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To do: Finish the list. Also indicate if the particle repeats itself constantly when spawned or activates only once.

Pikmin 2 particle emitters are defined in JPC files. The following is a list of all particles within /user/Ebisawa/effect/game.jpc – which is used generally throughout the game – as well as what particle emitters and particle textures they contain.

Note: Some particle textures are shown here with a green background so they contrast with the wiki's background. The green background is not part of the texture.

Particle emitters[edit]

ID Description Internal name Image
0000 Flies from Doodlebug Enemy_Fart_TBabyFly_ver01 Flies1.png
0001 Short fart from Doodlebug Enemy_Fart_TBabaHe_1 FartCloud.png
0002 Longer fart from Doodlebug Enemy_Fart_TBabaHe_2 Fart2.png
0003 Bulborb Larva splat Enemy_Baby_TBabyBecha BabySplat.png
0004 Bulborb Larva born Enemy_Baby_TBabyBorn BabyGoop.png
0005 Drain clog destroyed dust Item_Barrel_TBarrelDead_1 ClogDust.png
0006 Drain clog destroyed rocks Item_Barrel_TBarrelDead_2 ClogRocks1.png
0007 Drain clog destroyed many rocks Item_Barrel_TBarrelDead_3 ClogRocks2.png
0008 Bomb rock explosion fragments Enemy_Bomb_TBombrockABCD_1 ClogRocks3.png
0009 Bomb rock explosion boom Enemy_Bomb_TBombrockABCD_2 BombRock1.png
000a Bomb rock explosion cloud Enemy_Bomb_TBombrockABCD_3 BombRock2.png
000b Bomb rock explosion sparks Enemy_Bomb_TBombrockABCD_4 BombRock3.png
000c Bomb rock explosion clouds circle Enemy_Bomb_TBombrockEFGH_1 BombRock4.png
000d Bomb rock explosion dust Enemy_Bomb_TBombrockEFGH_2 BombRock5.png
000e Bomb rock explosion shock wave Enemy_Bomb_TBombrockEFGH_3
000f Bomb rock explosion shock wave 2 Enemy_Bomb_TBombrockEFGH_4
0010 Pikmin attacking bridge Piki_TBridgeAttack PikminBridgeBreak.png
0011 Bridge stage breaking Item_Bridge_TBridgeSet
0012 Careening Dirigibug dead wind Enemy_BombSarai_TBsaraiDead_1 Dirigibug1.png
0013 Careening Dirigibug dead sparks Enemy_BombSarai_TBsaraiDead_2 Dirigibug2.png
0014 Careening Dirigibug create bomb Enemy_BombSarai_TBsaraiSupli Dirigibug3.png
0015 Ravenous Whiskerpillar eat sparkles purple Enemy_ImoMushi_TChouDown_1 WhiskerpillarP.png
0016 Ravenous Whiskerpillar eat sparkles red Enemy_ImoMushi_TChouDown_2 WhiskerpillarR.png
0017 Ravenous Whiskerpillar eat sparkles yellow Enemy_ImoMushi_TChouDown_3 WhiskerpillarY.png
0018 Hit Unmarked Spectralid Enemy_ShijimiChou_TChouHit SpecHit.png
0019 Leader whistle Cursor1 Whistle1.png
001a UNUSED Louie whistle[unsure] Cursor2 Whistle2.png
001b UNUSED Olimar whistle[unsure] Cursor3 Whistle3.png
001c Beady Long Legs fireworks Enemy_DamaGumo_TDamaDeadBomb Beady1.png
001d Beady Long Legs electricity Enemy_DamaGumo_TDamaDeadElecA Beady2.png
001e Beady Long Legs electricity Enemy_DamaGumo_TDamaDeadElecB Beady3.png
001f Beady Long Legs dead fragments Enemy_DamaGumo_TDamaDeadHahenA Beady4.png
0020 Beady Long Legs dead fragments Enemy_DamaGumo_TDamaDeadHahenB Beady5.png
0021 Beady Long Legs dead fragments Enemy_DamaGumo_TDamaDeadHahenC1 Beady6.png
0022 Beady Long Legs dead fragments Enemy_DamaGumo_TDamaDeadHahenC2 Beady7.png
0023 Beady Long Legs foot water splash Enemy_DamaGumo_TDamaFootw Beady8.png
0024 Beady Long Legs foot water drops Enemy_DamaGumo_TDamaFoot_1 Beady9.png
0025 Beady Long Legs stomp dust Enemy_DamaGumo_TDamaFoot_2 Beady10.png
0026 Beady Long Legs fragments Enemy_DamaGumo_TDamaHahen Beady11.png
0027 Beady Long Legs low hp smoke Enemy_DamaGumo_TDamaSmoke Beady12.png
0028 Beady Long Legs water ripples Enemy_DamaGumo_TDamaWalkw_1 Beady13.png
0029 Beady Long Legs water stomp splash Enemy_DamaGumo_TDamaWalkw_2 Beady14.png
002a Beady Long Legs water stomp splash Enemy_DamaGumo_TDamaWalkw_3 Beady15.png
002b Beady Long Legs stomp big dust Enemy_DamaGumo_TDamaWalk_1 Beady16.png
002c Beady Long Legs stomp ripples Enemy_DamaGumo_TDamaWalk_2 Beady17.png
002d Electrical wire glow Enemy_ElecHiba_TDenkiHiba_1
002e Electrical wire active line Enemy_ElecHiba_TDenkiHiba_2 ElecHiba2.png
002f Electrical wire charge sparks Enemy_ElecHiba_TDenkiHiba_3 ElecHiba3.png
0030 Electrical wire node glow Enemy_ElecHiba_TDenkiPole_1 ElecHiba4.png
0031 Electrical wire sparks Enemy_ElecHiba_TDenkiPole_2 ElecHiba5.png
0032 Electrical wire sparks 2 Enemy_ElecHiba_TDenkipoleSign
0033 Anode Beetle attack charge glow Enemy_ElecBug_TDnkmsHoudenA
0034 Anode Beetle attack charge sparks Enemy_ElecBug_TDnkmsHoudenB
0035 Anode Beetle attack discharge electricity Enemy_ElecBug_TDnkmsThunderA
0036 Anode Beetle discharge glow/sparks Enemy_ElecBug_TDnkmsThunderB
0037 Small seesaw block rises Item_DownFloor_TDownf1On
0038 Small seesaw block moving Item_DownFloor_TDownf1Updown
0039 Small seesaw block rises in water Item_DownFloor_TDownf1WOn
003a Small seesaw block moving in water Item_DownFloor_TDownf1WUpdown
003b Large seesaw block rising Item_DownFloor_TDownf2On
003c Large seesaw block moving Item_DownFloor_TDownf2Updown
003d Large seesaw block rising in water Item_DownFloor_TDownf2WOn
003e Large seesaw block moving in water Item_DownFloor_TDownf2WUpdown
003f Large seesaw block moving Item_DownFloor_TDownf3On
0040 Paper bag moving Item_DownFloor_TDownf3Updown
0041 Paper bag rising in water Item_DownFloor_TDownf3WOn
0042 Paper bag moving in water Item_DownFloor_TDownf3WUpdown
0043 Leader using bitter spray Navi_TDopingSmoke_1
