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In Pikmin 2, each sublevel points to a cave unit definition file. These files can be found in /user/Mukki/mapunits/units, and contain a list of units that the game is allowed to use to create the cave with. This file just tells the generator how each cave unit attaches with one another. In other words, this file specifies all the rooms to spawn in a sublevel, depending on that sublevel's room count ({f005}).


After a decorated set of comments that say units definition file comes a line containing the number of units defined in this file. This line is commented with number of units. Each unit's data is defined inside its own block, and conveniently has a comment before it that mentions its name.


Line Example Description Comment
1 1 Version version
2 room_ike1_2_tsuchi Folder name of the unit to spawn foldername
3 7 6 Width (7) and height (6) of the unit that's spawning (line 3); defines how many cave grid cells this unit dX/dZ ; cell size
4 1 Room type: 0=dead end, 1=room, 2=hallway room type
5 0 1 The unit's flags; {{{1}}}[unsure] room Flags
6 2 The number of doors (exits) the unit has num doors

From this point onwards, before ending the unit entry, there are four lines for each door sub-entry.

Line Example Description Comment
1 0 Door index index
2 0 0 0 Direction, offset, and wpindex (The index of the route waypoint for that door) dir/offs/wpindex
3 1 The number of doors this can link to door links

From this point onwards, before ending the door sub-entry, there is one line for each door link.

Line Example Description Comment
1 1258.716064 0 1 Distance, door ID, and tekiflag dist/door-id/tekiflag

To do: Offs and wp index need to be documented

Credits: Jimble, Kai