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/dataDir/SndData/Seqs/pikiseq.arc is a paired ARC+DIR file with a catch: it has no DIR partner! Instead, a file called pikiseq.hed can be found embedded in the DOL header that serves the same purpose.

Archived files[edit]

Offset Size Filename Song
0x00000 0x2C40 pikise.jam Global SFX[unsure]
0x02C40 0x1520 sysevent.jam Startup jingle
0x00000 0x0000 dummy
0x00000 0x0000 dummy
0x04160 0x6380 tutorial.jam The Impact Site
0x0A4E0 0x4260 play3.jam The Forest of Hope
0x0E740 0x2820 d_end2.jam Today's Results
0x10F60 0x3680 jungle.jam Title Screen
0x00000 0x0000 dummy
0x145E0 0x3D00 yaku.jam The Distant Spring
0x182E0 0x56A0 cave.jam The Forest Navel
0x1D980 0x2300 boss2.jam Beady Long Legs
0x1FC80 0x3020 map.jam Area select
0x22CA0 0x7400 demobgm.jam Cutscene SFX[unsure]
0x00000 0x0000 dummy
0x00000 0x0000 dummy
0x2A0A0 0x25A0 boss3.jam Emperor Bulblax
0x2C640 0x4660 flow.jam The Final Trial
0x30CA0 0x0460 select.jam File select
0x31100 0x15C0 char.jam Challenge Mode select
0x326C0 0x21C0 cresult.jam Challenge Mode final results
0x34880 0x1080 fresult.jam Story Mode final results


Strangely, changing the names of the JAM files in pikiseq.hed does not affect the file's ability to be loaded. It can be assumed, then, that files are loaded by their position in pikiseq.hed, not filename.

Swapping the offsets and sizes of JAM files in pikiseq.hed can allow for successful melody-swaps. Instrumentation is controlled by a third party.

The value 0x00000016 in the header of pikiseq.hed dictates how many JAM files are defined within it. Strangely, there can be no less than 2 defined JAM files.