2
00c5 Iridescent Flint Beetle Enemy_Kogane_TKoganeHit_1
00c6 Iridescent Flint Beetle Enemy_Kogane_TKoganeHit_2
00c7 Falling boulder Item_Rock_TKouhai1_1
00c8 Falling boulder Item_Rock_TKouhai1_2
00c9 Falling boulder Item_Rock_TKouhai2_1
00ca Falling boulder Item_Rock_TKouhai2_2
00cb Falling boulder Item_Rock_TKouhai3_1
00cc Falling boulder Item_Rock_TKouhai3_2
00cd Falling boulder Item_Rock_TkKouhaiDamage
00ce Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
00cf Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
00d0 Falling boulder Enemy_Rock_TKouhaiFuku_1
00d1 Falling boulder Enemy_Rock_TKouhaiFuku_2
00d2 Greater Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_OniKurage_TKurageBomb_1
00d3 Greater Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_OniKurage_TKurageBomb_2
00d4 Greater Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_OniKurage_TKurageDeadrun
00d5 Greater Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_OniKurage_TKurageEye
00d6 Greater Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_OniKurage_TKurageFlick
00d7 Greater Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_OniKurage_TKurageGepu
00d8 Greater Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_OniKurage_TKurageHire_1
00d9 Greater Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_OniKurage_TKurageHire_2
00da Greater Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_OniKurage_TKurageHire_3
00db Greater Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_OniKurage_TKurageKira
00dc Greater Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_OniKurage_TKurageSui_1
00dd Greater Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_OniKurage_TKurageSui_2
00de Louie light (star shape) Navi_TOrimaLight_loozy_1
00df Louie light whistle Navi_TOrimaLightAct_loozy_1
00e0 Louie light whistle Navi_TOrimaLightAct_loozy_2
00e1 Louie light (trail/base) Navi_TOrimaLight_loozy_2
00e2 Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_Kurage_TNewKurageBomb_1
00e3 Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_Kurage_TNewKurageBomb_2
00e4 Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_Kurage_TNewkurageDeadrun
00e5 Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_Kurage_TNewkurageEye
00e6 Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_Kurage_TNewkurageFlick
00e7 Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_Kurage_TNewkuragHire_1
00e8 Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_Kurage_TNewkuragHire_2
00e9 Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_Kurage_TNewkuragHire_3
00ea Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_Kurage_TNewkuragKira
00eb Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_Kurage_TNewkurageSui_1
00ec Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_Kurage_TNewkurageSui_2
00ed Raging Long Legs Enemy_BigFoot_TOdamaDeadHahenA
00ee Raging Long Legs Enemy_BigFoot_TOdamaDeadHahenB
00ef Raging Long Legs Enemy_BigFoot_TOdamaDeadHahenC1
00f0 Raging Long Legs Enemy_BigFoot_TOdamaDeadHahenC2
00f1 Raging Long Legs Enemy_BigFoot_TOdamaFoot_1
00f2 Raging Long Legs fur Enemy_BigFoot_TOdamaFur1
00f3 Raging Long Legs fur Enemy_BigFoot_TOdamaFur2
00f4 Raging Long Legs Enemy_BigFoot_TOdamaHahen
00f5 Raging Long Legs Enemy_BigFoot_TOdamaWalk_1
00f6 Raging Long Legs Enemy_BigFoot_TOdamaWalk_2
00f7 Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
00f8 Interactable Blue Onion beam Onyon_ContainerAct_blue_1
00f9 Interactable Blue Onion beam Onyon_ContainerAct_blue_2
00fa Interactable Red Onion beam Onyon_ContainerAct_red_1
00fb Interactable Red Onion beam Onyon_ContainerAct_red_2
00fc Interactable Yellow Onion beam Onyon_ContainerAct_yellow_1
