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Pikmin 3's strings are stored in several MSBT files. They can be found in the /content/*/system/message.szs files. This table lists what type of strings each file contains.


File Content
ActionMarker Action labels that appear over leader's heads (e.g. Cancel pluck)
Chapter Titles of the "chapters" for each day on the day selection screen (e.g. Save Olimar!)
Chat Talk before the start of each day
Diary Voyage log entries at the end of the day
Ending_Movie Cutscene where Olimar introduces himself and shows the cosmic drive key
Enemy_Nickname Enemy names
Epilogue Epilogue text, with the narrator saying what happened to Koppai after the crew returned
EtcName List of keyword names in the game (e.g. leader names, Elizabeth, Fruit File)
EtcNameVS Item names in Bingo Battle, plus "Bingo Card", "Red Team" and "Blue Team"
flow_a Cutscenes that take place in the Tropical Wilds
flow_b Cutscenes that take place in the Garden of Hope
flow_c Cutscenes that take place in the Distant Tundra
flow_d Cutscenes that take place in the Twilight River
flow_e Cutscenes that take place in the Formidable Oak
flow_i Looks to be cutscenes related to recovering non-fruit objects to the Drake
flow_z Misc dialogs and monologs (e.g. commenting on the 100 Pikmin limit)
Juice_Demo Dialog for the screen where you see the fruits being juiced
Kao Quick monologs and dialogs -- the ones that don't start a cutscene (e.g. commenting on the long tunnels to the bosses, commenting on arriving at the destination with Go Here)
KeyItem_Nickname Lock-on (?) names for special objects (e.g. Olimar, Anti-Electrifier, KopPad)
Lyt_ActionMarker_00 Just a series of W
Lyt_BingoSheetLeft_00 The "One more!" message for the bingo card (player 1?)
Lyt_BingoSheetRight_00 The "One more!" message for the bingo card (player 2?)
Lyt_CaptionWindow_00 Just one empty string
Lyt_ChangeStyle_00 Messages for when you switch controllers
Lyt_ChanseTime_00 Bingo Battle chance time
Lyt_ControllerCheck_00 Controller order dialog box in Bingo Battle
Lyt_ControllerSheet Just one empty string
Lyt_CourseInTitle_00 Loading screen subtitles (e.g. Bingo Battle, Juice Left: __)
Lyt_CourseInTitle_01 Some special variable
Lyt_CourseInTitle_02 Some special variable
Lyt_Cursor_01 Some special variables
Lyt_DayEndReport_00 End of day voyage log common text (e.g. signatures)
Lyt_DayEndResult_00 Sunset stats (Pikmin numbers and such)
Lyt_DayEndTitle_00 Just "Day __"
Lyt_Debug_DemoMessage Empty strings
Lyt_DRCcallWindow_01 KopPad - General cutscene text for when a character video calls another via KopPad
Lyt_DRCcamera_00 KopPad - camera features
Lyt_DRCdeathPikmin_00 KopPad - "Pikmin in Danger"
Lyt_DRCfruitList_00 KopPad - Fruit File strings (i.e. "NEW" and "Fruit collected:")
Lyt_DRCfruitListCon_00 KopPad - Fruit File more strings
Lyt_DRCmenu_00 KopPad - misc. strings (e.g. Go Here!) plus some Mission Mode strings (e.g. warning about how a boss hasn't been defeated in story mode yet)
Lyt_DRColimarMemo_00 KopPad - data file category titles
Lyt_DRColimarMemoCon_00 KopPad - data file misc. strings (i.e. OK and Olimar's signature)
Lyt_DRCpikminInfo_00 KopPad - Pikmin info screen
Lyt_DRCtapModeTV_00 Empty strings
Lyt_End_00 Literally just "The End"
Lyt_Epilogue_00 Test string
Lyt_FinalResult_00 Final analysis
Lyt_FruitCollect_00 Screen where you can rotate new fruit, before it gets juiced
Lyt_FruitCollectNew_00 Just the word "NEW"
Lyt_FruitCollectTextAnimComplete_00 Just the string "All fruit retrieved!" twice
Lyt_FruitCollectTextAnimGather_00 The "Congratulations! You got __ types!" (of fruit) message
Lyt_GameMovie Empty strings
Lyt_GameOver_00 The string "Game Over" twice
Lyt_GameOverSelect_00 The strings "Earlier Day" and "World Map", plus a long Japanese string (a tip?)
