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The data for the title screen in Pikmin 2 can be found in /user/Ebisawa/title/title.szs.

To do: Add the rest of the files.

Pikmin coordinates[edit]

An example of what can happen if you use too many Pikmin coordinates.

The coordinates of the Pikmin can be found inside the logo folder in title.szs. The "PIKMIN 2" formation is in coordinate_eng, "Nintendo" in coordinate_nintendo, and "ピクミン2" in coordinate_jpn.

These plain text files are made up of several numbers, separated by spaces. The first number indicates how many Blue Pikmin are in this formation. The next number is the X coordinate of the first Blue Pikmin, and the number after that is the Y coordinate. Then come the coordinates of the second Blue Pikmin, and so on. When all Blue Pikmin are done, there comes another number that specifies the total of Red Pikmin. After that come the coordinates of the first Red Pikmin, and so on. The list continues like this, with the order of the Pikmin declared being: Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple, and White.

You can have 0 Pikmin of a given type. Also, the game is only ready to read up to 100 Pikmin of each type, meaning you're limited to 500 Pikmin in total. If one type has more than 100 Pikmin, the game might start reading garbage data and placing undeclared Pikmin in random spots.

Note that for the Y coordinate, negative is down, positive is up. Coordinates 0,0 roughly correspond to the center of the title screen.


  • Pikmin 2 title tool – converts a PNG file into a text file that the game understands, or vice-versa.