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Internal names, identifier numbers, and identifier strings used in Pikmin 2.

In Pikmin 2's overworld area generators, teki, otakara, and item objects are referred to by a numeric ID. There is also another set of values for otakara, these are the overworld versions of treasure drop from enemies. Usually in a cave, it's as simple as using an underline _ and then typing the internal name of the treasure, above ground each enemy has an ID for this. This is found by taking the original treasure's ID and adding 768.

To do: Add internal names for all the enemies and treasures.

Enemies and other objects[edit]

Enemies, plants and strange objects. They are mostly internally recognized as teki.

To place a treasure inside an enemy, take that treasure's internal number, add 768, and you have the code to put it in any enemy.

Placing Exploration Kit treasures inside enemies works similary but you have to add 1024 to the treasure's internal number instead of 768.

ID Object Internal Name
0 Pellet Posy Pelplant
1 Dwarf Red Bulborb Kochappy
2 Red Bulborb Chappy
3 Lapis Lazuli Candypop Bud BluePom
4 Crimson Candypop Bud RedPom
5 Golden Candypop Bud YellowPom
6 Violet Candypop Bud BlackPom
7 Ivory Candypop Bud WhitePom
8 Queen Candypop Bud RandPom
9 Iridescent Flint Beetle Kogane
10 Iridescent Glint Beetle Wealthy
11 Doodlebug Fart
12 Female Sheargrub UjiA
13 Male Sheargrub UjiB
14 Shearwig Tobi
15 Cloaking Burrow-nit Armor
16 Honeywisp Qurione
17 Yellow Wollywog Frog
18 Wollywog MaroFrog
19 Falling boulder Rock
20 Fire geyser Hiba
21 Gas pipe GasHiba
22 Electrical wire ElecHiba
23 Swooping Snitchbug Sarai
24 Fiery Blowhog Tank
25 Watery Blowhog Wtank
26 Water Dumple Catfish
27 Wogpole Tadpole
28 Anode Beetle ElecBug
29 Puffy Blowhog Mar
30 Empress Bulblax Queen
31 Bulborb Larva Baby
32 Bumbling Snitchbug Demon
33 Fiery Bulblax FireChappy
34 Burrowing Snagret SnakeCrow
35 Spotty Bulbear KumaChappy
36 Bomb rock Bomb
37 Egg Egg
38 Breadbug (with its home) PanModoki
39 Crashes -
40 Giant Breadbug and base OoPanModoki
41 Antenna Beetle Fuefuki
42 Orange Bulborb BlueChappy
43 Hairy Bulborb YellowChappy
44 Dwarf Orange Bulborb BlueKochappy
45 Snow Bulborb YellowKochappy
46 Dandelion Tanpopo
47 Clover Clover
48 Common Glowcap HikariKinoko
49 Figwort (red small) Ooinu_s
50 Figwort (red large) Ooinu_l
51 Shoot (shorter) Wakame_s
52 Shoot (taller) Wakame_l
53 Emperor Bulblax KingChappy
54 Mamuta Miulin
55 Withering Blowhog Hanachirashi
56 Beady Long Legs Damagumo
57 Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat Kurage
58 Careening Dirigibug BombSarai
59 Fiery Dweevil FireOtakara
60 Caustic Dweevil WaterOtakara
61 Munge Dweevil GasOtakara
62 Anode Dweevil ElecOtakara
63 Hermit Crawmad Jigumo
64 Crashes, unused -
65 Ravenous Whiskerpillar Imomushi
66 Man-at-Legs Houdai
67 Bulbmin LeafChappy
68 Mitite TamagoMushi
69 Raging Long Legs BigFoot
70 Pileated Snagret SnakeWhole
71 Ranging Bloyster UmiMushi
72 Greater Spotted Jellyfloat OniKurage
73 Titan Dweevil BigTreasure
74 Rock Stone
75 Armored Cannon Beetle Larva Kabuto
76 Dwarf Bulbear KumaKochappy
77 Group of 9 Unmarked Spectralids ShijimiChou
78 Gatling Groink MiniHoudai
79 Skitter Leaf Sokkuri
80 Horsetail Tukushi
81 Seeding Dandelion Watage
82 Candypop Bud?[unsure], Crashes, unused Pom
83 Breadbug's Home?[unsure] PanHouse
84 Creeping Chrysanthemum Hana
85 Glowstem (red) DaiodoRed
86 Glowstem (green) DaiodoGreen
87 Magaret Magaret
88 Foxtail Nekojarashi
89 Chigoyami paper Chiyogami
90 Fiddlehead Zenmai
91 Figwort (brown small) KareOoinu_s
92 Figwort (brown large) KareOoinu_l
93 Volatile Dweevil BombOtakara
94 Segmented Crawbster DangoMushi
95 Decorated Cannon Beetle Rkabuto
96 Armored Cannon Beetle Larva (burrowed) Fkabuto
97 Gatling Groink (pedestal) FminiHoudai
98 Waterwraith rollers Tyre
99 Waterwraith BlackMan
100 Crashes, unused UmiMushiBase
101 Toady Bloyster UmiMushiBlind


