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pikmin 2 has three main versions that are modded the first one is a version know as USA demo final and is a demo of pikmin 2 but this demo contains the entire game inside and this version was moddeed more at one point because usa demo had a more complete symbol map then the next version im going to talk about. Another Version is final which is the usa retail release of pikmin 2 and the last version that is modded is pikmin 2 wii and is pretty self explanatory

PPC ASM[edit]

Since we don't have access to the source of pikmin2 we mostly have to deal with the custom asm from the ppc geko processer of the gamecube with dolphin debugger for the most part BUT there are some options like for example ckit which allows u to hook into addresses and append c code to the dol of a game allows for some pretty cool stuff. and there also is the fan project pikmin2 decomp which is a fan devoted project where fans of the game try to rebulid the soucre from scratch is also a option and is currently at 40% completion as of 1/25/2024.

The .dol[edit]

bla bla in short the file where the src code is and is comprised of a few different sections/splits like .data and .ctors for example. theres also injectors that can shift forward the stack db_stack and osarena in memory so more code can be added to the dol for more modding. within the dol memory mostly looks like, dol sections(.text,.data),stack,db_stack,OSarena


During The GameCube/Wii Era Nintendo First Party Games Used A Lib Called Jsystem for development Which consisted of many different libs, and some examples of these libs within the jsystem were jstudio,j3d,j2d,jaudio,jmessage, and jutility.

STB Findings[edit]


Cave Gen[edit]

in the layout.txt of a texts.szs file for a cave unit is the gen and inside this file it has the gen from everything from enemy placment to the location of plants and cave holes/geysers and we also have the angle parameter which is the angle of the way the object spawns.we also have the differnt types of spawn in a number list from 0-8 as show here.

0 - Weak Enemy
1 - Strong Enemy
2 - Treasure
3 - Does Nothing
4 - Geysers/Cave Hole
5 - Spawn In-between Rooms/Where They Connect
6 - Plant Spawn
7 - Ship Spawn
8 - Special Enemy