Enemy Parameters

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Enemy behaviour parameters are configured in each enemy's blueprint file, or sometimes its superclass file. These exist in Carrot4/Placeables/Teki and Carrot4/Placeables/Teki/Base for superclasses and can be edited as JSON, once decoded. For enemy parameters relating to economy/health/carrying/damage see Data Table/Actor Parameters.

While the blueprint files are quite large, they are mostly full of irrelevant code for the common user. The file is split into "generator variables" which are used to set the base characteristics of an enemy at runtime, likely laid underneath an enemy's instance-parameters, which come from ActorSerializeParameter and AI.

The gen variables one is likely looking for are:

Gen var Meaning
AttackAffordance_GEN_VARIABLE Possibly the properties of if an entity believes it can attack
{EntityName}AI_GEN_VARIABLE Configures an enemy's behaviour and values
CarrotMove_GEN_VARIABLE Speed values
Life_GEN_VARIABLE Health, health bar and some damage properties
PointerAssist_GEN_VARIABLE Cursor properties