List of Non-Exploration Kit treasures. For the Exploration Kit treasures, see below. Treasures are mostly known as otakara.

ID Internal name US PAL JP
0 ahiru Rubber Ugly Rubber Ugly Rubber Ugly
1 apple Insect Condo Insect Condo Insect Condo
2 apple_blue Meat Satchel Meat Satchel Meat Satchel
3 bane Coiled Launcher Coiled Launcher Coiled Launcher
4 baum_kuchen Confection Hoop Confection Hoop Confection Hoop
5 be_dama_red Omniscient Sphere Omniscient Sphere Omniscient Sphere
6 be_dama_yellow Love Sphere Love Sphere Love Sphere
7 be_dama_blue Mirth Sphere
8 bell Maternal Sculpture
9 bey_goma Stupendous Lens Mysterious Remains Ultimate Spinner
10 bird_hane Leviathan Feather
11 bolt Superstrong Stabilizer
12 channel Space Wave Receiver
13 chess_king_black Joy Receptacle
14 chess_king_white Worthless Statue
15 chess_queen_black Priceless Statue
16 chess_queen_white Triple Sugar Threat
17 chocolate King of Sweets
18 chocoichigo Diet Doomer
19 chocowhite Pale Passion
20 compact Boom Cone Magical Stage Magical Stage
21 cookie Bug Bait
22 creap Milk Tub
23 diamond_red Petrified Heart
24 diamond_blue Regal Diamond
25 diamond_green Princess Pearl
26 doll Silencer
27 donguri Armored Nut
28 donutschoco Chocolate Cushion
29 donutsichigo Sweet Dreamer
30 donutswhite Cosmic Archive
31 flower_red Cupid's Grenade
32 flower_blue Science Project
33 toy_gentle Manual Honer
34 toy_lady Broken Food Master Merciless Extractor Broken Cooking God
35 toy_dog Sud Generator
36 toy_cat Wiggle Noggin
37 gear Omega Flywheel
38 gold_medal Lustrous Element
39 gum_tape Superstick Textile
40 halloween Possessed Squash
41 haniwa Gyroid Bust
42 ichigo Sunseed Berry
43 juji_key Glee Spinner
44 kan Decorative Goo
45 kinoko Anti-hiccup Fungus
46 kouseki_suisyou Crystal King
47 kumakibori Fossilized Ursidae
48 locket Time Capsule
49 makigai Olimarnite Shell
50 matu_bokkuri Conifer Spire
51 milk_cap Abstract Masterpiece Plentiful Tank Estimated Object GF
52 momiji_normal Arboreal Frippery Abroral Frippery Aboreal Frippery
53 momiji_kare Onion Replica
54 momiji_red Infernal Vegetable
55 nut Adamantine Girdle
56 tatebue Directory of Destiny
57 saru_head Colossal Fossil
58 sensya Invigorator
59 sinkukan Vacuum Processor
60 silver_medal Mirrored Element
61 tel_dial Nouveau Table
62 toy_ring_a_red Pink Menace
63 toy_ring_a_blue Frosty Bauble
64 toy_ring_a_green Gemstar Husband
65 toy_ring_b_red Gemstar Wife
66 toy_ring_b_blue Universal Com
67 toy_ring_b_green Joyless Jewel
68 toy_ring_c_red Fleeting Art Form
69 toy_ring_c_green Innocence Lost
70 toy_ring_c_blue Icon of Progress
71 toy_teala Unspeakable Wonder
72 turi_uki Aquatic Mine
73 watch Temporal Mechanism
74 Xmas_item Essential Furnishing
75 yoyo_red Flame Tiller
76 yoyo_yellow Doomsday Apparatus
77 yoyo_blue Impediment Scourge Impediment Scourge Lightning Bolt
78 flask Future Orb
79 elec Shock Therapist
80 fire Flare Cannon
81 gas Comedy Bomb
82 water Monster Pump
83 mojiban Mystical Disc
84 futa_a_gold Vorpal Platter
85 futa_a_silver Taste Sensation
86 kan_b_gold Lip Service Lip Service Family Raft
87 kan_b_silver Utter Scrap
88 ahiru_head Paradoxical Enigma
89 loozy King of Bugs
90 teala_dia_a Essence of Rage
91 teala_dia_b Essence of Despair
92 teala_dia_c Essence of True Love
93 teala_dia_d Essence of Desire
94 dia_a_red Citrus Lump
95 dia_a_blue Behemoth Jaw
96 dia_a_green Anxious Sprout
97 dia_b_red Implement of Toil
98 dia_b_blue Luck Wafer
99 dia_b_green Meat of Champions
100 dia_c_red Talisman of Life
101 dia_c_green Strife Monolith
102 dia_c_blue Boss Stone
103 kinoko_doku Toxic Toadstool
104 kinoko_tubu Growshroom
105 sinkukan_b Indomitable CPU
106 sinkukan_c Network Mainbrain
