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.aw files hold the instruments and sound effects for Pikmin and Pikmin 2. You can access their contents with Yoshi2's Pikmin 2 SoundHelper.

The .aw files in Pikmin 2 can be found in /AudioRes/Banks. There you will find 49 files named to is where you will find most of the sound effects, like some Blowhog sound effects in wScene_0_00641-wScene_0_00645, but it's 8,272KB compared to 28-787KB for the rest, so I won't document too much on this one unless someone needs it.

wscene_1 317-319=(instrument), 346=(instrument), 376=(instrument), 377=(instrument), 434-436=(instrument), WIP

wscene_2 317-319=(instrument), 346=(instrument), 376=(instrument), 412-413=(instrument), WIP

wscene_3 WIP

wscene_4 WIP

wscene_5 WIP

wscene_6 WIP

wscene_7 WIP

wscene_8 WIP

wscene_9 WIP

wscene_10 WIP

wscene_11 WIP

wscene_12 WIP

wscene_12 WIP

wscene_13 WIP

wscene_14 WIP

wscene_15 WIP

wscene_16 WIP

wscene_17 WIP

wscene_18 WIP

wscene_19 WIP

wscene_20 WIP

wscene_21 WIP

wscene_22 WIP

wscene_23 WIP

wscene_24 WIP

wscene_25 WIP

wscene_26 WIP

wscene_27 WIP

wscene_28 WIP

wscene_29 WIP

wscene_30 WIP

wscene_31 WIP

wscene_32 WIP

wscene_33 WIP

wscene_34 WIP

wscene_35 WIP

wscene_36 WIP

wscene_37 WIP

wscene_38 WIP

wscene_39 WIP

wscene_40 WIP

wscene_41 WIP

wscene_42 WIP

wscene_43 WIP

wscene_44 WIP

wscene_45 WIP

wscene_46 WIP

wscene_47 WIP

wscene_48 WIP

(p.s. I'm mainly researching at this point and figuring out how many there are and listening for an instrument to write down, so that's why there's almost nothing,)(also feel free to make this information more efficient, because I feel like it's too big/confusing.)