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Various notes I have on Modding Pikmin 4, Page by Portable Productions


  • This is regarding "CaveSoundInfo", not all json parameters have been documented as of yet and is still in need of testing


"Map Name" *(Cave001_F02,Cave004_F00,ECT)
"MusicName" *(Common,Boss,ECT)
"LevelType" *(Outdoors/None)
"SpawnOnBeginLevelActors" *(Usually Contains Ambient Sound Types)
"AuxBus" *(??)
"UnknownImport" "-7034077682652743402" *(??)

Cave Music Identifiers[edit]

Internal name Usage Notes
CaveCommon Common Cave Music Used In Common Caves
CaveBoss_A Silence/Ambience Transitioned To Mini Boss Music Used during minor boss encounters, usually identified through music sequence
CaveBoss_B Silence/Ambience Transitioned To Major Boss Music Used during major boss encounters, usually identified through music sequence
CaveAmebozu Waterwraith Cave Will only transition to engulfed castle motif if amebozu timer is present in your gen files
CaveToy Plunder Palace Music Used In Plunder Palace
CaveRelax Rest Cave Music Used In Rest Caves
CaveBossInu Final Boss Music Used In The Final Sublevel For "Cavern for a king"
DDB001 Dandori Battle Theme 1 Used in basic Dandori Battle Stages
DDB002 Dandori Battle Theme 2 Used in Leafy Showdown
Challenge002 Dandori Challenge Theme 2 Unknown Use
Challenge001 Dandori Challenge Theme 1 Used in basic Dandori Challenge Stages
CaveTutorial Burrow Of Beginnings Theme Theme used in Burrow Of Beginnings
ExtraCave Sage Trials Theme Theme used during Sage Leaf Trials Stages
CaveBoss_C Giant Breadbug Theme Theme used during the final sublevel of Plunder Palace
  • Regarding "LevelType" (Usually set to none)

Additional notes by Infinity Divided (None, CaveOutdoor, CaveSPOutdoor, Area500, are also available, use has not been documented)


  • These are structure notes based on Core/GActor/DT_HappyEquipParameter
  • Regarding Oatchi stats when given an upgrade
"VitalSystem1": 1.25
"VitalSystem2": 1.5
"VitalSystem3": 2.0
"MetalSystem1": 0.75
"MetalSystem2": 0.5
"MetalSystem3": 0.25
"DashBoots1": 1.3
"DashBoots2": 1.3 (UNUSED)
"DashBoots3": 1.3 (UNUSED)

These are self explanatory increases based on having a certain piece of equipment, to check matches go to ⁠Pikmin 4 Identifiers

  • Note: DashBoots2 + Dashboots3 seem to be unused values since the equipment only contains a single upgrade in final game


Internal name Usage
"Rows" Rows
"Map ID" Name Of The Map
"Cave Image Id" What Image Displays In Preview
"TextureIndex": Always 2
"FeatureIcon01": Undocumented
"FeatureIcon02": Undocumented
"FeatureIcon03": Undocumented
"FeatureIcon04": Undocumented
"FeatureIcon05": Undocumented
"FeatureIcon06": Undocumented
"FeatureIcon07": Undocumented
"FeatureIcon08": Undocumented
"HeroFeaturePikminColor" Seemingly Unused
"Otakara" Max Amount Of Treasure
"Survivor" Max Amount Of Castaways
"Rule" Specifies Cave Type, Timer On/Off, ECT
"bUnlock" Unlocked, Boolean
"RecommendPikmin" Whether to recommend pikmin
"IsDarkness" Requires Headlamp, Boolean
"SpawnPikminColor" What Pikmin Type To Spawn
"TargetPikminColor" Target Pikmin Color
"Difiiculity" Difficulty, Usually Reserved For Dandori Challenge/Battles
"Timer": Amount Of Time To Complete Challenge
"bFixedMap": Undocumented
"FixedNum": Seemingly Always -1
"GetColorIcon01": Recommend Red Pikmin
"GetColorIcon02": Recommend Blue Pikmin
"GetColorIcon03": Recommend Yellow Pikmin
"GetColorIcon04": Recommend Ice Pikmin
"GetColorIcon05": Recommend Winged Pikmin
"GetColorIcon06": Recommend Rock Pikmin
"GetColorIcon07": Recommend White Pikmin
"GetColorIcon08": Recommend Purple Pikmin
"ActiveLogBook": Whether to allow Olimar's notes
"ContentsName": Undocumented
"LabelName": Undocumented
"SceneNpcInfoKey": Undocumented
"VPPRAsset": Undocumented

Cave Rule Types[edit]

Internal name Usage
*"EUICaveRule::Aisle" Dandori Battle
*"EUICaveRule::DarkMinion" Puffmin?
*"EUICaveRule::Ninjin" PikPik Carrot?
*"EUICaveRule::Normal" Normal Cave
*"EUICaveRule::Poko" Dandori Challenge
*"EUICaveRule::WaiwaiGensei" Sage Leaf Enemy Challenge
*"EUICaveRule::WaiwaiSeijin" Sage Leaf Challenge


Internal name Usage
"Rows": Rows
"Type": Type Of Text
"Text Speed": General Text Scroll Speed
"TopKeyWait": Press Delay For Top Scrolling Speed
"KeyWait": Press Delay
"Choice Decide Wait": Choice Box Button Delay
"Next Page Message Wait" Press Delay For Pressing A To The Next Message
"Next Page Message Wait Speaker" Delay Until Next NPC Box Appears


