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List of Hey! Pikmin elements and their numerical identifiers, string identifiers, and internal names.


In this table, "model file" is the name of the file that contains the enemy's model data (i.e. the /*.bch.z file), and "generator name" is the name used in area files to generate this enemy.

Object Model file Generator name Notes
Crumbug kopan enemy_walker
Coppeller (carrying Sparklium) kinomihakobi enemy_carry_nuts
Coppeller (carrying Pikmin) enemy_carry_piku
Coppeller (carrying Sparklium in Over Wintry Mountains) enemy_frame_in_carry_nuts
Coppeller (carrying Pikmin in Over Wintry Mountains) enemy_frame_in_carry_piku
Coppeller (carrying treasure in Over Wintry Mountains) enemy_frame_in_carry_target
Mockiwi makky enemy_makky
Male Sheargrub (floor) ujinko enemy_jump_press
Male Sheargrub (ceiling) enemy_sticky_fall
Spornet watabee enemy_bomber
Crested Mockiwi supermakky super_macky
Sparrowhead suzume enemy_rocket_bee
Shooting Spiner (Female) watatobashi enemy_spider
Shooting Spiner (Male) enemy_hang_battery
Puffstalk bokeeringi enemy_teleport_plant
Puckering Blinnow uonoko enemy_fish_macky
Eye-Stalker Bulbeel mizuzoko enemy_moray
Young Yellow Wollywog koimo enemy_grasshopper_low
Fiery Young Yellow Wollywog enemy_grasshopper_burn
Elongated Crushblat ashinagaotoshi enemy_long_leg
Crystalline Crushblat konpeito enemy_rock_macky
Widemouthed Anode Beetle ereki enemy_spark_macky
Seedbagger hanabi enemy_container
Skutterchuck eboshi enemy_hat_throw
Flatterchuck tobashi enemy_jump_lift
Grabbit usagimushi enemy_grasshopper
Yellow Wollywog imogaeru enemy_jump_fall
Flying Spotted Jellyfloat tobiman enemy_glider_loose
Spiny Coppeller togedebig enemy_togede_fly
Fireflap Bulborb tobihi enemy_fly_ignite
Electripede dejigeji enemy_electric_worm
Stony Flint Beetle iwaoshi enemy_pusher
Stuffed Bellbloom oosuzunari enemy_bouncer
Puffy Blubbug hugusuberi enemy_ice_slip
Adult Centipare bigmukade enemy_centipede_dragonfly
Muggonfly kinomidorago enemy_kinomi_dragon
Swooping Snitchbug sarai enemy_snatcher
Bulborb boss_chappy boss_chappy
Long Water Dumple nagadango boss_long_fish
Armurk oodemeyado boss_spiked_isopod
Electric Cottonade denkiwata boss_spark_fluff
Queen Shearwig guntaitobingo boss_locust_army
Fiery Blowhog butadokuri boss_flame_throw
Luring Slurker turitarashi boss_pull_up
Emperor Bulblax daioudeme boss_inumushi
Fiery Dwarf Bulblax yakichappy enemy_ignite_macky
Starnacle takohitode enemy_tri_arms
Fireflinger Groink tamakokin enemy_search_firing
Speargrub togede enemy_togede
Crammed Wraith syako enemy_plug_crab
Sporegrub okko enemy_vine_slip
Large Splurchin oogoron enemy_sea_urchin
Shearblug marude enemy_roll_ball
Skeeterskate mizunbou Unknown[unsure] Unused.
Fiery Blowlet (normal) kobuta enemy_flame_throw
Fiery Blowlet (Secret Spot 21) enemy_flame_breath
Clicking Slurker koturi enemy_fly_tongue
Scornet hatisuzume Unused.
Firesnout Beetle hifuki enemy_wall_flame
Shearwig tobingo Unknown[unsure]
Red Bubblimp akagodeme enemy_ceiling_egg
Electric Spectralid Unknown[unsure] enemy_ghost_butterfly
Blubbug Unknown[unsure] enemy_puffer_bowl
Centipare Unknown[unsure] enemy_dragonfly
Leech Hydroe Unknown[unsure] boss_last_boss
Berserk Leech Hydroe Unknown[unsure]


These are the names used inside of area CSV files.

Internal name Object
flake_bridge Horizontal bridge
flake_from Fragment pile
flake_hole Fragments inside dirt mounds
flake_stairs Diagonal bridge


These are the names used in the /stage folder.

