Pikmin 2 Challenge Mode settings

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All of the Challenge Mode stage settings in Pikmin 2 are defined in the file /user/Matoba/challenge/stages.txt. To modify a cave itself, see Cave generation parameters.

The following is the first entry of the file.

30 	# num stages
# stage
	4 	# version
	ch_ABEM_tutorial.txt # Name of cave file. The following is for the Explorer's Cave
	# PikiCounter
	0 	# Blue Leaf Pikmin Count
	0 	# Blue Bud Pikmin Count
	0 	# Blue Flower Pikmin Count
	50 	# Red Leaf Pikmin Count
	0 	# Red Bud Pikmin Count
	0 	# Red Flower Pikmin Count
	0 	# Yellow Leaf Pikmin Count
	0 	# Yellow Bud Pikmin Count
	0 	# Yellow Flower Pikmin Count
	0 	# Purple Leaf Pikmin Count
	0 	# Purple Bud Pikmin Count
	0 	# Purple Flower Pikmin Count
	0 	# White Leaf Pikmin Count
	0 	# White Bud Pikmin Count
	0 	# White Flower Pikmin Count
	0 	# Bulbmin Leaf Pikmin Count
	0 	# Bulbmin Bud Pikmin Count
	0 	# Bulbmin Flower Pikmin Count
	0 	# Pikpik Carrot Leaf Pikmin Count
	0 	# Pikpik Carrot Bud Pikmin Count
	0 	# Pikpik Carrot Flower Pikmin Count
	0.000000 	# Time given on start
	2 	# Bitter Sprays
	2 	# Spicy Sprays
	2 	# Number of floors the cave has
	0 	# otakara num(Number of treasures in every sublevel added. Used for point scoring)
	0 	# 2d index (Somewhat unknown, but we theorize that it displays which cave title it uses) 
	100.000000 	# Time added when player reaches floor 1
	100.000000 	# Time added when player reaches floor 2, so on

File names

Name Internal name
Explorer's Cave ch_ABEM_tutorial
Novice Training ch_NARI_07whitepurple
Lost Toy Box ch_NARI_03toy
Creator's Garden ch_NARI_01kusachi
Green Hole ch_ABEM_LeafChappy
Hot House ch_NARI_05start3easy
Brawny Abyss ch_MUKI_metal
Red Chasm ch_MAT_limited_time
Trampled Garden ch_MAT_t_hunter_hana
Twilight Garden ch_MUKI_damagumo
Cryptic Cavern ch_MAT_t_hunter_enemy
Concrete Maze ch_MAT_conc_cave
Collector's Room ch_NARI_04series
Dweevil Nest ch_MAT_t_hunter_otakara
Cavernous Abyss ch_MUKI_bigfoot
Snack Pit ch_MIYA_oopan
Three Color Training ch_MAT_yellow_purple_white
Hazard Training ch_MUKI_redblue
Cave of Snarls ch_NARI_08tobasare
The Giant's Bath ch_NARI_02tile
Rumbling Grotto ch_MAT_crawler
Subterranean Lair ch_MAT_route_rover
Hidden Garden ch_MUKI_enemyzero
Abduction Den ch_NARI_09suikomi
Secret Testing Range ch_MUKI_houdai
Breeding Ground ch_NARI_06start3hard
Cave of Pain ch_MAT_flier
Bully Den ch_MIYA_trap
Sniper Room ch_MUKI_bombing
Emperor's Realm ch_MUKI_king