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Given the circumstances of the subject, the act of hacking videogames is a touchy subject. Since it is important for us to maintain a licit and welcoming environment for everyone, we have imposed the following policies. The rules here applies to everywhere on this wiki.

Unacceptable content[edit]

  • Spam. Any kind of off-topic, unrelated self-promoting, and unruly behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Vandalism. Destructive behavior such as excessive deletion/creation of pages, uploading unnecessary files, profanity, and controverstial topics are not welcome here.
  • Harrassment. This wiki is meant to be a safe place. Doxxing, slander, and bullying is under zero tolerance and will warrant a ban from contributing to the wiki.

Other content[edit]

  • Copyrighted material. This includes music, images, videos, and other forms of media. Anything that falls into this group must be properly attributed. Most of what we represent on this wiki is regarded as fair use. This means files uploaded here must follow regulations approriate by law. In order to help ensure this, users are not to upload content that doesn't actively contribute to the understanding of a technical Pikmin subject.
  • Hacks/mods. The Pikmin TKB is not a place for contributors to advertise their personal projects. If contributors are looking to showcase their hack please do so at Pikmin Fanon in accordance to their regulations. Tools that have created may be allowed to be posted on the wiki as long as it holds good use and reliability.

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