Lyt_HUDBtn HUD for when you're playing with Off-TV Play?
Lyt_HUD A few HUD strings
Lyt_HUD_VS_00 A few (Bingo Battle?) HUD strings (e.g. Lock-on, Squad)
Lyt_HUD_VS_01 Same as Lyt_HUD_VS_00
Lyt_HurryUp_00 The strings "Hurry Up!" and "Gather stray Pikmin into your squad before sunset, or you'll lose them!"
Lyt_HurryUpPikCounter_00 Some special variable
Lyt_Last1Minute_00 Just the string "1 minute left"
Lyt_LocalBestMission_00 Local high scores for Mission Mode
Lyt_LocalBestStory_00 Local high scores for Story Mode
Lyt_MessageDemo_01 Empty strings
Lyt_MessageTest Empty strings
Lyt_MissionComplete_00 The string "Mission Complete!"
Lyt_MissionComplete_01 The string "Mission Cleared!"
Lyt_MissionMode_00 Mission selection screens
Lyt_MissionResult_00 Mission complete screen (Collect Treasure!)
Lyt_MissionResult_01 Mission complete screen (Battle Enemies!)
Lyt_MissionResult_02 Mission complete screen (Defeat Bosses!)
Lyt_MsgWindow_00 Empty string
Lyt_MsgWindowOneLine_00 A series of W
Lyt_NoticeDemo_00 Look at the TV. and "Look at the Wii U GamePad."
Lyt_OnyonWindow_00 Onion menu
Lyt_PaDay_00 The string "Day"
Lyt_PaLife_00 Some special variable
Lyt_PaMissionMedal_00 Bronze!, "Silver!", "Gold!" and "Platinum!"
Lyt_PaPokoGraph_00 You won!
Lyt_PaReachInfo_00 One away!
Lyt_PaTimer_00 Some special variables
Lyt_PauseWindow_00 Pause menu, story
Lyt_PauseWindow_00_Mission Pause menu, Mission Mode
Lyt_PauseWindow_00_VS Pause menu, Bingo Battle
Lyt_PikminRuin_00 The string "Pikmin extinction!", twice
Lyt_PikminRuin_01 Same as Lyt_PikminRuin_00
Lyt_PlayerDown_00 __ is down!, twice
Lyt_PlayerDown_01 Same as playerdyerDown_00
Lyt_PlayerDown_02 Same as playerdyerDown_00
Lyt_PlayStyleSelect_00 Empty strings
Lyt_Reach_00 Bingo Battle "__ is one away!" message
Lyt_Reach_01 Same as Lyt_Reach_00, but slightly different
Lyt_ReadyGo_00 Ready... and "Go!"
Lyt_Skip_00 Press __ to skip.
Lyt_StaffRoll_00 Empty strings
Lyt_StoryMode_00 Day selection menu?
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_BackToAreaSelect Restart today's exploration? and the corresponding OK/Cancel answers
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_BackToFileSelect Select a day and retry exploration? and the corresponding OK/Cancel answers
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_BossAgree Use SpotPass to receive global ranking data from Nintendo for this software? and corresponding OK/Cancel
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_BossNoData Global ranking data has not yet been received.
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_BossRegistered This Wii U has been configured to allow the use of SpotPass for this software.
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_CameraModeAttention Empty strings
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_ClearData This save data is from a completed game.
Lyt_SystemWindow_00 Empty strings
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_ConfirmGoBack Go back in time and try again? and corresponding OK/Cancel
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_ConnectDevice2 Empty strings
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_ConnectDevice3 Empty strings
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_DiffAoc Pikmin 3 update data is required to play the additional stages purchased.
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_DrcConfig Empty strings
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_DrcConfigInfo The GamePad control style has been set to [Stylus]. During gameplay you can switch back to Classic Controls via the __ menu.
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_DrcConfigToClassic The GamePad control style is currently set to [Stylus]. Do you want to switch control styles? and corresponding answers
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_DrcConfigToTouch The GamePad control style is currently set to [Classic]. Do you want to switch control styles? and corresponding answers
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_GoBack Go back in time and try again? and answers
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_GoEvening End Day? and answers
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_GoEveningDeath Some Pikmin will perish. Do you want to continue? and answers
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_GoMorning Restart Day? and answers
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_GoToShop This will launch Nintendo eShop to enable you to purchase additional stages., "Launch", and "Cancel"
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_GoToShop_Reboot This will launch Nintendo eShop to enable you to purchase the full version., "Launch", and "Cancel"
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_MacaroonDescription "Extra rule: You can also win by retrieving your opponent's Victory Macaroon!"
