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Hi there! We're excited that you've taken interesting in joining the Pikmin hacking community and helping us out within our wiki!

A few disclaimers

We respect Nintendo, as you should to. The Pikmin series is a franchise owned by Nintendo, and that we acknowledge. Know that the Pikmin Technical Knowledge Base is NOT a place where we:

  • are endorsed by Nintendo in any way or form.
  • provide or make ripped disc images of any of the Pikmin videogames available via any form of file-sharing service through this wiki.
  • encourage the act of illegal piracy.

For more details about our disclaimers please read this.

What we do

The Pikmin Technical Knowledge Base is a collective community-based effort geared towards compiling information about the inner technical workings of Nintendo's Pikmin videogame series. Our goal is to make Pikmin hacking something not arduous nor tedious by providing you with the right information as well as tools our community members have developed. We take you from the basics of extraction of the internal game files to creating custom content such as treasures and maps.


The Pikmin Technical Knowledge Base was first hosted by a ShoutWiki wikifarm under Espyo. Due to the the lack of customization and overall resources that the wikifarm provided, it was clearly not the best choice in terms of hosting and future development. It was slow, pages crashed, and quite frankly nobody likes to see ads. It was overall just an eyesore and a pain. So on March 3rd, 2018 a new host and domain was purchased.


The Pikmin Technical Knowledge Base wouldn't be possible without your support and the group of dedicated people who help run the server hiding away in the backstage.

Head of management:

Site Development:

The people who handle financials:

The community for all of your contributions to this wiki. 💖