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Certain hitboxes in Pikmin 2 have unique identifiers that make Pikmin do different actions which are applied to entities within the .DOL executable of the game.

To do: Find more addresses and fill in the placeholders. Perhaps add columns for other regions.

The following are memory addresses for entities.

Entity Hitbox type/location USA Address @h USA Address @l
Captain Spicy spray (all following Pikmin) 80141150 8014115C
Man-At-Legs Explosion on bullet impact 802C4328 802C433C
Gatling Groink Explosion on impact placeholder 802EE600
Any Bombs Explosion in surrounding area when timer expires placeholder 80349C00
Munge Dweevil Poison attack placeholder 802B9500
Antenna Beetle Control whistle placeholder 8029CCB0
Withering Blowhog Withering wind attack placeholder 802A3CD4
Emperor Bulblax Panic when nearby Roar placeholder 8035AE78
Puffy Blowhog Wind attack placeholder 8028161C
Gatling Groink Wind on impact (surrounds explosion hitbox) placeholder 802EE818
Broken Wires Unused behavior for 2p battle (fire state) placeholder 8026FF5C
Fiery Bulblax Fire surrounding the body placeholder 8028F9D0
Fiery Blowhog Fire attack placeholder 8029EE20
Fiery Dweevil Fire attack placeholder 802B8434
Mamuta Bury flowers when slamming 803632fc 80363304
Both Snitchbugs Bury leaves when throwing pikmin placeholder 80273534
Electric Wall Electrocute when touched placeholder 80149C10
Broken Wires Electrocute in between the wires placeholder 8026FF00
Anode Beetle An electrocute state placeholder 8027B144
Anode Beetle Electrocute surrounding the body during attack placeholder 8027B320
Anode Beetle Electrocute between the attacking beetles placeholder 8027C304
Anode Dweevil Electrocute underneath Dweevil placeholder 802B9E1C
Titan Dweevil An electrocute state placeholder 802F4A78
Watery Blowhog Bubble attack placeholder 8027D10C
Caustic Dweevil Bubble attack placeholder 802B8CA4
Ujadani Poison when killed placeholder 80207364
Poison Geyser Poison surrounding geyser placeholder 8026D720
Doodle Bug Poison fart clouds placeholder 802858D8
Titan Dweevil Gas attack placeholder 802F3FC0
Mitite Panic near them placeholder 8036F5DC
Empress Bulblax Crush when rolling over placeholder 80289EFC
Beady Long Legs Crush when foot on ground placeholder 802A5E48
Raging Long Legs Crush when foot on ground placeholder 802C85B8
Emperor Bulblax Crush underneath during slam placeholder 8035A4D8
Wraith rollers Crush Pikmin touching it placeholder 803ACE4C
Segmented Crawbster Crush when rolling over placeholder 802FCB44
Rocks Crush when rolling/landing on Pikmin placeholder 802636F8
Any Enemy Flick when Pikmin are attached (will not effect grounded/swarming Pikmin) placeholder 80113334
Waterwraith Flick when Pikmin are in contact with the clear body (disabling this effect does not allow access to damaging the Waterwraith) placeholder 803A7A60

To do: Find more pikmin state values

The following are IDs for different states. Note that while most use addi, crush uses subi.

state ID (USA) ID (Demo 1)
Spicy Spray 49 98 48 D8
Explosion 49 2C 48 6C
Poison 48 0C 47 4C
Control 49 E0 49 20
Wither Wind 49 50 48 90
Panic 48 54 47 94
Wind 49 74 48 B4
Fire 48 78 47 B8
Bury Flowers 48 C0 48 00
Bury Leaves 48 E4 48 24
Electrocute 49 08 48 48
Bubble 48 30 47 70
Crush B3 20 B2 60
Flick 4E 04 4D 44