0044 Leader using spicy spray Navi_TDopingSmoke_2
0045 Leader using spicy spray 2 Navi_TDopingSmoke_3
0046 Electric gate electricity Item_ElecGate_TEgateA
0047 Electric gate electricity Item_ElecGate_TEgateBC_1
0048 Electric gate electricity Item_ElecGate_TEgateBC_2
0049 Egg broken Enemy_Egg_TEggdown
004a Enemy_TEnemyBombM_1
004b Enemy_TEnemyBombM_2
004c Enemy_TEnemyBombM_3
004d Enemy_TEnemyBombM_4
004e Enemy_TEnemyBombS_1
004f Enemy_TEnemyBombS_2
0050 Enemy_TEnemyBombS_3
0051 Enemy_TEnemyBombS_4
0052 Enemy soul Enemy_TEnemyDead
0053 Enemy_TEnemyDownSmoke
0054 Enemy_TEnemyDownWat_1
0055 Enemy_TEnemyDownWat_2
0056 Enemy_TEnemyDownWat_3
0057 Enemy_TEnemyHamonM
0058 Enemy_TEnemyHamonMInd
0059 Enemy walking dust Enemy_TEnemyWalkSmokeS
005a Big enemy walking dust Enemy_TEnemyWalkSmokeM
005b Falling petals in Awakening Wood TForestSakura
005c Yellow Wollywog Enemy_Frog_TFrogDive_1
005d Yellow Wollywog Enemy_Frog_TFrogDive_2
005e Yellow Wollywog Enemy_Frog_TFrogDive_3
005f Yellow Wollywog Enemy_Frog_TFrogDive_4
0060 Yellow Wollywog falling Enemy_Frog_TFrogLanddrop_1
0061 Yellow Wollywog falling Enemy_Frog_TFrogLanddrop_2
0062 Yellow Wollywog Enemy_Frog_TFrogPota
0063 Bitter Spray Berry exploding Pellet_TFruitsDownP_1
0064 Bitter Spray Berry exploding Pellet_TFruitsDownP_2
0065 Spicy Spray Berry exploding Pellet_TFruitsDownR_1
0066 Spicy Spray Berry exploding Pellet_TFruitsDownR_2
0067 Leader whistle beam Cursor_TFueactBiriBase_1 W5.png
0068 Leader whistle beam Cursor_TFueactBiriBase_2 W6.png
0069 Leader whistle rainbow disc TFueactCircle W7.png
006a Antenna Beetle whistle Cursor4 Whistle4.png
006b Antenna Beetle Enemy_FueFuki_TFuebugOnpa
006c Puffy Blowhog white air dispersal Enemy_Mar_TFusenAirhit_1
006d Puffy Blowhog dust cloud Enemy_Mar_TFusenAirhit_2
006e Puffy Blowhog blow air short Enemy_Mar_TFusenAir_1
006f Puffy Blowhog blow air long Enemy_Mar_TFusenAir_2
0070 Puffy Blowhog blow air circles Enemy_Mar_TFusenAir_3
0071 Puffy Blowhog Enemy_Mar_TFusenDead_1
0072 Puffy Blowhog Enemy_Mar_TFusenDead_2
0073 Puffy Blowhog Enemy_Mar_TFusenSui
0074 Gas pipe Enemy_GasHiba_TGasuHiba_1
0075 Gas pipe Enemy_GasHiba_TGasuHiba_2
0076 Piki_TGate1Attack_1
0077 Piki_TGate1Attack_2
0078 Item_Gate_TGate1Down_1
0079 Item_Gate_TGate1Down_2
007a Piki_TGate2Attack_1
007b Piki_TGate2Attack_2
007c Item_Gate_TGate2Down_1
007d Item_Gate_TGate2Down_2
007e Piki_TPkS_Gate3Attack
007f Active geyser steam Item_BigFountain_TGeyserAct_1
0080 Active geyser water Item_BigFountain_TGeyserAct_2
0081 Active geyser water top Item_BigFountain_TGeyserAct_3
0082 Clogged geyser water drops Item_BigFountain_TGeyserSet_1
0083 Clogged geyser steam Item_BigFountain_TGeyserSet_2
0084 Small geyser water Unknown[unsure]
0085 Small geyser water top Unknown[unsure]
0086 Small geyser steam Unknown[unsure]
0087 Small geyser water jet Unknown[unsure]
0088 Small geyser water jet top Unknown[unsure]
0089 Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
008a Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
008b Bulborb snot bubble Enemy_ChappyBase_THanachoN
008c Fiery Bulblax snot bubble Enemy_ChappyBase_THanachoY
008d Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaHit1_1
008e Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaHit1_2
008f Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaHit1_3
0090 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaHit1_4
0091 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaHit2W_1
0092 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaHit2W_2
0093 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaHit2W_3
0094 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaHit2_1
0095 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaHit2_2
0096 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaHit2_3
0097 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaHit3_1
0098 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaHit3_2
0099 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaHit3_3
009a Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaHit3_4
009b Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaShell
009c Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaShootA
009f Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THamaShoot_1
009e Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THamaShoot_2
009f Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaSight
00a0 Snagrets & Cannon Beetle Larvae Enemy_SnakeCrow_THabiAphd_dive
00a1 Snagrets & Cannon Beetle Larvae Enemy_SnakeCrow_THabiAphd_dive_2
00a2 Snagrets & Cannon Beetle Larvae Enemy_SnakeCrow_THabiAphd_dive_3
00a3 Snagrets & Cannon Beetle Larvae Enemy_SnakeCrow_THabiAphd_dive_4
00a4 Burrowing Snagret Enemy_SnakeCrow_THebiDead_1
00a5 Burrowing Snagret Enemy_SnakeCrow_THebiDead_2
00a6 Burrowing Snagret Enemy_SnakeCrow_THebiDead_3
00a7 Burrowing Snagret Enemy_SnakeCrow_THebiDead_4
00a8 Burrowing Snagret Enemy_SnakeCrow_THebiDeadHane_ver01
00a9 Burrowing Snagret Enemy_SnakeCrow_THebiRot
00aa Burrowing Snagret Enemy_SnakeCrow_THebiWait
00ab Fire geyser Enemy_Hiba_THibaFire_1
00ac Fire geyser Enemy_Hiba_THibaFire_2
00ad Fire geyser Enemy_Hiba_THibaFire_3
00ae Fire geyser Enemy_Hiba_THibaFire_4
00af Overworld cave fog (small fog around hole) Item_Hole_WarpZone_1
00b0 Overworld cave fog (light rays emitting from hole) Item_Hole_WarpZone_2
00b1 Overworld cave fog (mist) Item_Hole_WarpZone_3
00b2 Overworld cave fog Item_Hole_WarpZone_4
