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This is a list of AST files inside the filesystem of Pikmin 2. They can be found in /AudioRes/Stream.

Files identical to the ones found in the Final Mix are omitted for clarity.



Filename Status Description Final Mix Demo Mix
annihi_dayend.w.32.c4 End of day. (unfortunate)
book.w.32.c4 [PROTOTYPE!] Likely for the Piklopedia, as its internal name is "Picture Book"[unsure]
c_result.w.32.c4 Final score. (Challenge Mode)
Camera [UNUSED!] Camera controls tutorial. Can be hacked in.
dayend_b.w.32.c4 End of day. (no profit)
dayend_g.w.32.c4 End of day. (high profits)
dayend_n.w.32.c4 End of day.
ff_akirame.w.32.c4 [PROTOTYPE!] "PIKMIN EXTINCTION!" fanfare.
ff_annihi.w.32.c4 "PIKMIN EXTINCTION!" fanfare.
ff_black_doped.w.32.c4 Bitter spray used for the first time.
ff_blue_onion.w.32.c4 Blue Pikmin behind the gate.
ff_c_annihi.w.32.c4 [PROTOTYPE!] "PIKMIN EXTINCTION!" fanfare.
ff_c_floor_in.w.32.c4 [COPY!] Landed in a cave sublevel.
ff_c_playerdown.w.32.c4 [PROTOTYPE!] Leader is down!
ff_c_return_e.w.32.c4 [COPY!] Returned from first successful spelunking expedition.
ff_c_tget.w.32.c4 [PROTOTYPE!] Normal treasure appraisal.
ff_doped.w.32.c4 Spicy spray used for the first time.
ff_doping.w.32.c4 Created a spray for first time.
ff_draw.w.32.c4 [PROTOTYPE!] Draw. (2-Player Battle)
ff_equipget.w.32.c4 [PROTOTYPE!] Exploration Kit treasure appraisal.
ff_explain.w.32.c4 Tutorial A.
ff_explain_f60.w.32.c4 Tutorial C.
ff_explain_f60.w.44.c4 [COPY!] Tutorial C.
ff_explain_f75.w.32.c4 Tutorial B.
ff_explain_f75.w.44.c4 [COPY!] Tutorial B.
ff_explain_f90.w.32.c4 Tutorial D.
ff_explain_f90.w.44.c4 [COPY!] Tutorial D.
ff_floor_in.w.32.c4 Landed in a cave sublevel.
ff_glad.w.32.c4 Tore down a massive wall!
ff_hiba.w.32.c4 Pikmin are suffering!
ff_in_hole.w.32.c4 Dive into a cave entrance.
ff_in_hole_u.w.32.c4 Delve deeper into a cave.
ff_join.w.32.c4 Olimar and Louie reunite.
ff_keyget.w.32.c4 The Key appraisal.
ff_l_win.w.32.c4 [PROTOTYPE!] Louie wins. (2-Player Battle)
ff_luie_start.w.32.c4 Contact with Louie.
ff_mboss.w.32.c4 First encounter with Waterwraith.
ff_mystery.w.32.c4 Found something peculiar.
ff_o_win.w.32.c4 [PROTOTYPE!] Olimar wins. (2-Player Battle)
ff_onion.w.32.c4 Yellow Pikmin in the distance.
ff_onyonboot.w.32.c4 [UNUSED!] Onion awakening cutscene. Can be hacked in.
ff_out_hole.w.32.c4 Leave a cave via geyser.
ff_pay.w.32.c4 "X% OF DEBT RECOVERED!" fanfare.
ff_pikminglad.w.32.c4 Pikmin drink nectar for the first time.
ff_pikminmeet.w.32.c4 Met a new type of Pikmin.
ff_playerdown.w.32.c4 Leader is down!
ff_powerupget.w.32.c4 Exploration Kit treasure appraisal.
ff_red_onion.w.32.c4 Louie finds the Red Onion.
ff_return.w.32.c4 Returned to the surface from a cave.
ff_return_e.w.32.c4 Returned from the first successful spelunking expedition.
ff_timeup.w.32.c4 "TIME UP!" fanfare. (Challenge Mode)
ff_treasurecomp.w.32.c4 "YOU'VE REPAID THE ENTIRE DEBT" fanfare.
ff_treasureget.w.32.c4 Normal Treasure Appraisal.
ff_treasureglad.w.32.c4 Exploration Kit treasure spotted.
ff_underground_e.w.32.c4 First cave & Challenge Mode tutorial.
ff_vs_annihiDR.w.32.c4 Draw via extinction. (2-Player Battle)
ff_vs_annihiLW.w.32.c4 Louie wins via extinction. (2-Player Battle)
ff_vs_annihiOW.w.32.c4 Olimar wins via extinction. (2-Player Battle)
ff_vs_annihiOW.w.44.c4 [COPY!] Olimar wins via extinction. (2-Player Battle)
ff_vs_pdownDR.w.32.c4 Draw via leader KO. (2-Player Battle)
ff_vs_pdownLW.w.32.c4 Louie wins via KO. (2-Player Battle)
ff_vs_pdownLW.w.44.c4 [COPY!] Louie wins via KO. (2-Player Battle)
ff_vs_pdownOW.w.32.c4 Olimar wins via KO. (2-Player Battle)
ff_vs_pdownOW.w.44.c4 [COPY!] Olimar wins via KO. (2-Player Battle)
ff_vs_tgetDR.w.32.c4 Draw via marble. (2-Player Battle)
ff_vs_tgetDR.w.44.c4 [COPY!] Draw via marble. (2-Player Battle)
ff_vs_tgetLW.w.32.c4 Louie wins via marble. (2-Player Battle)
ff_vs_tgetLW.w.44.c4 [PROTOTYPE!] Louie wins via marble. (2-Player Battle)
ff_vs_tgetOW.w.32.c4 Olimar wins via marble. (2-Player Battle)
ff_vs_tgetOW.w.44.c4 [PROTOTYPE!] Olimar wins via marble. (2-Player Battle)
ff_watch_pikmin.w.32.c4 Reunited with Red Pikmin.
FinalFloor "FINAL FLOOR!" fanfare.
omake.w.32.c4 Bonuses menu.
option.w.32.c4 Options menu.
PayEnough [UNUSED!] Debt paid off on time limit?[unsure]
PayNotEnough [UNUSED!] Debt not paid off on time limit?[unsure]
pikmin_greet_new.h.32.c4 "Pikmin" fanfare.
ReadyGo_Battle "READY? GO!" fanfare. (2-Player Battle)
ReadyGo_Challenge "READY? GO!" fanfare. (Challenge Mode)
result.w.32.c4 Today's report.
select.w.32.c4 Choose a Ship's Log.
start_demo.w.32.c4 Louie's crash on day 1.
start_demo_o.w.32.c4 Entered a stage for the first time.
title.w.32.c4 Title screen.
title.w.44.c4 [PROTOTYPE!] Title Screen.
u_result.w.32.c4 Cave results.
vs_menu.w.32.c4 2-Player Battle menu.


JPN Demo is the only version to use the Demo Mix. All other releases use the Final Mix.

Various naming elements give clues to the contents of an AST file.

  • The prefix ff_ tends to denote fanfares.
  • The prefixes c and vs typically denote Challenge Mode and 2-Player Battle respectively.
  • The letter u in a filename typically denotes tracks used underground.
  • The letters o and l typically denote Olimar and Louie respectively.
  • The suffixes 32 and 44 tell the sample rate of a track.
Credits: Minty_Meeo