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ANM Files (*.anm) = Archive, or in other words an animation folder, also called bundle.

ARC Files (*.arc) = Paired with a .dir file, it creates a clever archival file.

Anim Files (*.bin)|*.bin| = Binary animation handler.

BLO Files (*.blo)|*.blo| = 2D Texture.

BTI Files (*.bti) = 2D Texture.

Bundle Files (*.dir)|*.dir| = An effective (.dir)ectory file for .arc files.

Cinematic Files (*.cin)|*.cin| = Self explanatory name, its a plaintext file used by the camera.

Conversion files (*.cnv)|*.cnv| = Script used for batch conversion of folders.

DC? (*.dc?)|*.dc?| = Because DCA and DCK are interchangable, its for both of them.

DCA Files (*.dca) = Keyframed animation file.

DCK Files (*.dck) = Interpolated animation file.

DVW file (*.dvw) = Material???

Dolphin texture file (*.TXE)|*.TXE| = Proprietary 2D Textures.

J3D Model Preset JMP (*.jmp) = A plaintext model file, original to Nintendo.

Mod Files (*.mod)|*.mod| = Model file.

PCR Files (*.pcr)|*.pcr| = Particle file.

Scene Files (*.dsk)|*.dsk| = Demo scene keys

Source Model Files (*.dmd,*.bsp,*.md3)|*.dmd;*.bsp;*.md3| =

DMD (3d model used for making MODs),

BSP = Model format used by the quake engine,

MD3 = another quake format aka a model contains a set of meshes and tags (MisfitModel3d).

Targa files (*.TGA)*.TGA = Image filetype.

Credits: Ambrosia