  • This file is very similar to DT_CaveSoundInfo, most attributes can be shared across these two files
Internal name Usage
"Rows": Rows
"Area001" Area Specified
"Day" Specifies When To Activate
"MusicName" Music ID
"LevelType" Usually set to none
"SpawnOnBeginLevelActors" Level Ambience
"AudioEventDataTables" Level Audio Data

Area Music Identifiers[edit]

Internal name Usage Notes
Area500 Hub Area Used In The Hub Area
Area001 Sun Speckled Terrace Theme Used in Sun Speckled Terrace
Area002 Blossoming Arcadia Used during Blossoming Arcadia
AreaNight Night Time Motif Will only play during Night Missions, can be set to play during day time or in caves
Hero001 Sun Speckled Terrace (Olimar) Used In Sun Speckled Terrace (Olimar's Shipwreck Tale)
Hero002 Blossoming Arcadia (Olimar) Used In Blossoming Arcadia (Olimar's Shipwreck Tale)
Area003 Serene Shores Used In Serene Shores
Hero003 Serene Shores (Olimar) Used in Serene Shores (Olimar's Shipwreck Tale)
Area004 Giant's Hearth Used in Giant's Hearth
Hero004 Hero's Hideaway (Olimar) Used in Hero's Hideaway (Olimar's Shipwreck Tale)
Area006 Primordial Thicket Used in Primordial Thicket
Area010 Hero's Hideaway Theme used in Hero's Hideaway
Area011 Hero's Hideaway (Tutorial) Theme used during Hero's Hideaway (Intro Tutorial)

Teki Drop Types[edit]

  • Every enemy in Pikmin 4 is classed through their drop type, either "NoDrop", "TekiS", "TekiM", "Boss", "BigBoss".

"TekiS" (Small Enemies)[edit]

  • Dwarf Bulborb
  • Dwarf Bulbear
  • Dwarf Orange Bulborb
  • Ice Dwarf Bulborb
  • Bulborb Larva
  • Dwarf Bulborb (Night)
  • Shearwig
  • Female Sheargrub
  • Male Sheargrub
  • Mitite
  • Iridescent Flint Beetle
  • Iridescent Glint Beetle
  • Doodle Bug
  • Fiery Dweevil
  • Hydro Dweevil
  • Anode Dweevil
  • Venom Dweevil
  • Skitter Leaf
  • Desiccated Skitter Leaf
  • Anode Beetle
  • Skutterchuck
  • White Spectralid
  • Yellow Spectralid
  • Red Spectralid
  • Wolpole
  • Water Dumple
  • Arachnode
  • Puckering Blinnow
  • Pyroclasmic Slooch
  • Skeeterskate
  • Honeywisp
  • Iceblown Dweevil
  • Pricklepuff
  • Scorchcake
  • Shockcake
  • Freezecake
  • Poison Bulborb
  • Poison Slooch
  • Sunsquish
  • Downy Snagret
  • Shearflea
  • Aristocrab Offspring
  • Muckerskate

"TekiM" (Medium Enemies)[edit]

  • Bulborb
  • Whiptongue Bulborb
  • Orange Bulborb
  • Ice Bulborb
  • Night Bulborb
  • Breadbug
  • Fiery Blowhog
  • Watery Blowhog
  • Snowy Blowhog
  • Withering Blowhog
  • Armored Cannon Larva
  • Arctic Cannon Larva
  • Swooping Snitchbug
  • Joustmite
  • Flighty Joustmite
  • Wollywog
  • Yellow Wollywog
  • Hermit Crawmad
  • Toady Bloyster
  • Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat
  • Bearded Amprat
  • Creeping Chrysanthemum
  • Startle Spore
  • Waddlepus
  • Peckish Aristocrab
  • Pearly Clamcamp
  • Mamuta
  • Waddlequaff
  • Chillywog
  • Bogswallow
  • Mama Sheargrub
  • Tusked Blowhog
  • Gildemandwee
  • Miniature Snootwhacker

"TekiL" (Large Enemies)[edit]

  • Bulbear
  • Fiery Bulblax
  • Emperor Bulblax
  • Giant Breadbug
  • Puffy Blowhog
  • Icy Blowhog
  • Greater Spotted Jellyfloat
  • Bloomcap Bloyster
  • Jumbo Bulborb
  • Titan Blowhog
  • Blizzarding Blowhog
  • Masterhop
  • Grubchucler

"Boss" (Minor Bosses)[edit]

  • Horned Cannon Beetle
  • Arctic Cannon Beetle
  • Baldy Long Legs
  • Bug-Eyed Crawmad
  • Burrowing Snagret
  • Puffstool
  • Porquillion
  • Crusted Rumpup
  • Toxstool
  • Foolix
  • Gildemander
  • Snowfake Fluttertail
  • Mammoth Snootwhacker

"BigBoss" (Major Bosses)[edit]

  • Sovereign Bulblax
  • Empress Bulblax
  • Groovy Long Legs
  • Man-At-Legs
  • Waterwraith
  • Smokey Progg

"NoDrop" (NULL)[edit]

  • Moss
  • Ancient Sirehound

Placeables/NPC Identifiers[edit]

Internal name Identifier Notes
GNpcBase Base File Used for placing all NPC's
GNpcEdit Spawning/Idle NPC Interchangeable
GNpcEditGuide Collin N/A
GNpcEditLeaf Spawning/Idle Leafling NPC N/A
GNpcEditLeafPoko Sage Leaf N/A
GNpcLouie Louie Used at base camp
GNpcLouieDDB Louie Dandori Battle
GNpcLouieLast Louie Final Boss
GNpcLucky Moss N/A
GNpcOlimar Olimar Used at base camp
GNpcOlimarLeaf Olimar (Leafling) Idle Mode
GNpcOlimarLeafDDB Olimar (Leafling) Dandori Battle