Hey! Pikmin stage viewer

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Hey! Pikmin stage viewer is a tool made by Espyo that allows one to visualize the collision data and object generator data for a stage in Hey! Pikmin.

It is a simple web tool, and can even be run offline, if the user downloads the HTML and JS files.



The tool is pretty self-explanatory. At the top, the user can browse for files in their disk. In the Hey! Pikmin file structure, files for stage data can be found in the /stage folder. Depending on what the user wants to see in the viewer, they can specify a file for the object generators (usually named something like <stage>_<number>.csv) and/or a file for the stage collision (usually named something like <stage>_<number>.colli.csv).

The canvas on the bottom-left shows a view of the area's content that the user has picked. By clicking and dragging around, the user can pan. The mouse wheel zooms in and out. Clicking on top of an object will highlight it, and show its information on the right-side panel.