Internal name Area
amiibo_0001 Secret Spot 1
amiibo_0002 Secret Spot 2
amiibo_0003 Secret Spot 15
amiibo_0004 Secret Spot 4
amiibo_0005 Secret Spot 11
amiibo_0006 Secret Spot 19
amiibo_0007 Secret Spot 3
amiibo_0008 Secret Spot 32
amiibo_0010 Secret Spot 14
amiibo_0011 Secret Spot 6
amiibo_0012 Secret Spot 21
amiibo_0013 Secret Spot 18
amiibo_0014 Secret Spot 25
amiibo_0015 Secret Spot 23
amiibo_0016 Secret Spot 16
amiibo_0017 Secret Spot 30
amiibo_0018 Secret Spot 17
amiibo_0019 Secret Spot 31
amiibo_0020 Secret Spot 24
amiibo_0021 Secret Spot 7
amiibo_0022 Secret Spot 10
amiibo_0023 Secret Spot 5
amiibo_0024 Secret Spot 12
amiibo_0025 Secret Spot 22
amiibo_0026 Secret Spot 13
amiibo_0027 Secret Spot 8
amiibo_0028 Secret Spot 28
amiibo_0029 Secret Spot 26
amiibo_0031 Secret Spot 27
amiibo_0032 Secret Spot 20
amiibo_0088 Secret Spot 9
amiibo_0089 Secret Spot 29
map_0000 Tutorial area
map_0001b 1-A: First Expedition
map_0002 1-X: Cherrystone Pass
map_0003 1-B: Cavern of Confusion
map_0004 1-D: Back-and-Forth Road
map_0005 1-C: Mushroom Valley
map_0006 1-E: The Shadow in the Brush
map_0007 4-X: Drenchnozzle Den
map_0008 2-D: The Shallow End
map_0009 2-B: Serene Stream
map_0010 2-C: Glowing Bloom Pond
map_0011 2-A: Foaming Lake
map_0012 2-E: The Keeper of the Lake
map_0013 3-A: Crystal Tunnels
map_0014 3-B: Echo Cavern
map_0015 3-D: The Burning Sky
map_0016 3-C: Springpetal Cave
map_0017 3-X: The Hollow Sky
map_0018 3-E: Subterranean Tyrant
map_0019 5-A: Fragrant Forest
map_0020 5-C: Downpour Thicket
map_0021 5-D: Bed of Fallen Leaves
map_0022 5-X: Gale-Force Glen
map_0023 5-B: Valley of the Breeze
map_0024 5-E: Troop Commander
map_0025 4-C: Pollution Pool
map_0026 4-B: Steel Pipe Forest
map_0027 4-A: The Lonely Tower
map_0028 4-D: Space of Silence
map_0029 2-X: Treacherous Currents
map_0030 4-E: Flashes of Fear
map_0031 6-A: Scorched Earth
map_0032 6-D: Barriers of Flame
map_0033 6-C: Terror Trench
map_0034 6-B: Lights in the Darkness
map_0035 6-X: Sizzling Precipice
map_0036 6-E: Blazing Winds
map_0037 7-A: Freezing Wasteland
map_0038 7-D: Frozen Hazard
map_0039 7-C: Over Wintry Mountains
map_0040 7-X: Ordeal of Flame
map_0041 7-B: Below the Ice
map_0042 7-E: Cold-Hearted Guardian
map_0043 8-A: Scourge of the Skies
map_0044 8-X: Burning Bog
map_0045 8-C: Peculiar Rockfall
map_0046 8-B: Septic Swamp
map_0047 8-D: Olimar's Madcap Ride
map_0048 8-E: The Last Lair
map_0049 9-A: Fragment of Hope
minigame_0001 Sparklium Springs 1 (Brilliant Garden)
minigame_0002 Sparklium Springs 2 (Verdant Waterfront)
minigame_0003 Sparklium Springs 3 (Sparkling Labyrinth)
minigame_0004 Sparklium Springs 4 (Ravaged Rustworks)
minigame_0005 Sparklium Springs 5 (Leafswirl Lagoon)
minigame_0006 Sparklium Springs 6 (Sweltering Parchlands)
minigame_0007 Sparklium Springs 7 (Snowfall Field)
minigame_0008 Sparklium Springs 8 (Lushlife Murk)