00b3 Splash when bitter drop hits ground Honey_THoneydownB
00b4 Splash when spicy drop hits ground Honey_THoneydownR
00b5 Splash when nectar drop hits ground Honey_THoneydownY
00b6 Ravenous Whiskerpillar break berry Enemy_Imomushi_TImoEat_1
00b7 Ravenous Whiskerpillar break berry Enemy_ImoMushi_TImoEat_2
00b8 Ravenous Whiskerpillar Enemy_Imomushi_TImoSmoke
00b9 Hermit Crawmad Enemy_Jigumo_TJgmAttack_1
00ba Hermit Crawmad Enemy_Jigumo_TJgmAttack_2
00bb Hermit Crawmad Enemy_Jigumo_TJgmAttackW_1
00bc Hermit Crawmad Enemy_Jigumo_TJgmAttackW_2
00bd Hermit Crawmad Enemy_Jigumo_TJgmAttackW_3
00be Hermit Crawmad Enemy_Jigumo_TJgmBack
00bf Hermit Crawmad Enemy_Jigumo_TJgmBackW_1
00c0 Hermit Crawmad Enemy_Jigumo_TJgmBackW_2
00c1 Hermit Crawmad underwater bubbles Enemy_Jigumo_TJgmBubble
00c2 Armored Cannon Beetle Larva Enemy_Kabuto_TKabutoAttack
00c3 Iridescent Flint Beetle Enemy_Kogane_TKoganeDive_1
00c4 Iridescent Flint Beetle Enemy_Kogane_TKoganeDive_2
00c5 Iridescent Flint Beetle Enemy_Kogane_TKoganeHit_1
00c6 Iridescent Flint Beetle Enemy_Kogane_TKoganeHit_2
00c7 Falling boulder Item_Rock_TKouhai1_1
00c8 Falling boulder Item_Rock_TKouhai1_2
00c9 Falling boulder Item_Rock_TKouhai2_1
00ca Falling boulder Item_Rock_TKouhai2_2
00cb Falling boulder Item_Rock_TKouhai3_1
00cc Falling boulder Item_Rock_TKouhai3_2
00cd Falling boulder Item_Rock_TkKouhaiDamage
00ce Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
00cf Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
00d0 Falling boulder Enemy_Rock_TKouhaiFuku_1
00d1 Falling boulder Enemy_Rock_TKouhaiFuku_2
00d2 Greater Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_OniKurage_TKurageBomb_1
00d3 Greater Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_OniKurage_TKurageBomb_2
00d4 Greater Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_OniKurage_TKurageDeadrun
00d5 Greater Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_OniKurage_TKurageEye
00d6 Greater Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_OniKurage_TKurageFlick
00d7 Greater Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_OniKurage_TKurageGepu
00d8 Greater Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_OniKurage_TKurageHire_1
00d9 Greater Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_OniKurage_TKurageHire_2
00da Greater Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_OniKurage_TKurageHire_3
00db Greater Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_OniKurage_TKurageKira
00dc Greater Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_OniKurage_TKurageSui_1
00dd Greater Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_OniKurage_TKurageSui_2
00de Louie light (star shape) Navi_TOrimaLight_loozy_1
00df Louie light whistle Navi_TOrimaLightAct_loozy_1
00e0 Louie light whistle Navi_TOrimaLightAct_loozy_2
00e1 Louie light (trail/base) Navi_TOrimaLight_loozy_2
00e2 Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_Kurage_TNewKurageBomb_1
00e3 Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_Kurage_TNewKurageBomb_2
00e4 Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_Kurage_TNewkurageDeadrun
00e5 Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_Kurage_TNewkurageEye
00e6 Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_Kurage_TNewkurageFlick
00e7 Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_Kurage_TNewkuragHire_1
00e8 Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_Kurage_TNewkuragHire_2
00e9 Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_Kurage_TNewkuragHire_3
00ea Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_Kurage_TNewkuragKira
00eb Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_Kurage_TNewkurageSui_1
00ec Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat Enemy_Kurage_TNewkurageSui_2
00ed Raging Long Legs Enemy_BigFoot_TOdamaDeadHahenA
00ee Raging Long Legs Enemy_BigFoot_TOdamaDeadHahenB
00ef Raging Long Legs Enemy_BigFoot_TOdamaDeadHahenC1
00f0 Raging Long Legs Enemy_BigFoot_TOdamaDeadHahenC2
00f1 Raging Long Legs Enemy_BigFoot_TOdamaFoot_1
00f2 Raging Long Legs fur Enemy_BigFoot_TOdamaFur1
00f3 Raging Long Legs fur Enemy_BigFoot_TOdamaFur2
00f4 Raging Long Legs Enemy_BigFoot_TOdamaHahen
00f5 Raging Long Legs Enemy_BigFoot_TOdamaWalk_1
00f6 Raging Long Legs Enemy_BigFoot_TOdamaWalk_2
00f7 Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
00f8 Interactable Blue Onion beam Onyon_ContainerAct_blue_1
00f9 Interactable Blue Onion beam Onyon_ContainerAct_blue_2
00fa Interactable Red Onion beam Onyon_ContainerAct_red_1
00fb Interactable Red Onion beam Onyon_ContainerAct_red_2
00fc Interactable Yellow Onion beam Onyon_ContainerAct_yellow_1
00fd Interactable Yellow Onion beam Onyon_ContainerAct_yellow_2
00fe Onyon_TOnyonEatAB_1
00ff Onyon_TOnyonEatAB_2
0100 Onyon_TOnyonEatC
0101 Onyon_TOnyonLay_1
0102 Onyon_TOnyonLay_2
0103 Onyon_TOnyonPuffKira
0104 Onyon_TOnyonPuffPuff
0105 Blue Onion beacon base Onyon_Container_Blue
0106 Red Onion beacon base Onyon_Container_Red
0107 Yellow Onion beacon base Onyon_Container_Yellow
0108 Titan Dweevil electric glow Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaElec_1
0109 Titan Dweevil electric sparks Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaElec_2
010a Titan Dweevil electric sparks long Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaElec_3
010b Titan Dweevil electric bolts Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaElecLeg
010c Titan Dweevil blue/black flames Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaFire_1
010d Titan Dweevil blue/red flames Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaFire_2
010e Titan Dweevil fire glow Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaFire_3
010f Titan Dweevil white flames Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaFire_4
0110 Titan Dweevil heat distortion Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaFire_5
0111 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaFoot_1
0112 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaFoot_2
0113 Titan Dweevil gas cloud Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaGas_1
0114 Titan Dweevil gas ripples Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaGas_2
0115 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaWalk_1
0116 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaWalk_2
0117 Titan Dweevil big water bubble Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaWbomb_1
0118 Titan Dweevil small water bubbles Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaWbomb_2
0119 Titan Dweevil white water bubble Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaWbomb_3
011a Titan Dweevil water splash Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaWbomb_4
011b Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaWbHit_1
011c Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaWbHit_2
011d Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaWbHit_3
011e Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaWbHit_4
011f Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaWbShot_1
0120 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaWbShot_2
0121 Leader stuff Navi_TOrimadamage_1
0122 Leader stuff Navi_TOrimadamage_2
0123 Olimar light (star shape) Navi_TOrimaLight_orima_1
0124 Olimar light whistle Navi_TOrimaLightAct_orima_1
0125 Olimar light whistle Navi_TOrimaLightAct_orima_2
0126 Olimar light (trail/base) Navi_TOrimaLight_orima_2
0127 Common Dweevil particles Enemy_OtakaraBase_TOtakaraApL_1
0128 Common Dweevil particles Enemy_OtakaraBase_TOtakaraApL_2
0129 Common Dweevil particles Enemy_OtakaraBase_TOtakaraApL_3
012a Common Dweevil particles Enemy_OtakaraBase_TOtakaraApS_1
012b Common Dweevil particles Enemy_OtakaraBase_TOtakaraApS_2
012c Anode Dweevil attack charge Enemy_ElecOtakara_TOtaChargeelec_1
012d Anode Dweevil attack charge Enemy_ElecOtakara_TOtaChargeelec_2
012e Fiery Dweevil attack charge Enemy_FireOtakara_TOtaChargefire_1
012f Fiery Dweevil attack charge Enemy_FireOtakara_TOtaChargefire_2
0130 Munge Dweevil attack charge Enemy_GasOtakara_TOtaChargegas_1
0131 Munge Dweevil attack charge Enemy_GasOtakara_TOtaChargegas_2
0132 Caustic Dweevil attack charge Enemy_WaterOtakara_TOtaChargewat_1
0133 Caustic Dweevil attack charge Enemy_WaterOtakara_TOtaChargewat_2
0134 Anode Dweevil attack Enemy_ElecOtakara_TOtaElec_1
0135 Anode Dweevil attack Enemy_ElecOtakara_TOtaElec_2
0136 Anode Dweevil attack Enemy_ElecOtakara_TOtaElec_3
0137 Fiery Dweevil attack Enemy_FireOtakara_TOtaFire_1
0138 Fiery Dweevil attack Enemy_FireOtakara_TOtaFire_2
0139 Fiery Dweevil attack Enemy_FireOtakara_TOtaFire_3
013a Fiery Dweevil attack Enemy_FireOtakara_TOtaFire_4
013b Fiery Dweevil attack Enemy_FireOtakara_TOtaFire_5
013c Munge Dweevil attack Enemy_GasOtakara_TOtaGas_1
013d Munge Dweevil attack Enemy_GasOtakara_TOtaGas_2
013e Caustic Dweevil attack Enemy_WaterOtakara_TOtaWat_1
013f Caustic Dweevil attack Enemy_WaterOtakara_TOtaWat_2
0140 Caustic Dweevil attack Enemy_WaterOtakara_TOtaWat_3
0141 Caustic Dweevil attack Enemy_WaterOtakara_TOtaWat_4
0142 Pellet_TPelkira_ver01_1
0143 Pellet_TPelkira_ver01_2
0144 Pellet_TPelkira_ver01_3
0145 Pellet_TPelkira_ver01_4
0146 Piki_TPkAp_1
0147 Piki_TPkAp_2
0148 Piki_PikiDamage
0149 PIki_TPkAttackDP
014a Piki_TPkBlackDown
014b Piki_TPkBlackDrop_1
014c Piki_TPkBlackDrop_2
014d Piki_TPkBlackDrop_3
014e Pikmin fire extinguishing Piki_TPkS_Chinka_1
014f Pikmin fire extinguishing outwards circle Piki_TPkS_Chinka_2
0150 Pikmin deflowering white petals Piki_TPkS_Chiru
0151 Pikmin deflowered purple petals Piki_TPkS_ChiruRed
0152 Pikmin poisoned gas Piki_TPkToeChudoku
0153 Purple Pikmin soul Piki_TPkS_Dead_purple
0154 Blue Pikmin soul Piki_TPkS_Dead_blue
0155 Red Pikmin soul Piki_TPkS_Dead_red
0156 White Pikmin soul Piki_TPkS_Dead_white
0157 Yellow Pikmin soul Piki_TPkS_Dead_yellow
0158 Piki_TPkS_Dig
0159 Enemy_TEnemyDive_1
015a Enemy_TEnemyDive_2
015b Ultra-Spicy Spray on Pikmin Piki_TPkToeDoping
015c Pikmin poison extinguishing Piki_TPkS_Gedoku_1
015d Pikmin poison extinguishing outwards circle Piki_TPkS_Gedoku_2
015e Pikmin sprout inward glow Piki_TPkGlow1
015f Pikmin sprout outward glow Piki_TPkGlow2_1
0160 Pikmin sprout outward circle Piki_TPkGlow2_2
0161 Pikmin in water white circle Piki_TPkToeHamonA
0162 Pikmin in water ripples Piki_TPkToeHamonB
0163 Piki_TPkS_Inattack
0164 Piki_TPkInstick
0165 Pikmin electric shock Piki_TPkKanden_1
0166 Pikmin electric shock Piki_TPkKanden_2
0167 Pikmin electric shock Piki_TPkKanden_3
0168 Pikmin electric shock Piki_TPkKanden_4
0169 Purple Pikmin idle halo Piki_TPkToeKourin_purple
016a Blue Pikmin idle halo Piki_TPkToeKourin_blue
016b Red Pikmin idle halo Piki_TPkToeKourin_red
016c White Pikmin idle halo Piki_TPkToeKourin_white
016d Yellow Pikmin idle halo Piki_TPkToeKourin_yellow