00fd Interactable Yellow Onion beam Onyon_ContainerAct_yellow_2
00fe Onyon_TOnyonEatAB_1
00ff Onyon_TOnyonEatAB_2
0100 Onyon_TOnyonEatC
0101 Onyon_TOnyonLay_1
0102 Onyon_TOnyonLay_2
0103 Onyon_TOnyonPuffKira
0104 Onyon_TOnyonPuffPuff
0105 Blue Onion beacon base Onyon_Container_Blue
0106 Red Onion beacon base Onyon_Container_Red
0107 Yellow Onion beacon base Onyon_Container_Yellow
0108 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaElec_1
0109 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaElec_2
010a Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaElec_3
010b Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaElecLeg
010c Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaFire_1
010d Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaFire_2
010e Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaFire_3
010f Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaFire_4
0110 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaFire_5
0111 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaFoot_1
0112 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaFoot_2
0113 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaGas_1
0114 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaGas_2
0115 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaWalk_1
0116 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaWalk_2
0117 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaWbomb_1
0118 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaWbomb_2
0119 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaWbomb_3
011a Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaWbomb_4
011b Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaWbHit_1
011c Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaWbHit_2
011d Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaWbHit_3
011e Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaWbHit_4
011f Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaWbShot_1
0120 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaWbShot_2
0121 Leader stuff Navi_TOrimadamage_1
0122 Leader stuff Navi_TOrimadamage_2
0123 Olimar light (star shape) Navi_TOrimaLight_orima_1
0124 Olimar light whistle Navi_TOrimaLightAct_orima_1
0125 Olimar light whistle Navi_TOrimaLightAct_orima_2
0126 Olimar light (trail/base) Navi_TOrimaLight_orima_2
0127 Common Dweevil particles Enemy_OtakaraBase_TOtakaraApL_1
0128 Common Dweevil particles Enemy_OtakaraBase_TOtakaraApL_2
0129 Common Dweevil particles Enemy_OtakaraBase_TOtakaraApL_3
012a Common Dweevil particles Enemy_OtakaraBase_TOtakaraApS_1
012b Common Dweevil particles Enemy_OtakaraBase_TOtakaraApS_2
012c Anode Dweevil attack charge Enemy_ElecOtakara_TOtaChargeelec_1
012d Anode Dweevil attack charge Enemy_ElecOtakara_TOtaChargeelec_2
012e Fiery Dweevil attack charge Enemy_FireOtakara_TOtaChargefire_1
012f Fiery Dweevil attack charge Enemy_FireOtakara_TOtaChargefire_2
0130 Munge Dweevil attack charge Enemy_GasOtakara_TOtaChargegas_1
0131 Munge Dweevil attack charge Enemy_GasOtakara_TOtaChargegas_2
0132 Caustic Dweevil attack charge Enemy_WaterOtakara_TOtaChargewat_1
0133 Caustic Dweevil attack charge Enemy_WaterOtakara_TOtaChargewat_2
0134 Anode Dweevil attack Enemy_ElecOtakara_TOtaElec_1
0135 Anode Dweevil attack Enemy_ElecOtakara_TOtaElec_2
0136 Anode Dweevil attack Enemy_ElecOtakara_TOtaElec_3
0137 Fiery Dweevil attack Enemy_FireOtakara_TOtaFire_1
0138 Fiery Dweevil attack Enemy_FireOtakara_TOtaFire_2
0139 Fiery Dweevil attack Enemy_FireOtakara_TOtaFire_3
013a Fiery Dweevil attack Enemy_FireOtakara_TOtaFire_4
013b Fiery Dweevil attack Enemy_FireOtakara_TOtaFire_5
013c Munge Dweevil attack Enemy_GasOtakara_TOtaGas_1
013d Munge Dweevil attack Enemy_GasOtakara_TOtaGas_2
