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Legal Notice[edit]

The Pikmin series is a franchise where all rights are owned by Nintendo. The Pikmin TKB is NOT a place that:

  • claims ownership of any kind of intellectual property that may be contained with the wiki pages our community creates.
  • claims to be endorsed by Nintendo and are independent from them.
  • provides or makes ripped disc images of any of Nintendo's videogames available via any form of file-sharing service through and within this wiki.
  • supports piracy and therefore discourages any illegal means to obtaining a copy of any intellectual property.


Official media not owned by us and presented in this wiki are regarded as fair use. This way we can ensure that knowledge contained in this wiki is attainable to everyone. Content created on here is made available under the Creative Commons ShareAlike 4.0 license. This means all content derieved from this wiki must remain free of charge and share the same distribution license.

About The Wiki[edit]

Content on this site is made available by users like you. This means information that is written may not be accurate and is not under formal review. Most of the information you see will mainly be based on observations, speculation, and deduction so be wary of what you read. If you are a contributor feel free to make edits to the wiki to ensure that the information is up to date within reason.