016e Pikmin fire extinguishing smoke Piki_TPkToeMoeSmoke
016f Pikmin fire state Piki_TPkMoeA
0170 Fire particles flying off Pikmin Piki_TPkToeTanekira
0171 Glow from Pikmin fire Piki_TPkToeMoeBC
0172 Purple Pikmin throw trail color Piki_TPkNageBlur_Purple
0173 Blue Pikmin throw trail color Piki_TPkNageBlur_Blue
0174 Red Pikmin throw trail color Piki_TPkNageBlur_Red
0175 White Pikmin throw trail color Piki_TPkNageBlur_White
0176 Yellow Pikmin throw trail color Piki_TPkNageBlur_Yellow
0177 Piki_TPkToeNagekira
0178 Piki_TPkToeTaneKira
0179 Pikmin walking dust Piki_TPkS_Walksmoke
017a Pikmin water bubble extinguishing Piki_TPkS_WaterOff_1
017b Pikmin water bubble extinguishing outward circle Piki_TPkS_WaterOff_2
017c Pikmin water bubble small Piki_TPkToeWater_1
017d Pikmin water bubble large Piki_TPkToeWater_2
017e Onyon_TPodGepu_1
017f Onyon_TPodGepu_2
0180 Onyon_TPodKira
0181 Onyon_TPodOpenA
0182 Onyon_TPodOpenB
0183 Pod waypoint Onyon_TPodSpot_1
0184 Pod waypoint Onyon_TPodSpot_2
0185 Onyon_TPodSuck_1
0186 Pod rainbow rings Onyon_TPodSuck_2
0187 Pellet Posy Enemy_Pelplant_TPp1Grow1_1
0188 Pellet Posy Enemy_Pelplant_TPp1Grow1_2
0189 Pellet Posy Enemy_Pelplant_TPp1Grow2_1
018a Pellet Posy Enemy_Pelplant_TPp1Grow2_2
018b Pellet Posy Enemy_Pelplant_TPp1Grow2_3
018c Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenCrashL
018d Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenCrashR
018e Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenCrashRock
018f Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenDamage
0190 Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenDead_1
0191 Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenDead_2
0192 Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenDead_3
0193 Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenDead_4
0194 Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenFlick_1
0195 Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenFlick_2
0196 Empress Bulblax sleeping snot bubble Enemy_Queen_TQueenHanacho
0197 Empress Bulblax making a larva Enemy_Queen_TQueenLay
0198 Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenRoll_1
0199 Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenRoll_2
019a Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenRollCL_1
019b Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenRollCR_1
019c Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenRollCL_2
019d Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenRollCR_2
019e Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenRollCL_3
019f Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenRollCR_3
01a0 Empress Bulblax Enemy_Queen_TQueenWakeup
01a1 Honeywisp Enemy_Qurione_TQuriApp
01a2 Honeywisp Enemy_Qurione_TQuriDisap
01a3 Honeywisp Enemy_Qurione_TQuriGlow
01a4 Honeywisp Enemy_Qurione_TQuriHit_1
01a5 Honeywisp Enemy_Qurione_TQuriHit_2
01a6 Falling boulder break Enemy_Rock_TRockDead_1
01a7 Falling boulder break Enemy_Rock_TRockDead_2
01a8 Falling boulder break Enemy_Rock_TRockDead_3
01a9 Enemy_Rock_TRockGrRun
01aa Enemy_Rock_TRockRun
01ab bitter stone large rock break Enemy_TSekikaLOff
01ac bitter stone large rock spawn Enemy_TSekikaLon
01ad bitter stone small rock break Enemy_TSekikaSOff
01ae bitter stone small rock spawn Enemy_TSekikaSOn
01af Piki_TStoneAttack
01b0 Fiery Blowhog Enemy_Tank_TTankFireABC_1
01b1 Fiery Blowhog Enemy_Tank_TTankFireABC_2
01b2 Fiery Blowhog Enemy_Tank_TTankFireABC_3
01b3 Fiery Blowhog Enemy_Tank_TTankFireHit
01b4 Fiery Blowhog Enemy_Tank_TTankFireIND
01b5 Fiery Blowhog Enemy_Tank_TTankFireYodare
01b6 Watery Blowhog Enemy_WTank_TTankWat_1
01b7 Watery Blowhog Enemy_WTank_TTankWat_2
01b8 Watery Blowhog Enemy_WTank_TTankWat_3
01b9 Watery Blowhog Enemy_WTank_TTankWat_4
01ba Watery Blowhog Enemy_WTank_TTankWatHit
01bb Watery Blowhog Enemy_WTank_TTankWatYodare
01bc Item_Plant_TTsuyuGrow0
01bd Item_Plant_TTsuyuGrow1_1
01be Item_Plant_TTsuyuGrow1_2
01bf Item_Plant_TTsuyuGrow2_1
01c0 Item_Plant_TTsuyuGrow2_2
01c1 Pellet_TTsuyuGrowon
01c2 Onyon_TUfoGasIn
01c3 Onyon_TUfoGasOut
01c4 Onyon_TUfoPodGeku_1
01c5 Onyon_TUfoPodGeku_2
01c6 Onyon_TUfoPodOpen_1
01c7 Onyon_TUfoPodOpen_2
01c8 Ship rainbow rings Onyon_TUfoPodOpenSuck
01c9 Onyon_TUfoPodSuck
01ca Onyon_TUfoSpotact_ver01_1
01cb Onyon_TUfoSpotact_ver01_2
01cc Ship waypoint Onyon_UfoSpot_1
01cd Ship waypoint Onyon_UfoSpot_2
01ce Male Sheargrub Enemy_Ujib_TUjinkoAp_1
01cf Male Sheargrub Enemy_Ujib_TUjinkoAp_2
01d0 Male Sheargrub Enemy_Ujib_TUjinkoEat
01d1 Male Sheargrub Enemy_Ujib_TUjinkoHd_1
01d2 Male Sheargrub Enemy_Ujib_TUjinkoHd_2
01d3 Ranging Bloyster Enemy_UmiMushi_TUmiAttack
01d4 Ranging Bloyster Enemy_UmiMushi_TUmiDeadawa
01d5 Ranging Bloyster Enemy_UmiMushi_TUmiDeadmelt
01d6 Ranging Bloyster Enemy_UmiMushi_TUmiEat
01d7 Ranging Bloyster Enemy_UmiMushi_TUmiEyeBlue_1
01d8 Ranging Bloyster Enemy_UmiMushi_TUmiEyeBlue_2
01d9 Ranging Bloyster Enemy_UmiMushi_TUmiEyeRed_1
01da Ranging Bloyster Enemy_UmiMushi_TUmiEyeRed_2
01db Ranging Bloyster Enemy_UmiMushi_TUmiFlick_1
01dc Ranging Bloyster Enemy_UmiMushi_TUmiFlick_2
01dd Ranging Bloyster Enemy_UmiMushi_TUmiFlick_3
01de Ranging Bloyster Enemy_UmiMushi_TUmiHamon_1
01df Ranging Bloyster Enemy_UmiMushi_TUmiHamon_2
01e0 Ranging Bloyster blue tail glow Enemy_UmiMushi_TUmiWeakBlue_1
01e1 Ranging Bloyster Enemy_UmiMushi_TUmiWeakBlue_2
01e2 Ranging Bloyster red tail glow Enemy_UmiMushi_TUmiWeakRed_1