013e Caustic Dweevil attack Enemy_WaterOtakara_TOtaWat_1
013f Caustic Dweevil attack Enemy_WaterOtakara_TOtaWat_2
0140 Caustic Dweevil attack Enemy_WaterOtakara_TOtaWat_3
0141 Caustic Dweevil attack Enemy_WaterOtakara_TOtaWat_4
0142 Pellet_TPelkira_ver01_1
0143 Pellet_TPelkira_ver01_2
0144 Pellet_TPelkira_ver01_3
0145 Pellet_TPelkira_ver01_4
0146 Piki_TPkAp_1
0147 Piki_TPkAp_2
0148 Piki_PikiDamage
0149 PIki_TPkAttackDP
014a Piki_TPkBlackDown
014b Piki_TPkBlackDrop_1
014c Piki_TPkBlackDrop_2
014d Piki_TPkBlackDrop_3
014e Pikmin on fire Piki_TPkS_Chinka_1
014f Pikmin on fire Piki_TPkS_Chinka_2
0150 Piki_TPkS_Chiru
0151 Piki_TPkS_ChiruRed
0152 Pikmin poisoned Piki_TPkToeChudoku
0153 Purple Pikmin spirit Piki_TPkS_Dead_purple
0154 Blue Pikmin spirit Piki_TPkS_Dead_blue
0155 Red Pikmin spirit Piki_TPkS_Dead_red
0156 White Pikmin spirit Piki_TPkS_Dead_white
0157 Yellow Pikmin spirit Piki_TPkS_Dead_yellow
0158 Piki_TPkS_Dig
0159 Enemy_TEnemyDive_1
015a Enemy_TEnemyDive_2
015b Piki_TPkToeDoping
015c Pikmin poisoned Piki_TPkS_Gedoku_1
015d Pikmin poisoned Piki_TPkS_Gedoku_2
015e Piki_TPkGlow1
015f Piki_TPkGlow2_1
0160 Piki_TPkGlow2_2
0161 Piki_TPkToeHamonA
0162 Piki_TPkToeHamonB
0163 Piki_TPkS_Inattack
0164 Piki_TPkInstick
0165 Pikmin electric shock Piki_TPkKanden_1
0166 Pikmin electric shock Piki_TPkKanden_2
0167 Pikmin electric shock Piki_TPkKanden_3
0168 Pikmin electric shock Piki_TPkKanden_4
0169 Purple Pikmin idle halo Piki_TPkToeKourin_purple
016a Blue Pikmin idle halo Piki_TPkToeKourin_blue
016b Red Pikmin idle halo Piki_TPkToeKourin_red
016c White Pikmin idle halo Piki_TPkToeKourin_white
016d Yellow Pikmin idle halo Piki_TPkToeKourin_yellow
016e Smoke after saving Pikmin from fire Piki_TPkToeMoeSmoke
016f Piki_TPkMoeA
0170 Piki_TPkToeTanekira
0171 Piki_TPkToeMoeBC
0172 Purple Pikmin throw trail color Piki_TPkNageBlur_Purple
0173 Blue Pikmin throw trail color Piki_TPkNageBlur_Blue
0174 Red Pikmin throw trail color Piki_TPkNageBlur_Red
0175 White Pikmin throw trail color Piki_TPkNageBlur_White
0176 Yellow Pikmin throw trail color Piki_TPkNageBlur_Yellow
0177 Piki_TPkToeNagekira
0178 Piki_TPkToeTaneKira
0179 Pikmin walking dust Piki_TPkS_Walksmoke
017a Piki_TPkS_WaterOff_1
017b Piki_TPkS_WaterOff_2
017c Piki_TPkToeWater_1
017d Piki_TPkToeWater_2
017e Onyon_TPodGepu_1
017f Onyon_TPodGepu_2
0180 Onyon_TPodKira
0181 Onyon_TPodOpenA
0182 Onyon_TPodOpenB
0183 Onyon_TPodSpot_1
0184 Onyon_TPodSpot_2
0185 Onyon_TPodSuck_1
0186 Onyon_TPodSuck_2
0187 Pellet Posy Enemy_Pelplant_TPp1Grow1_1
0188 Pellet Posy Enemy_Pelplant_TPp1Grow1_2
0189 Pellet Posy Enemy_Pelplant_TPp1Grow2_1
018a Pellet Posy Enemy_Pelplant_TPp1Grow2_2
018b Pellet Posy Enemy_Pelplant_TPp1Grow2_3
018c Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenCrashL
018d Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenCrashR
018e Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenCrashRock
018f Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenDamage
0190 Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenDead_1
0191 Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenDead_2
0192 Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenDead_3
0193 Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenDead_4
0194 Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenFlick_1
0195 Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenFlick_2
0196 Empress Bulblax sleeping snot bubble Enemy_Queen_TQueenHanacho
0197 Empress Bulblax making a larva Enemy_Queen_TQueenLay
0198 Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenRoll_1
0199 Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenRoll_2
019a Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenRollCL_1
