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Certain hitboxes in Pikmin 2 have unique identifiers that make pikmin do different actions which are applied to entities within the .DOL executable of the game.

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The following are offsets within the .DOL file for entities.

Entity hitbox type/location USA Offset
Captain spicy spray (all following pikmin) 13E09C
Man-At-Legs Explosion on bullet impact 2C127C
Gatling Groink Explosion on impact 2EB540
Any Bombs Explosion in surrounding area when timer expires 346B40
Munge Dweevil Poison attack 2B6440
Anttena Beetle Control whistle 299BF0
Withering blowhog Withering wind attack 2A0C14
Emperor Bulblax Panic when nearby Roar 357DB8
Puffy Blowhog Wind attack 27E55C
Gatling Groink Wind on impact (surrounds explosion hitbox) 2EB758
Unknown[unsure] A Fire State 26CE9C
Fiery Bulblax Fire surrounding the body 28C910
Fiery Blowhog Fire attack 29BD60
Fiery Dweevil Fire attack 2B5374
Mamuta Bury flowers when slaming 360244
Both Snitch Bugs Bury leaves when trowing pikmin 270474
Electric Wall Electrocute when touched 146B50
Broken Wires Electrocute in between the wires 26CE40
Unknown[unsure] An Electrocute State 278084
Annode Beetle Electrocute surrounding the body during attack 278260
Annode Beetle Electrocute in between connected beetles 2B6D5C
Unknown[unsure] An Electrocute State 2F19B8
Watery Blowhog Bubble attack 27A04C
Causic Dweevil Bubble attack 2B5BE4
Unknown[unsure] A Poison State 2042A4
Poison Geyser Poison surrounding geyser 26A660
Doodle Bug Poison fart clouds 282818
Unknown[unsure] A Poison State 2F0F00
Mitite Panic near them 36C51C
Emperess Bulblax Crush when rolling over 286E3C
Beady Long Legs Crush when foot on ground 2A2D88
Raging Long Legs Crush when foot on ground 2C54F8
Emperor Bulblax Crush underneath during slam 357418
Wraith rollers Crush pikmin touching it 3A9D8C
Segmented Crawbster Crush when rolling over 2F9A84
Rocks Crush when rolling/landing on pikmin 260638
Any Enemy Flick when pikmin are attached (will not effect grounded/swarming pikmin) 110274

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The following are IDs for different states.

state ID
Spicy Spray 49 98
Explosion 49 2C
Poison 48 0C
Control 49 E0
Wither Wind 49 50
Panic 48 54
Wind 49 74
Fire 48 78
Bury Flowers 48 C0
Bury Leaves 48 E4
Electrocute 49 08
Bubble 48 30
Crush B3 20
Flick 4E 04