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The BMS file (.bms) is the sequenced audio file in Pikmin 2 and several other Nintendo GameCube games like Super Mario Sunshine. It is commonly mistaken to be a MIDI file (.mid), however it is actually far more advanced than a MIDI as it contains many more unique settings and variations. Some BMS files are manipulated by CND files (.cnd) to make slight changes in the composition - this is how we have multiple variations of similar songs for caves.

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Name Description Link
2pbattle.bms Unused copy of n_tutorial
a_iron.bms unused early cavemetal
a_zawinul01.bms unused early cave
battle_t.bms 2 Player battle Audio
book.bms Piklopedia/Treasure hoard Audio
c_menu.bms Challenge Mode menu Audio
c_result.bms Challenge Mode result Audio
caveboss.bms unused early boss theme
caveconc.bms Cave concrete theme List of caveconc variants
caveglass.bms Cave yard theme List of caveglass variants
cavekeyget.bms Key (Challenge Mode) Audio
cavemetal.bms Cave metal theme List of cavemetal variants
caverelax.bms Rest Audio - CND file
cavesoil.bms Cave soil theme List of cavesoil variants
cavetile.bms Cave tile theme List of cavetile variants
cavetsumiki.bms Cave toybox theme List of cavetsumiki variants
comp_result.bms Treasure Completion Results Audio
f_result.bms Debt Repayed Results
ff_annihi.bms Early Pikmin Extinction
ff_doped.bms Early Spicy Spray
ff_doping.bms Early Spicy Spray
ff_keyget.bms Early Key Get
ff_playerdown.bms Early Captain Down
ff_treasureget.bms Early Treasure Collected
forest.bms Awakening Wood Olimar's audio
Olimar's partner's audio
Olimar's sunset audio
Olimar's partner's sunset audio
hiscore.bms High Scores Audio
id_test.bms Unused Early Awakening Wood
kuro_post.bms Waterwraith attacks Audio
kuro_pre.bms Submerged Castle Audio
l_boss.bms Titan Dweevil
last.bms Wistful Wild Olimar's audio
Olimar's partner's audio
Olimar's sunset audio
Olimar's partner's sunset audio
m_boss.bms Normal Boss
n_tutorial_1stday.bms Valley of Repose (day one)
n_tutorial.bms Valley of Repose Olimar's audio
Olimar's partner's audio
Olimar's sunset audio
Olimar's partner's sunset audio
new_00.bms Cave snow theme List of new_00 variants
new_01.bms Cave "Hole of Heroes" theme List of new_01 variants
new_02.bms Cave "Tile 2" theme List of new_02 variants
new_03.bms Cave "Giant Breadbug" theme List of new_03 variants
new_04.bms Cave "Fire" theme List of new_04 variants
new_05.bms Cave "Bulblax" theme List of new_05 variants
new_06.bms Cave "Snow 3" theme List of new_06 variants
new_07.bms Cave "Snagret" theme List of new_07 variants
new_08.bms Cave "Toybox 2" theme List of new_08 variants
result.bms Unused Early Day Results
se.bms All Sound effects
u_result.bms Unused Early Cave Results
worldmap_intro.bms New area unlocked in area selection
worldmap.bms Area selection Audio
yakushima.bms Perplexing Pool
Credits: Jimble, PikHacker