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This article lists all folders and noteworthy files in Hey! Pikmin. Yellow rows are folders, and blue rows are files.

To do: Figure all of these out and link them to the relevant pages.

Entry Description
event Unknown, possibly cutscenes.[unsure]
font Fonts.
icon Application icon and metadata.[unsure]
message Strings.
message/*/help.msbt S.S. Dolphin II messages (but not all of them).
message/*/message.msbt Main string file.
message/*/resource.msbt Localization and region string parameters.
param Miscellaneous parameters.
park Pikmin Park parameters.[unsure]
radar Radar scale and translation parameters.
shader Shaders.
sound Audio data.
sound/stream Streamed music.
sound/radish_sound.bcsar Sound effects.
staffroll Staff credits text and parameters.
stage Area paths, collisions, and other metadata.
viewer Logs model viewer parameters?[unsure]
*.z Miscellaneous data, like models and textures.