01e3 Ranging Bloyster Enemy_UmiMushi_TUmiWeakRed_2
01e4 Seeding Dandelion Enemy_Watage_TWatage
01e5 Piki_TPkAp_3
01e6 Fiery Bulblax fire sphere Enemy_FireChappy_TYakiBody_1
01e7 Fiery Bulblax fire - looks like Minecraft grass Enemy_FireChappy_TYakiBody_2
01e8 Fiery Bulblax hellfire Enemy_FireChappy_TYakiBody_3
01e9 Fiery Bulblax heatwave Enemy_FireChappy_TYakiBody_4
01ea Cloaking Burrow-nit Enemy_Armor_TYoroiAp_1
01eb Cloaking Burrow-nit Enemy_Armor_TYoroiAp_2
01ec Cloaking Burrow-nit Enemy_Armor_TYoroiAttack
01ed Cloaking Burrow-nit Enemy_Armor_TYoroiAttackhit
01ee Cloaking Burrow-nit Enemy_Armor_TYoroiHd_1
01ef Cloaking Burrow-nit Enemy_Armor_TYoroiHd_2
01f0 Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
01f1 Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
01f2 Pileated Snagret Enemy_SnakeWhole_TCphebiDead_1
01f3 Pileated Snagret Enemy_SnakeWhole_TCphebiDead_2
01f4 Pileated Snagret Enemy_SnakeWhole_TCphebiDead_3
01f5 Pileated Snagret Enemy_SnakeWhole_TCphebiDead_4
01f6 Pileated Snagret Enemy_SnakeWhole_TCphebiDeadHane
01f7 Mamuta Enemy_Miulin_TMiuAttack_1
01f8 Mamuta Enemy_Miulin_TMiuAttack_2
01f9 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaDeadBomb_1
01fa Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaDeadBomb_2
01fb Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaDeadBomb_3
01fc Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaDeadBomb_4
01fd Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaDeadHahen1
01fe Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaDeadHahen2_1
01ff Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaDeadHahen2_2
0200 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaDeadSteam_1
0201 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaDeadSteam_2
0202 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaDeadSteamT
0203 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaHahen
0204 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaOnHahen1
0205 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaOnHahen2
0206 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaOnSmoke_1
0207 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaOnSmoke_2
0208 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaOnSteam1
0209 Man-at-Legs Ememy_Houdai_THamaOnSteam2
020a Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaOpen
020b Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaSteam
020c Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaSteamBd
020d Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaStreamSt
020e Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchApSand_1
020f Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchApSand_2
0210 Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchApSand_3
0211 Waterwraith rollers Enemy_Tyre_TKchApWat_1
0212 Waterwraith rollers Enemy_Tyre_TKchApWat_2
0213 Waterwraith rollers Enemy_Tyre_TKchApWat_3
0214 Waterwraith rollers Enemy_Tyre_TKchApWat_4
0215 Waterwraith rollers Enemy_Tyre_TKchApWat_5
0216 Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchYodareBaseChaseMtx
0217 Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchCryAB_1
0218 Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchCryAB_2
0219 Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchCryInd
021a Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchDamage_1
021b Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchDamage_2
021c Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchDamage_3
021d Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchDamage_4
021e Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchDeadHana_1
021f Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchDeadHana_2
0220 Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchYodareBaseChaseMtx_Dead
0221 Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchDiveSand_1
0222 Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchDiveSand_2
0223 Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchDiveSand_3
0224 Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchDiveWat_1
0225 Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchDiveWat_2
0226 Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchDiveWat_3
0227 Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchDownsmoke
0228 Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_KchFlickSand_1
0229 Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_KchFlickSand_2
022a Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchSmokeHana
022b Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchYodareBaseChaseMtx_2
022c Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchYodareHitGr
022d Emperor Bulblax Enemy_KingChappy_TKchYodareHitWat
022e Enemy eat White Pikmin Enemy_TEnemyPoisonL
022f Enemy eat White Pikmin Enemy_TEnemyPoisonS
0230 Gatling Groink Enemy_MiniHoudai_TChibiCharge Groink1.png
0231 Gatling Groink Enemy_MiniHoudai_TChibiDeadLight Groink2.png
0232 Gatling Groink Enemy_MiniHoudai_TChibiDeadMouth Groink3.png
0233 Gatling Groink Enemy_MiniHoudai_TChibiDeadSe_1 Groink4.png
0234 Gatling Groink Enemy_MiniHoudai_TChibiDeadSe_2
0235 Gatling Groink Projectile Explosion Glow Enemy_MiniHoudai_TChibiHit_1
0236 Gatling Groink Projectile Explosion Smoke Enemy_MiniHoudai_TChibiHit_2
0237 Gatling Groink Projectile Explosion Sparks Enemy_MiniHoudai_TChibiHit_3
0238 Gatling Groink Projectile Explosion Sphere Enemy_MiniHoudai_TChibiHit_4