107 bolt_l Repair Juggernaut
108 gum_tape_s Exhausted Superstick
109 baum_kuchen_s Pastry Wheel
110 ichigo_l Combustion Berry
111 cookie_m_l Imperative Cookie
112 cookie_u Compelling Cookie
113 cookie_u_l Impenetrable Cookie
114 cookie_s Comfort Cookie
115 cookie_s_l Succulent Mattress
116 donguri_l Corpulent Nut
117 fire_helmet Alien Billboard Nutrient Silo Alien Billboard
118 nut_l Massage Girdle
119 be_dama_red_l Crystallized Telepathy
120 be_dama_yellow_l Crystallized Telekinesis
121 be_dama_blue_l Crystallized Clairvoyance
122 diamond_red_l Eternal Emerald Eye
123 diamond_blue_l Tear Stone
124 diamond_green_l Crystal Clover
125 bell_red Danger Chime
126 bell_blue Sulking Antenna
127 bell_yellow Spouse Alert
128 bane_red Master's Instrument
129 bane_blue Extreme Perspirator
130 bane_yellow Pilgrim Bulb
131 juji_key_fc Stone of Glory
132 tape_red Furious Adhesive
133 tape_yellow Quenching Emblem
134 tape_blue Flame of Tomorrow Flame of Tomorrow Flame of Tomorrow
135 leaf_normal Love Nugget
136 leaf_yellow Child of the Earth
137 leaf_kare Disguised Delicacy
138 denchi_3_red Proton AA Proton AA Proton X
139 denchi_3_black Fuel Reservoir Fuel Reservoir Omegatron
140 denchi_2_red Optical Illustration Abstract Masterpiece Yell Battery
141 denchi_2_black Durable Energy Cell Durable Energy Cell Revised Eternal Fuel Dynamo
142 denchi_1_red Courage Reactor Courage Reactor Love and Courage Reactor
143 denchi_1_black Thirst Activator Perfect Container Alternative Reactor
144 castanets Harmonic Synthesizer
145 otama Merciless Extractor Divine Cooking Tool Divine Cooking Tool
146 robot_head Remembered Old Buddy
147 j_block_red Fond Gyro Block
148 j_block_yellow Memorable Gyro Block
149 j_block_green Lost Gyro Block
150 j_block_blue Favorite Gyro Block
151 j_block_white Treasured Gyro Block
152 akagai Fortified Delicacy
153 hotate Scrumptious Shell
154 sinjyu Memorial Shell
155 donutschoco_s Chance Totem
156 donutsichigo_s Dream Architect
157 donutswhite_s Spiny Alien Treat
158 gear_silver Spirit Flogger
159 compact_make Mirrored Stage
160 chocolate_l Enamel Buster
161 chocoichigo_l Drought Ender
162 chocowhite_l White Goodness
163 g_futa_kyodo Salivatrix Salivatrix Highly Logical Money
164 g_futa_titiyas Creative Inspiration Activity Arouser Milky Figure
165 g_futa_kyusyu Massive Lid Drone Supplies Milk Cover
166 g_futa_sikoku Happiness Emblem Survival Container Good Old Memories
167 g_futa_kajiwara Survival Ointment Container of Sea Bounty Paper Slider
168 g_futa_koiwai Mysterious Remains Container of Knowledge Understood Person Symbol
169 g_futa_hirosima Dimensional Slicer Patience Tester Flying Saucer
170 g_futa_kyosin Yellow Taste Tyrant Yellow Taste Tyrant Universe Art
171 g_futa_sakotani Hypnotic Platter Alien Billboard Fake Emblem Thing
172 g_futa_daisen Gherkin Gate Gherkin Gate Idea Assistant
173 g_futa_hiruzen Healing Cask Hypnotic Platter Seat of Enlightenment
174 g_futa_kitaama Pondering Emblem Hapiness Emblem Milky Cradle
175 g_futa_nihonraku Activity Arouser Pondering Emblem Anywhere Floater
176 kan_maruha Stringent Container Endless Repository Endless Repository
177 kan_nichiro Patience Tester Open Architecture Open Architecture
178 kan_iwate Endless Repository Permanent Container Permanent Container
179 kan_kyokuyo Fruit Guard Empty Space Container Empty Space Container
180 kan_meidiya Nutrient Silo Stringent Container Stringent Container
181 kan_imuraya Drone Supplies Open Archive Open Archive
182 wadou_kaichin Unknown Merit
183 kuri Seed of Greed
184 uji_jisyaku Heavy-Duty Magnetizer
185 badminton Air Brake
186 medama_yaki Hideous Victual
187 whistle Emperor Whistle
Credits: Scruffy, Pikmanfan2002

