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Pikmin 3 Mission settings can be found in /content/CMCmn/system/mission_set and include a variety of values for Mission Mode stages, including Defeat Bosses! stages.

Pikmin numbers[edit]

Tropical Forest, modified to only display Purple Pikmin in the preview.

Within the folder is a miset_mis<mission number>_<mission type>_piknum.szs file for each Mission Mode stage (all three modes). This .SZS file is a SARC archive and can be extracted using Abood's SARC-Tool. Inside is a single .TXT file which you can edit using any general text editor.

The Pikmin number file determine what Pikmin to display on the stage's preview – these are not necessarily the Pikmin you start with, and the number doesn't even matter; as long as it's greater than 0, it will be displayed (without any number, as shown in the image).

There are 14 values, however you may see more numbers in the file; these aren't valid and will be ignored by the game. This is the order (from left-to-right) of the values:

  • Purple Pikmin
  • Blue Pikmin
  • Red Pikmin
  • White Pikmin
  • Yellow Pikmin
  • Winged Pikmin
  • Rock Pikmin
  • Violet Candypop Bud
  • Lapis Lazuli Candypop Bud
  • Crimson Candypop Bud
  • Ivory Candypop Bud
  • Golden Candypop Bud
  • Pink Candypop Bud
  • Grey Candypop Bud