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P4UassetEditor is a tool made by Infinity Divided that allows the decompiling and compiling of uasset files that can be edited with ease using simple json.


Installing PIP + Cityhash[edit]

  • To install PIP Cityhash, when downloading Python, make sure to tick "Add python.exe to PATH" during installation.
  • Open command prompt and type "python get-pip.py" to install PIP, press enter to run the command.
  • After installing PIP, install cityhash by returning to command prompt and running "pip install cityhash".



To use this tool you'll need to first extract your "global.ucas" from your copy of Pikmin 4 and place it into the "_GLOBAL_UCAS" folder on the directory of the tool, next click generate_global_names.bat to generate your global names from your "global.ucas", to decode your files simply click drop your ".uasset" file into the "INPUT" directory and click "decode.bat", to pack your files place your json in the "EDIT" directory and click "encode.bat".