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This article is a stub.

BMG files (Binary Message Generators) are files used to store text for Pikmin 2, but also Nintendo games on a variety of consoles in the same era. They can be found in files/message inside different archives for different languages. In each archive, there exists two files, pikmin2.bmc (the font) and pikmin2.bmg (the actual text). It can be opened by using pikminBMG, found here[1]. All of the game's text is stored in this file, with the exception of text created by BLO screen files. Editing the text is no different than any other text file, but there are text modifiers to look out for. Control codes contained between two curly brackets {like this} do different things to text, and they are as follows:

Possible colors that Pikmin 2 supports.

COLOR: {1a06ff0000XX} 00: default | 01: red | 02: light green (default color?) | 03: Dark Green | 04: Dark Blue |05: Light Blue |06: Yellow |07: Dark Yellow |08: Yellow-green |09: Orange |0a: Light Orange |0b: Reddish white |0c: light purple |0d: purple/violet |0e: dark purple |0f:black |1a and up: white

BUTTON DISPLAY: {1a06000000XX} 00: A| 01:B |02: C Stick |03: X |04: Y |05: Z| 06: L |07: R| 08: Control Stick (only used in unused cutscene)| 09: Start Button (completely unused)| 0a: D-pad

TEXT SIZE: {1a07ff00010XXX} 64 is the default, can be made smaller or bigger

TEXT SPEED: {1a06020001XX} I haven't figured this one out yet. The only change I found was 1e drawing 1 letter at a time for exploration kit, with ff being default. Maybe more?

PAUSE: {1a05020000} In normal dialogue, this should be used every 3 lines and at the end of the text. This will prompt the player to use the A button to scroll to the next 3 lines. It is also used to end a Piklopedia text message.

VERTICAL SIZE: {1a0703000500XX} Used for cave names only. 50 seems to be the default for them, but not normal text.