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This article lists all folders and noteworthy files in Pikmin 3. Yellow rows are folders, and blue rows are files.

To do: Go into more detail, especially in terms of adding sub-folders.

CMCmn Main content.
CMCmn/3D Empty.
CMCmn/audio Audio.
CMCmn/audio/audiores Sound effects?[unsure]
CMCmn/audio/audiores/stream Music.
CMCmn/camera Camera-related scripts.
CMCmn/command Unknown[unsure].
CMCmn/control_setting Unknown[unsure].
CMCmn/course_arc Models and parameters of objects, enemies, etc.
CMCmn/demo Cutscenes
CMCmn/demo_share Models for KopPad video call cutscenes?[unsure]
CMCmn/enemy Enemy models and parameters.
CMCmn/generator Objects to spawn in each area.
CMCmn/keyitem Important items, like upgrades.
CMCmn/lyt Menus.
CMCmn/map Area/Bingo Battle-related models and parameters.
CMCmn/map2d Radar textures.
CMCmn/movie Pre-rendered cutscenes.
CMCmn/movie_caption Intro cutscene subtitle data.
CMCmn/nonactor Misc. non-gameplay objects.
CMCmn/object Gameplay object models and parameters.
CMCmn/orimamemo Data File textures.
CMCmn/otakara Fruit/Treasure models and parameters.
CMCmn/particle Unknown particle settings.[unsure]
CMCmn/plant Plant models and parameters.
CMCmn/player Pikmin, leader, and cursor models and parameters.
CMCmn/shader Shaders?[unsure]
CMCmn/system Misc. settings and files.
CMCmn/texonly Misc. textures
CMCmn/worldmap Drake's interior and area selection screen things.
(EU|US|US)* Fonts and strings.
tmp Empty things