019b Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenRollCR_1
019c Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenRollCL_2
019d Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenRollCR_2
019e Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenRollCL_3
019f Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenRollCR_3
01a0 Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenWakeup
01a1 Honeywisp Enemy_Qurione_TQuriApp
01a2 Honeywisp Enemy_Qurione_TQuriDisap
01a3 Honeywisp Enemy_Qurione_TQuriGlow
01a4 Honeywisp Enemy_Qurione_TQuriHit_1
01a5 Honeywisp Enemy_Qurione_TQuriHit_2
01a6 Falling boulder break Enemy_Rock_TRockDead_1
01a7 Falling boulder break Enemy_Rock_TRockDead_2
01a8 Falling boulder break Enemy_Rock_TRockDead_3
01a9 Enemy_Rock_TRockGrRun
01aa Enemy_Rock_TRockRun
01ab Enemy_TSekikaLOff
01ac Enemy_TSekikaLon
01ad Enemy_TSekikaSOff
01ae Enemy_TSekikaSOn
01af Piki_TStoneAttack
01b0 Fiery Blowhog Enemy_Tank_TTankFireABC_1
01b1 Fiery Blowhog Enemy_Tank_TTankFireABC_2
01b2 Fiery Blowhog Enemy_Tank_TTankFireABC_3
01b3 Fiery Blowhog Enemy_Tank_TTankFireHit
01b4 Fiery Blowhog Enemy_Tank_TTankFireIND
01b5 Fiery Blowhog Enemy_Tank_TTankFireYodare
01b6 Watery Blowhog Enemy_WTank_TTankWat_1
01b7 Watery Blowhog Enemy_WTank_TTankWat_2
01b8 Watery Blowhog Enemy_WTank_TTankWat_3
01b9 Watery Blowhog Enemy_WTank_TTankWat_4
01ba Watery Blowhog Enemy_WTank_TTankWatHit
01bb Watery Blowhog Enemy_WTank_TTankWatYodare
01bc Item_Plant_TTsuyuGrow0
01bd Item_Plant_TTsuyuGrow1_1
01be Item_Plant_TTsuyuGrow1_2
01bf Item_Plant_TTsuyuGrow2_1
01c0 Item_Plant_TTsuyuGrow2_2
01c1 Pellet_TTsuyuGrowon
01c2 Onyon_TUfoGasIn
01c3 Onyon_TUfoGasOut
01c4 Onyon_TUfoPodGeku_1
01c5 Onyon_TUfoPodGeku_2
01c6 Onyon_TUfoPodOpen_1
01c7 Onyon_TUfoPodOpen_2
01c8 Onyon_TUfoPodOpenSuck
01c9 Onyon_TUfoPodSuck
01ca Onyon_TUfoSpotact_ver01_1
01cb Onyon_TUfoSpotact_ver01_2
01cc Onyon_UfoSpot_1
01cd Onyon_UfoSpot_2
01ce Male Sheargrub Enemy_Ujib_TUjinkoAp_1
01cf Male Sheargrub Enemy_Ujib_TUjinkoAp_2
01d0 Male Sheargrub Enemy_Ujib_TUjinkoEat
01d1 Male Sheargrub Enemy_Ujib_TUjinkoHd_1
01d2 Male Sheargrub Enemy_Ujib_TUjinkoHd_2
01d3 Ranging Bloyster Enemy_UmiMushi_TUmiAttack
01d4 Ranging Bloyster Enemy_UmiMushi_TUmiDeadawa
01d5 Ranging Bloyster Enemy_UmiMushi_TUmiDeadmelt
01d6 Ranging Bloyster Enemy_UmiMushi_TUmiEat
01d7 Ranging Bloyster Enemy_UmiMushi_TUmiEyeBlue_1
01d8 Ranging Bloyster Enemy_UmiMushi_TUmiEyeBlue_2
01d9 Ranging Bloyster Enemy_UmiMushi_TUmiEyeRed_1
01da Ranging Bloyster Enemy_UmiMushi_TUmiEyeRed_2
01db Ranging Bloyster Enemy_UmiMushi_TUmiFlick_1
01dc Ranging Bloyster Enemy_UmiMushi_TUmiFlick_2
01dd Ranging Bloyster Enemy_UmiMushi_TUmiFlick_3
01de Ranging Bloyster Enemy_UmiMushi_TUmiHamon_1
01df Ranging Bloyster Enemy_UmiMushi_TUmiHamon_2
01e0 Ranging Bloyster blue tail glow Enemy_UmiMushi_TUmiWeakBlue_1
01e1 Ranging Bloyster Enemy_UmiMushi_TUmiWeakBlue_2
01e2 Ranging Bloyster red tail glow Enemy_UmiMushi_TUmiWeakRed_1
01e3 Ranging Bloyster Enemy_UmiMushi_TUmiWeakRed_2
01e4 Seeding Dandelion Enemy_Watage_TWatage
01e5 Piki_TPkAp_3
01e6 Fiery Bulblax fire sphere Enemy_FireChappy_TYakiBody_1
01e7 Fiery Bulblax fire - looks like Minecraft grass Enemy_FireChappy_TYakiBody_2
01e8 Fiery Bulblax hellfire Enemy_FireChappy_TYakiBody_3
01e9 Fiery Bulblax heatwave Enemy_FireChappy_TYakiBody_4
01ea Cloaking Burrow-nit Enemy_Armor_TYoroiAp_1
01eb Cloaking Burrow-nit Enemy_Armor_TYoroiAp_2
01ec Cloaking Burrow-nit Enemy_Armor_TYoroiAttack
01ed Cloaking Burrow-nit Enemy_Armor_TYoroiAttackhit
01ee Cloaking Burrow-nit Enemy_Armor_TYoroiHd_1
01ef Cloaking Burrow-nit Enemy_Armor_TYoroiHd_2
01f0 Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
01f1 Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