Exploration Kit treasures[edit]

The Exploration Kit is internally known as item.

ID Internal Name US
0 fue_a Brute Knuckles
1 fue_b Dream Material
2 fue_wide Amplified Amplifier
3 fue_pullout Professional Noisemaker
4 light_a Stellar Orb
5 suit_powerup Justice Alloy
6 suit_fire Forged Courage
7 dashboots Repugnant Appendage
8 radar_a Prototype Detector
9 radar_b Five-man Napsack
10 map01 Spherical Atlas
11 map02 Geographic Projection
12 key The Key
Credits: Scruffy, Pikmanfan2002


Area Internal name Game name
Valley of Repose tutorial_1 Emergence Cave
Valley of Repose tutorial_2 Subterranean Complex
Valley of Repose tutorial_3 Frontier Cavern
Awakening Wood forest_1 Hole of Beasts
Awakening Wood forest_2 White Flower Garden
Awakening Wood forest_3 Bulblax Kingdom
Awakening Wood forest_4 Snagret Hole
Perplexing Pool yakushima_1 Citadel of Spiders
Perplexing Pool yakushima_2 Glutton's Kitchen
Perplexing Pool yakushima_3 Shower Room
Perplexing Pool yakushima_4 Submerged Castle
Wistful Wild last_1 Cavern of Chaos
Wistful Wild last_2 Hole of Heroes
Wistful Wild last_3 Dream Den


  • Olimar is consistently referred to as orima in the files, which is a romanization of his Japanese name. orima can also refer to all leaders. His model name is orima1.bmd.
    • When orima is not used to refer to all the captains, they are instead referred to as navi. This was Olimar's internal name in Pikmin, which may be a leftover from Adam and Eve.
  • Louie is referred to as either luji or loozy, depending on where you are looking. His model name is orima3.bmd.
  • The President of Hocotate Freight's model name is syatyou.bmd. Otherwise, he's referred to as simply "President".


In many places, the Pikmin are ordered as follows:

  1. Blue Pikmin
  2. Red
  3. Yellow
  4. Purple
  5. White
  6. Bulbmin
  7. Pikpik carrot