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_MissionGiveUp Quit this mission? and answers
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_MissionRetry Retry this stage from the beginning? and answers
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_NewGame Play the story from the beginning? Existing save data will be erased when the day ends. and answers
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_NotAcceptGamePad Empty strings
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_NotGoEvening You cannot end the day because you do not have any food.
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_PhotoWhereabout The pictures you take will be displayed on the area select screen.
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_PleaseRestart To play any additional stages purchased, close and restart Pikmin 3.
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_SaveAffirm Save? Previous save data will be erased. and answers
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_SaveCarryConfirm Save data from the demo version detected. Would you like to import this save data? and answers
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_SaveCarryDone Save Data was succesfully imported.
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_SaveCarryProgress Importing save data...
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_SaveDataBroken Empty string
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_SaveDataCreated Save data created.
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_SaveDataCreating Creating save data...
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_SaveEnd Saved, twice
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_SaveNow Saving...
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_SaveReaffirm Go back to earlier day without saving? and answers
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_SaveReaffirmFinal View Final Report without saving? and answers
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_SearchAgain Return to the past? Save data from Day _ on will be erased when the day ends.
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_SearchArea Empty strings
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_SearchStart Begin Day _ of exploration?
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_SelectPlayStyle Empty strings
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_SensorBar You need a sensor bar to play using a Wii Remote.
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_SwapDescription You can switch play style at any time with __.
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_TaikenBossForbidden "Not available in demo."
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_TaikenRankingForbidden "Rankings cannot be viewed from the demo version."
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_TurnOnTV Using TV. Please switch on the TV., "OK" and "Cancel"
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_UgcAgree You can add text or a drawing to your photo and post it on Miiverse.
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_UgcAgree_Taiken In the full version you can post photos you have taken on Miiverse.
Lyt_SystemWindow_00_VsQuit Re-select stage? and answers
Lyt_TaikenPauseWindow_00 __ Close (probably an icon)
Lyt_Thanks_00 Features of the final game. Probably appear at the end of the demo to encourage the full version
Lyt_TimeUp_00 Time's up!, twice
Lyt_TimeUp_01 Same as Lyt_TimeUp_00
Lyt_Title_00 Title screen
Lyt_VsMode_00 Bingo Battle screen
Lyt_Wallpaper_00 Look at the TV., "Look at the GamePad.", and some variable strings
Lyt_Win_00 WIN and variable strings
Lyt_WorldMap_00 To Earlier Day and "Talk"
Lyt_WorldMap3D_00 Debug menu?
Lyt_WorldMapEnter_00 Day __
Lyt_WorldRanking_00 Story mode world rankings
MapName Chapter introduction title cards (e.g. "Garden of Hope", "Exploration Day 1 - 08:44 Charlie's Crash Site")
mis_flow Empty strings
MissionName Some mission names. The list is small, and most of them are variable strings
MissionNameFilter Empty strings and an alphabet test
Object_Nickname Object names (obstacles and more)
Opening_Movie Intro video, where the narrator explains Koppai's backstory and the shipwreck
OrimaMemo_Memo Exploration Notes - text
OrimaMemo_Title Exploration Notes - titles
OrimaMemo_Zmovie Empty strings
Otakara_Description Fruit File descriptions
Otakara_Nickname Fruit names
Piki Empty strings
Pikmin_Nickname Pikmin type names, leader names (+ Olimar and Louie), and "Pikpik Carrot"
Plant_Nickname Plant names (unused)
Poko Empty strings
Staff_Credit_ALL Credits
Staff_Credit Empty strings
Staff_Credit_EU Credits
Staff_Credit_JP Credits
Staff_Credit_Test Empty strings
Staff_Credit_US Credits
TipsGameover Story mode and Game Over tips
TipsMission Mission Mode tips
TipsStory Empty strings
TipsVS Bingo Battle tips
TopicTagName Labels for Miiverse for when you snap a picture of something
vs_flow Empty strings
VSName Bingo Battle stage names
WorkObject_Nickname Obstacle names
Xllt_Lyt_MessageDemo_01 Some special variables