01f2 Pileated Snagret Enemy_SnakeWhole_TCphebiDead_1
01f3 Pileated Snagret Enemy_SnakeWhole_TCphebiDead_2
01f4 Pileated Snagret Enemy_SnakeWhole_TCphebiDead_3
01f5 Pileated Snagret Enemy_SnakeWhole_TCphebiDead_4
01f6 Pileated Snagret Enemy_SnakeWhole_TCphebiDeadHane
01f7 Mamuta Enemy_Miulin_TMiuAttack_1
01f8 Mamuta Enemy_Miulin_TMiuAttack_2
01f9 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaDeadBomb_1
01fa Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaDeadBomb_2
01fb Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaDeadBomb_3
01fc Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaDeadBomb_4
01fd Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaDeadHahen1
01fe Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaDeadHahen2_1
01ff Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaDeadHahen2_2
0200 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaDeadSteam_1
0201 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaDeadSteam_2
0202 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaDeadSteamT
0203 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaHahen
0204 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaOnHahen1
0205 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaOnHahen2
0206 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaOnSmoke_1
0207 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaOnSmoke_2
0208 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaOnSteam1
0209 Man-at-Legs Ememy_Houdai_THamaOnSteam2
020a Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaOpen
020b Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaSteam
020c Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaSteamBd
020d Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaStreamSt
020e Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchApSand_1
020f Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchApSand_2
0210 Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchApSand_3
0211 Waterwraith rollers Enemy_Tyre_TKchApWat_1
0212 Waterwraith rollers Enemy_Tyre_TKchApWat_2
0213 Waterwraith rollers Enemy_Tyre_TKchApWat_3
0214 Waterwraith rollers Enemy_Tyre_TKchApWat_4
0215 Waterwraith rollers Enemy_Tyre_TKchApWat_5
0216 Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchYodareBaseChaseMtx
0217 Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchCryAB_1
0218 Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchCryAB_2
0219 Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchCryInd
021a Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchDamage_1
021b Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchDamage_2
021c Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchDamage_3
021d Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchDamage_4
021e Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchDeadHana_1
021f Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchDeadHana_2
0220 Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchYodareBaseChaseMtx_Dead
0221 Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchDiveSand_1
0222 Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchDiveSand_2
0223 Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchDiveSand_3
0224 Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchDiveWat_1
0225 Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchDiveWat_2
0226 Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchDiveWat_3
0227 Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchDownsmoke
0228 Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_KchFlickSand_1
0229 Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_KchFlickSand_2
022a Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchSmokeHana
022b Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchYodareBaseChaseMtx_2
022c Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchYodareHitGr
022d Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchYodareHitWat
022e Enemy eat White Pikmin Enemy_TEnemyPoisonL
022f Enemy eat White Pikmin Enemy_TEnemyPoisonS
0230 Gatling Groink Enemy_MiniHoudai_TChibiCharge
0231 Gatling Groink Enemy_MiniHoudai_TChibiDeadLight
0232 Gatling Groink Enemy_MiniHoudai_TChibiDeadMouth
0233 Gatling Groink Enemy_MiniHoudai_TChibiDeadSe_1
0234 Gatling Groink Enemy_MiniHoudai_TChibiDeadSe_2
0235 Gatling Groink Enemy_MiniHoudai_TChibiHit_1
0236 Gatling Groink Enemy_MiniHoudai_TChibiHit_2
0237 Gatling Groink Enemy_MiniHoudai_TChibiHit_3
0238 Gatling Groink Enemy_MiniHoudai_TChibiHit_4
0239 Gatling Groink Enemy_MiniHoudai_TChibiShell
023a Gatling Groink Enemy_MiniHoudai_TChibiShoot_1
023b Gatling Groink Enemy_MiniHoudai_TChibiShoot_2
023c Gatling Groink Enemy_MiniHoudai_TChibiShoot_3
023d Gatling Groink Enemy_MiniHoudai_TChibiSmokeL
023e Gatling Groink Enemy_MiniHoudai_TChibiSmokeS
023f Mitite appears Enemy_TamagoMushi_TTamagoAp_1
0240 Mitite appears Enemy_TamagoMushi_TTamagoAp_2
0241 Fiery Bulblax smoke on killed Enemy_FireChappy_TYakiDeadsmoke
0242 Fiery Bulblax shake off Enemy_FireChappy_TYakiFlick
0243 Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
0244 Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
0245 Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
0246 Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
0247 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaShoot_3
0248 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaElecparts
0249 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaPdead
024a Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaPhouden_1
024b Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaPhouden_2
024c Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
024d Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
024e Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
024f Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaElecAttack1
0250 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaElecAttack2_1
0251 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaElecAttack2_2
0252 Withering Blowhog Enemy_HanaChirashi_TFusenAirhit_1
0253 Withering Blowhog Enemy_HanaChirashi_TFusenAirhit_2
0254 Withering Blowhog Enemy_HanaChirashi_TFusenhAir_1
0255 Withering Blowhog Enemy_HanaChirashi_TFusenhAir_2
0256 Withering Blowhog Enemy_HanaChirashi_TFusenhAir_3
0257 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaFire_6
0258 Creeping Chrysanthemum Enemy_Hana_THanaMiss_1
0259 Creeping Chrysanthemum Enemy_Hana_THanaMiss_2
025a Iridescent Glint Beetle sparkles Enemy_Wealthy_TOoganeKira
025b Pellet Posy 10 pellet grow Enemy_Pelplant_TPp110Grow2
025c Pellet Posy 20 pellet grow Enemy_Pelplant_TPp120Grow2
025d Pellet Posy 5 pellet grow Enemy_Pelplant_TPp15Grow2
025e Male Sheargrub Enemy_Ujib_TUjinkoPkate
025f Cloaking Burrow-nit eating Enemy_Armor_TYoroiEat
0260 Bomb rock glowing Enemy_Bomb_TBombrockLight
0261 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaBombBody
0262 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaBombLeg
0263 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaDeadAwa
0264 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaDeadBody_1
0265 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaDeadBody_2
0266 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaDeadLeg_1
0267 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaDeadLeg_2
0268 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaPartsoff
0269 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaStartBody
026a Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaStartLeg
026b Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaStartOta
026c Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaStartSmoke
026d Leader Punch Navi_TOrimapunch
026e Breadbug appear dust Enemy_PanModokiBase_TPanApp
026f Breadbug hide dust Enemy_PanModokiBase_TPanHide
0270 Breadbug carry dust Enemy_PanModokiBase_TPanSmoke
0271 Candypop Bud dead Enemy_Pom_TPonDead
0272 Valley of Repose snow TTutorialSnow
0273 Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
0274 Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
0275 Piki_TPikuBomb
0276 Piki_TPikuDead
0277 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaChangeBody
0278 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaChangeLeg
0279 Pellet_TOtakaraDive_1
027a Pellet_TOtakaraDive_2
027b Pellet_TOtakaraDive_3
027c Wistful Wild leaves TLastMomiji
027d Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaDeadBody_3
027e Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaDeadLeg_3
027f Enemy_OtakaraBase_TOtaPartsoff
0280 Titan Dweevil fireflies Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaParticle
0281 Green (Bulbmin/Carrot) idle halo Piki_TPkToeKourin_green
0282 Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
0283 Hairy Bulborb hair Enemy_YellowChappy_TKechappyTest_1
0284 Hairy Bulborb hair Enemy_YellowChappy_TKechappyTest_2
0285 Hairy Bulborb hair Enemy_YellowChappy_TKechappyTest_3
0286 Fiery Bulblax enter water steam Enemy_FireChappy_TYakiSteam
0287 Armored Cannon Beetle Larva Enemy_Kabuto_TKkabutoRot
0288 Armored Cannon Beetle Larva Enemy_Kabuto_TKkabutoWait
0289 Item_DownFloor_TPbagDown_1
028a Item_DownFloor_TPbagDown_2
028b Item_DownFloor_TPbagDown_3
028c Item_DownFloor_TPbagOn_1
028d Item_DownFloor_TPbagOn_2
028e Enemy_Rock_TRockWRunChasePos_1
028f Enemy_Rock_TRockWRunChasePos_2
0290 Enemy_Rock_TRockWRunChasePos_3
0291 Enemy_TEnemyPiyo
0292 Piki_TPkS_Walkwater_1
0293 Piki_TPkS_Walkwater_2
0294 Hairy Bulborb Enemy_YellowChappy_TKechappyOff
0295 Waterwraith Enemy_BlackMan_TKageBend1_1
0296 Waterwraith Enemy_BlackMan_TKageBend1_2
0297 Waterwraith Enemy_BlackMan_TKageDead1
0298 Waterwraith Enemy_BlackMan_TKageDead2
0299 Waterwraith Enemy_BlackMan_TKageMove
029a Waterwraith Enemy_BlackMan_TKageRecov_1
029b Waterwraith Enemy_BlackMan_TKageRecov_2
029c Waterwraith Enemy_BlackMan_TKageRun
029d Waterwraith rollers destroyed Enemy_Tyre_TKageTyreDead_1
029e Waterwraith rollers destroyed Enemy_Tyre_TKageTyreDead_2
029f Waterwraith rollers destroyed Enemy_Tyre_TKageTyreDead_3
02a0 Waterwraith rollers Enemy_Tyre_TKageTyresmoke
02a1 Waterwraith rollers Enemy_Tyre_TKageTyreup
02a2 Segmented Crawbster Enemy_DangoMushi_TDangoAttack2
02a3 Segmented Crawbster Enemy_DangoMushi_TDangoCrash_1
02a4 Segmented Crawbster Enemy_DangoMushi_TDangoCrash_2
02a5 Segmented Crawbster Enemy_DangoMushi_TDangoDamage
02a6 Segmented Crawbster Enemy_DangoMushi_TDangoDead_1
02a7 Segmented Crawbster Enemy_DangoMushi_TDangoDead_2
02a8 Segmented Crawbster Enemy_DangoMushi_TDangoDeadSmoke
02a9 Segmented Crawbster Enemy_DangoMushi_TDangoRun_1
02aa Segmented Crawbster Enemy_DangoMushi_TDangoRun_2
02ab Segmented Crawbster Enemy_DangoMushi_TDangoTurn_1
02ac Segmented Crawbster Enemy_DangoMushi_TDangoTurn_2
02ad Segmented Crawbster Enemy_DangoMushi_TDangoWallBreak
02ae Waterwraith shake off Enemy_BlackMan_TKageFlick
02af Enemy_TEnemyApsmokeM
02b0 Enemy_TEnemyApsmokeS
02b1 Segmented Crawbster Enemy_DangoMushi_TDangoFly_1
02b2 Segmented Crawbster Enemy_DangoMushi_TDangoFly_2
02b3 Segmented Crawbster Enemy_DangoMushi_TDangoFly_3
02b4 Gas pipe Enemy_GasHiba_TGasuHiba_3
02b5 Gas pipe Enemy_GasHiba_TGasuHiba_4