Pikmin 2 troubleshooting

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Solutions to common problems that can occur while editing Pikmin 2's files.

Loading a cave stays stuck for longer than usual and eventually crashes Dolphin
Open the cave definition file and go to the sublevel you were trying to load. Make sure that the amount of entries on TekiInfo, ItemInfo, etc. blocks matches the number present at the start of that same block (this number commented with num).
I'm making changes to an SZS file, and applying them to the game, but it doesn't change whatsoever.
Make sure that the size of the files inside the SZS is not changed. In other words, in text files for example, for every character you add, remove another. Only then can you repack. wszst should warn you if the file sizes mismatch, if you're using the command line. Other than that, you may need to reload the area you're on, reboot the game, etc. to force the game to load the changed files.