0239 Gatling Groink Projectile Enemy_MiniHoudai_TChibiShell
023a Gatling Groink Enemy_MiniHoudai_TChibiShoot_1
023b Gatling Groink Enemy_MiniHoudai_TChibiShoot_2
023c Gatling Groink Enemy_MiniHoudai_TChibiShoot_3
023d Gatling Groink Enemy_MiniHoudai_TChibiSmokeL
023e Gatling Groink Enemy_MiniHoudai_TChibiSmokeS
023f Mitite appears Enemy_TamagoMushi_TTamagoAp_1
0240 Mitite appears Enemy_TamagoMushi_TTamagoAp_2
0241 Fiery Bulblax smoke on killed Enemy_FireChappy_TYakiDeadsmoke
0242 Fiery Bulblax shake off Enemy_FireChappy_TYakiFlick
0243 Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
0244 Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
0245 Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
0246 Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
0247 Man-at-Legs Enemy_Houdai_THdamaShoot_3
0248 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaElecparts
0249 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaPdead
024a Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaPhouden_1
024b Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaPhouden_2
024c Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
024d Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
024e Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
024f Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaElecAttack1
0250 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaElecAttack2_1
0251 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaElecAttack2_2
0252 Withering Blowhog Enemy_HanaChirashi_TFusenAirhit_1
0253 Withering Blowhog Enemy_HanaChirashi_TFusenAirhit_2
0254 Withering Blowhog Enemy_HanaChirashi_TFusenhAir_1
0255 Withering Blowhog Enemy_HanaChirashi_TFusenhAir_2
0256 Withering Blowhog Enemy_HanaChirashi_TFusenhAir_3
0257 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaFire_6
0258 Creeping Chrysanthemum Enemy_Hana_THanaMiss_1
0259 Creeping Chrysanthemum Enemy_Hana_THanaMiss_2
025a Iridescent Glint Beetle sparkles Enemy_Wealthy_TOoganeKira
025b Pellet Posy 10 pellet grow Enemy_Pelplant_TPp110Grow2
025c Pellet Posy 20 pellet grow Enemy_Pelplant_TPp120Grow2
025d Pellet Posy 5 pellet grow Enemy_Pelplant_TPp15Grow2
025e Male Sheargrub Enemy_Ujib_TUjinkoPkate
025f Cloaking Burrow-nit eating Enemy_Armor_TYoroiEat
0260 Bomb rock glowing Enemy_Bomb_TBombrockLight
0261 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaBombBody
0262 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaBombLeg
0263 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaDeadAwa
0264 Titan Dweevil death body bubbles Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaDeadBody_1
0265 Titan Dweevil death body drips Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaDeadBody_2
0266 Titan Dweevil death leg bubbles Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaDeadLeg_1
0267 Titan Dweevil death leg drips Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaDeadLeg_2
0268 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaPartsoff
0269 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaStartBody
026a Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaStartLeg
026b Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaStartOta
026c Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaStartSmoke
026d Leader punch Navi_TOrimapunch
026e Breadbug appear dust Enemy_PanModokiBase_TPanApp
026f Breadbug hide dust Enemy_PanModokiBase_TPanHide
0270 Breadbug carry dust Enemy_PanModokiBase_TPanSmoke
0271 Candypop Bud dead Enemy_Pom_TPonDead
0272 Valley of Repose snow TTutorialSnow
0273 Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
0274 Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
0275 PikPik carrots being eaten, crushed, etc. Piki_TPikuBomb
0276 Piki_TPikuDead
0277 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaChangeBody
0278 Titan Dweevil Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaChangeLeg
0279 Pellet_TOtakaraDive_1
027a Pellet_TOtakaraDive_2
027b Pellet_TOtakaraDive_3
027c Wistful Wild leaves TLastMomiji
027d Titan Dweevil body evaporation Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaDeadBody_3
027e Titan Dweevil legs evaporation Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaDeadLeg_3
027f Enemy_OtakaraBase_TOtaPartsoff
0280 Titan Dweevil fireflies Enemy_BigTreasure_TOootaParticle
0281 Green (Bulbmin/Carrot) idle halo Piki_TPkToeKourin_green
0282 Unknown[unsure] Unknown[unsure]
0283 Hairy Bulborb hair Enemy_YellowChappy_TKechappyTest_1
0284 Hairy Bulborb hair Enemy_YellowChappy_TKechappyTest_2
0285 Hairy Bulborb hair Enemy_YellowChappy_TKechappyTest_3
0286 Fiery Bulblax enter water steam Enemy_FireChappy_TYakiSteam
0287 Armored Cannon Beetle Larva Enemy_Kabuto_TKkabutoRot
0288 Armored Cannon Beetle Larva Enemy_Kabuto_TKkabutoWait
0289 Item_DownFloor_TPbagDown_1
028a Item_DownFloor_TPbagDown_2
028b Item_DownFloor_TPbagDown_3
028c Item_DownFloor_TPbagOn_1
028d Item_DownFloor_TPbagOn_2
028e Enemy_Rock_TRockWRunChasePos_1
028f Enemy_Rock_TRockWRunChasePos_2
0290 Enemy_Rock_TRockWRunChasePos_3
0291 Purple Pikmin Enemy Stun Effect Enemy_TEnemyPiyo
0292 Piki_TPkS_Walkwater_1
0293 Piki_TPkS_Walkwater_2
0294 Hairy Bulborb Enemy_YellowChappy_TKechappyOff
0295 Waterwraith Enemy_BlackMan_TKageBend1_1
0296 Waterwraith Enemy_BlackMan_TKageBend1_2
0297 Waterwraith Enemy_BlackMan_TKageDead1
0298 Waterwraith Enemy_BlackMan_TKageDead2
