Custom sequenced Pikmin music

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.jam files are files used for sequenced music in Pikmin. Below, you will see a somewhat complete guide on how to create a custom .jam file for Pikmin.




  1. Download Yoshi2's fork of flaaffy to make a custom .bms file. After that is done, rename the file to whatever .jam you would like to replace. Make sure you change the file extension from .bms to .jam.
  2. After that, in a hex editor, open pikiseq.arc and your custom .jam file. Copy your .jam file and paste it at the end of pikiseq.arc.
  3. After you have copied and pasted your .jam file into pikiseq.arc, open pikiseq.hed or search for the string BARC in the main.dol in your hex editor.
  4. Underneath the jam file you want to replace, there will be two hex strings you need to replace. Replace the first string with0x00035900. This is the offset of the location of the .jam file in pikiseq.arc. The next string will be the length of the file you want to replace, in hexadecimal. Note that this is NOT the length of playback of the song, but the length of the file, which you should be able to find in your hex editor.

After that, your custom music should play correctly!

Credits: TurtleTrademark