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Notes by Dodiou

  • You can change candypop colors to other pikmin colors
  • The game allows a max of 6 pikmin color types on the map (not including glow pikmin).
  • The game Spawns in your squad pikmin Spawns in the NoraSpawner objects in the order they appear in the ActorPlacementInfo file
  • If there are 6 colors on the field, and the NoraSpawner is not one of those colors, then it will change color to the highest color number already on the field
  • The color numbers are: Red = 0, Blue = 1, Yellow = 2, Rock = 3, Wing = 4, Purple = 5, White = 6, Ice = 7
  • This pretty much only happens in the big cave, CfaK, since it has so many different candypop types.


The spawn order of the candypops on Sublevel 19 is: Red, Yellow, Blue, Ice, White

If you take in 1 Rock, 1 Wing, and 1 Purple pikmin only, then the Red, Yellow, Blue candypops spawn. There are 6 types loaded, so the White and Ice cannot spawn their types, and choose Purple instead. If you take in only 1 Rock, 1 Wing, then the Red, Yellow, Blue, Ice buds spawn. The White bud becomes Ice If you take in 1 Rock, Wing, White, then the R Y B Wh buds spawn. The Ice bud becomes White

If you go through the entire cave, you can bring in pretty much whatever types you want.