0299 Waterwraith Enemy_BlackMan_TKageMove
029a Waterwraith Enemy_BlackMan_TKageRecov_1
029b Waterwraith Enemy_BlackMan_TKageRecov_2
029c Waterwraith Enemy_BlackMan_TKageRun
029d Waterwraith rollers destroyed Enemy_Tyre_TKageTyreDead_1
029e Waterwraith rollers destroyed Enemy_Tyre_TKageTyreDead_2
029f Waterwraith rollers destroyed Enemy_Tyre_TKageTyreDead_3
02a0 Waterwraith rollers Enemy_Tyre_TKageTyresmoke
02a1 Waterwraith rollers Enemy_Tyre_TKageTyreup
02a2 Segmented Crawbster Enemy_DangoMushi_TDangoAttack2
02a3 Segmented Crawbster Enemy_DangoMushi_TDangoCrash_1
02a4 Segmented Crawbster Enemy_DangoMushi_TDangoCrash_2
02a5 Segmented Crawbster Enemy_DangoMushi_TDangoDamage
02a6 Segmented Crawbster Enemy_DangoMushi_TDangoDead_1
02a7 Segmented Crawbster Enemy_DangoMushi_TDangoDead_2
02a8 Segmented Crawbster Enemy_DangoMushi_TDangoDeadSmoke
02a9 Segmented Crawbster Enemy_DangoMushi_TDangoRun_1
02aa Segmented Crawbster Enemy_DangoMushi_TDangoRun_2
02ab Segmented Crawbster Enemy_DangoMushi_TDangoTurn_1
02ac Segmented Crawbster Enemy_DangoMushi_TDangoTurn_2
02ad Segmented Crawbster Enemy_DangoMushi_TDangoWallBreak
02ae Waterwraith shake off Enemy_BlackMan_TKageFlick
02af Enemy_TEnemyApsmokeM WhiteCloudM.png
02b0 Enemy_TEnemyApsmokeS WhiteCloudS.png
02b1 Segmented Crawbster Enemy_DangoMushi_TDangoFly_1
02b2 Segmented Crawbster Enemy_DangoMushi_TDangoFly_2
02b3 Segmented Crawbster Enemy_DangoMushi_TDangoFly_3
02b4 Gas pipe Enemy_GasHiba_TGasuHiba_3
02b5 Gas pipe Enemy_GasHiba_TGasuHiba_4 GasPipe4.png

Particle textures[edit]

TextureID File name Image
#0 IP2_star5_i IP2 star5 i.png
#1 IP2_kemuri6_ia IP2 kemuri6 ia.png
#2 IP2_hire2_ia IP2 hire2 ia.bti.png
#3 IP2_glow1_i IP2 glow1 i.bti.png
#4 IP2_fly_ia> IP2 fly ia.bti.png
#5 IP2_splash1_i IP2 splash1 i.bti.png
#6 IP2_mizutama1_ia IP2 mizutama1 ia.bti.png
#7 IP2_becha4_ia IP2 becha4 ia.bti.png
#8 IP2_ami1_i IP2 ami1 i.bti.png
#9 IP2_firemsk1_ia GreenScreen1.png
#10 IP2_rock3_s3tc IP2 rock3 s3tc.bti.png
#11 IP2_kemuri5_i IP2 kemuri5 i.bti.png
#12 IP2_hitmark2_ia IP2 hitmark2 ia.bti.png
#13 IP2_cursor1_i IP2 cursor1 i.bti.png
#14 IP2_kemuri7_ia IP2 kemuri7 ia.bti.png
#15 IP2_glow3_i IP2 glow3 i.bti.png
#16 IP2_fireami1_ia IP2 fireami1 ia.bti.png
#17 IP2_indmsk1_ia GreenScreen2.png
#18 IP2_senko_i IP2 senko i.bti.png
#19 IP2_shwave2_i IP2 shwave2 i.bti.png
#20 IP2_glow4_i IP2 glow4 i.bti.png
#21 IP2_mizutama2_ia IP2 mizutama2 ia.bti.png
#22 IP2_stardust1_i IP2 stardust1 i.bti.png
#23 IP2_glowline_i IP2 glowline i.bti.png
#24 IP2_otafire2_i IP2 otafire2 i.bti.png
#25 IP2_glow6mm_i IP2 glow6mm i.bti.png
#26 IP2_shwave1_i IP2 shwave1 i.bti.png
#27 IP2_hahen2_ia IP2 hahen2 ia.bti.png
#28 IP2_star8_i IP2 star8 i.bti.png
#29 IP2_hane4_ia IP2 hane4 ia.bti.png
#30 IP2_birix_l1_i IP2 birix l1 i.bti.png
#31 IP2_birix_l2_i IP2 birix l2 i.bti.png
#32 IP2_hahen1_ia IP2 hahen1 ia.bti.png
#33 IP2_hamon2_ia GreenScreen3.png
#34 IP2_oukan3_i IP2 oukan3 i.bti.png
#35 IP2_kurage6_ia IP2 kurage6 ia.bti.png
#36 IP2_blur1_ia GreenScreen4.png
#37 IP2_glow2_i IP2 glow2 i.bti.png
#38 IP2_orilight2_i IP2 orilight2 i.bti.png
#39 IP2_thunder1_i IP2 thunder1 i.bti.png
#40 IP2_smallcloud_i IP2 smallcloud i.bti.png
#41 IP2_biri_r1_i IP2 biri r1 i.bti.png
#42 IP2_enemydead_ia IP2 enemydead ia.bti.png
#43 IP2_indwp1_ia IP2 indwp1 ia.bti.png
#44 IP2_dummy IP2 dummy.bti.png
#45 IP2_indwp3_ia IP2 indwp3 ia.bti.png
#46 IP2_indmsk3_ia GreenScreen5.png
#47 IP2_hibana2_ia IP2 hibana2 ia.bti.png
#48 IP2_sakura1_s3tc IP2 sakura1 s3tc.bti.png
#49 IP2_sakura2_s3tc IP2 sakura2 s3tc.bti.png
#50 IP2_indwp3_i IP2 indwp3 i.bti.png
#51 IP2_sand1_ia IP2 sand1 ia.bti.png
#52 IP2_smash_i IP2 smash i.bti.png
#53 IP2_kiseki1_i IP2 kiseki1 i.bti.png
#54 IP2_yuge_i IP2 yuge i.bti.png
#55 IP2_fireball2_i IP2 fireball2 i.bti.png
#56 IP2_indwp2_ia IP2 indwp2 ia.bti.png
#57 IP2_star4_ia IP2 star4 ia.bti.png
#58 IP2_kemuri4_ia IP2 kemuri4 ia.bti.png
#59 IP2_ami2_i IP2 ami2 i.bti.png
#60 IP2_indmsk2_ia GreenScreen6.png
#61 IP2_indwp4_ia IP2 indwp4 ia.bti.png
#62 IP2_mizutama3_i IP2 mizutama3 i.bti.png
#63 IP2_yodare_ia IP2 yodare ia.bti.png
#64 IP2_fur_mm_ia IP2 fur mm ia.bti.png
#65 IP2_furdown1_ia IP2 furdown1 ia.bti.png
#66 IP2_furdown2_ia IP2 furdown2 ia.bti.png
#67 IP2_furdown3_ia IP2 furdown3 ia.bti.png
#68 IP2_furdown4_ia IP2 furdown4 ia.bti.png
#69 IP2_furdown5_ia IP2 furdown5 ia.bti.png
#70 IP2_furball1_ia GreenScreen7.png
#71 IP2_smash_p_i IP2 smash p i.bti.png
#72 IP2_ringhalo_i IP2 ringhalo i.bti.png
#73 IP2_momiji1_s3tc IP2 momiji1 s3tc.bti.png
#74 IP2_momiji2_s3tc IP2 momiji2 s3tc.bti.png
#75 IP2_orilight3_i IP2 orilight3 i.bti.png
#76 IP2_kurage1_ia GreenScreen8.png
#77 IP2_kuragemsk_ia GreenScreen9.png
#78 IP2_glow5_i IP2 glow5 i.bti.png
#79 IP2_rock2_s3tc IP2 rock2 s3tc.bti.png
#80 IP2_ginball1_s3tc IP2 ginball1 s3tc.bti.png
#81 IP2_fly_i IP2 fly i.bti.png
#82 IP2_vfire_noise2_i IP2 vfire noise2 i.bti.png
#83 IP2_fireball1_ia IP2 fireball1 ia.bti.png
#84 IP2_hanabira_ia IP2 hanabira ia.bti.png
#85 IP2_deadpiki_ia IP2 deadpiki ia.bti.png
#86 IP2_hitmark4mm_ia IP2 hitmark4mm ia.bti.png
#87 IP2_kanden3_ia IP2 kanden3 ia.bti.png
#88 IP2_grid1_i IP2 grid1 i.bti.png
#89 IP2_snow3_i IP2 snow3 i.bti.png
#90 IP2_snow4_i IP2 snow4 i.bti.png
#91 IP2_monitor_ia IP2 monitor ia.bti.png
#92 IP2_watage2_ia GreenScreen10.png
#93 IP2_weed_s3tc IP2 weed s3tc.bti.png
#94 IP2_ami2mm_i IP2 ami2mm i.bti.png