Pikmin 2 particles

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Particles created in Pikmin 2 have unique identifiers which are applied to entities within the .DOL executable of the game.

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The following are offsets within the .DOL file for entities.

Entity Particle location Offset
Fiery Bulblax Centre of body (stutters) 28CDF7
Centre of body 28CDFB
Unknown 28CDFF
Centre of body 28CE13

The following are IDs for particles.

Particle ID
Pikmin 2 Particle - E7.png 00 E7
P2Gasparticle1.png 00 02
P2Dustparticle1.png 00 05
P2rockexplosion1.png 00 06
P2rockimpactparticle1.png 00 07
P2rockimpactparticle2.png 00 08
P2redexplosion1.png 00 09