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In Pikmin 2, the player receives mail at the end of each day. Each mail has some text and an icon, and there are 80 unique pieces of mail. The information for which strings and icons are to be used for each one can be found in /user/Koono/mail_table.szs/mail_table.bin.



The file starts with a 32-bit unsigned LE int that represents the number of unique mail entries[unsure].

Afterwards come the entries.


Offset Size Type Description
0x00 1 Each entry starts with a 0x00 byte.
0x01 8 ASCII string A string in the format iiii_uuu. iiii is the index of the string used for this mail entry. uuu is unknown.[unsure]
0x09 2 Unknown[unsure]
0x0B 1 A 0x00 byte.
0x0C Varies ASCII string A string which must be a multiple of 4 bytes long[unsure]. 0x00 is used for padding inside the string. This string represents the name of the icon to use, without extension.