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List of Pikmin 3's objects and their internal names, numerical identifiers, or string identifiers.


Internal name Object Notes
amembo Skeeterskate
arijigoku Sandbelching Meerslug
arikui Whiptongue Bulborb
awadako Waddlepus
billy Bearded Amprat
buriko "Armored Sheargrub" Unused, must have Pikmin thrown onto it to kill
chappy Red Bulborb + Orange Bulborb tenchappy for Orange
clione Honeywisp Unused, crashes when egg impacts ground
crystal_frog Calcified Crushblat
crystal_maro_frog "Crystal Wollywog" Unused, Wollywog with crystal on belly
daiohmukade Armored Mawdad
damagumo Shaggy Long Legs
demejako Bug-Eyed Crawmad
egg Egg
frog Yellow Wollywog
futakuchi Armored Cannon Larva + Arctic Cannon Larva
hagedamagumo Baldy Long Legs
hambo Skitter Leaf
hiba Fire geyser
iwadama "Beady Long Legs" Unused, cannot spawn
iwakko Skutterchuck
jelly Medusal Slurker
kaburi Joustmite
kajiokoshi Pyroclasmic Slooch
kakureimo "Kakureimo" Unused, purple slug
kanitama Peckish Aristocrab
karehambo Desiccated Skitter Leaf
kawasumi Sputtlefish
kemekuji Toady Bloyster
kingchappy Emperor Bulblax Unused, stuck in gulp animation
kochappy Dwarf Red Bulborb + Dwarf Orange Bulborb tenkochappy for Orange
kogane Iridescent Flint Beetle
kokagami Phosbat
kokagamiegg Phosbat Pod
kokgamiegg ???[unsure] Unused, won't open (broken?)[unsure]
komush Spotcap
kumachappy Spotty Bulbear
kumakochappy Dwarf Bulbear
kumo Arachnode
mar Puffy Blowhog
marofrog Wollywog Unused, but fixable with param edits
metaboss The cube inside the Plasm Wraith
metaboss2 Plasm Wraith
metabuka The cube the Plasm Wraith makes when its defeated
moguraimo "Ravenous Whiskerpillar" Unused, visually different but acts similar
mure Scornet
mureboss Scornet Maestro
mush Kingcap
namazu Water Dumple
ohbakekagami Vehemoth Phosbat
otama Wogpole
panmodoki Breadbug Unused, cannot spawn
pelplant P2 Pellet Posy Unused?[unsure]
pelplant1 Pellet Posy
sarai Swooping Snitchbug
shako Hermit Crawmad
shijimi Spectralids Must be defined with Yellow/White/Red
shima Quaggled Mireclops
shimafruit Quaggled Mireclops' head
snakecrow Burrowing Snagret
tank Elemental Blowhogs Put fire/water/bubble in front of name
tobikaburi Flighty Joustmite
tobinko Shearwig
tobiuo Puckering Blinnow
tsuyukusa Burgeoning Spiderwort
tuyukusa ???[unsure] Old Burgeoning Spiderwort; broken[unsure]
ujinko_a Female Sheargrub + Swarming Sheargrub
ujinko_b Male Sheargrub
yamma Nectarous Dandelfly


To do: Fill in the blanks.

Internal name Object Notes
amembobullet Skeeterskate Water Can't open
ashiba_flower Bloominous Stemple
berry Spiderwort berry Unused?
bloc Garden of Hope's indestructible cinder block Unused?
block Garden of Hope's indestructible cinder block
bomb Bomb rock
bomb_gate Reinforced wall
bomb_S Mine (Bingo Battle)
branch Climbing stick
break Something blowing up Unknown
bridge_1_A Yellow bridge
bridge_1_B Red bridge
bridge_2_B Blue bridge
bridge_3_A Blue 2 bridge
bridge_carry_1_A Yellow bridge fragment
bridge_carry_1_B Red bridge fragment
bridge_carry_2_B Blue bridge fragment
bridge_carry_3_A Blue 2 bridge fragment
bridge_station_1_A Yellow bridge fragment pile
bridge_station_1_B Red bridge fragment pile
bridge_station_2_B Blue bridge fragment pile
bridge_station_3_A Blue 2 bridge fragment pile
bubble Waddlepus bubble? Unknown
burrow Hermit Crawmad nest? Unknown
catwalk Weird smooth curved bridge Unknown
chappy_hanacho Bulborb snot bubble
clay Ball of clay Unused (meant to act like a bridge fragment, judging the name)
clay_station Blobs of clay Unused
connect_line Electrode's electricity line
crystal_frog_* Calcified Crushblat shell particles? Unknown
crystal_gate Crystal wall
daiomukade_broken* Armored Mawdad shell particles? Unknown
debug_actor  ??? Can't open
demejakoburrow Bug-Eyed Crawmad nest
demoarea  ??? Cutscene, maybe?
demoOnyon P2 Onion Unused, has spaghetti legs
denki_gate Electric gate
denkyuSocketL Lamp socket on the Vehemoth Phosbat's arena
disaster Empty .bin file compressed and packed (into a .sarc then into an szs file) Empty?
down_floor Seesaw block
dragonball A sphere that seems to test the bulborbs back textures
effect_debris_A A rock with absolutely terrible (like 32 x 32 looking) textures
enemy_ghost Object that carries the texture of the enemy you kill upwards. Unknown
EnvSEObj  ??? Unknown
excavation Dirt mound Diggable dirt
fire  ??? Empty?
flipboard Clipboard
fruit_branch The branch that carries the Delectable Bouquet and Red Onion in the Tropical Wilds Possibly used elsewhere.
gate_soft Dirt wall
geyser Water geyser
glass_piece_A Probably made early in development as a prototype to see if Pikmin could carry glass Unknown
hay_1_A Hay bridge
hay_1_A_carry Hay fragment
hay_1_A_station Hay pile
hell  ??? Spawns in twilight river, not sure what it is
hokoritake Plain version of the Spotcap
honey Nectars
iwakko_crystal Crystal Node Skutterchuck Crystal
jamacrystal* A very weird BFRES file that doesn't make sense. Unknown
kakureba Empty .bin file compressed and packed (into a .sarc then into an szs file) Empty?
kanban Mission Mode keep out sign
kanitama_arm_break Atristocrabs arm but deformed.
keepout Pikmin params, keepout meaning they're done and configured don't touch(?).
kojamacrystal Small crystal
lift_board Elevator platform
lift_nail Long, straight nail used on elevator platforms
lift_rope A rope
lightbulb A fully modeled light bulb
lightbulb_L A light bulb with no textures
lightbulb_S Same as lightbulb_L but it has a cube in the middle now
lightray Light shaft
lotus Lily pad
lotus_admin Empty .bin file compressed and packed (into a .sarc then into an szs file) Empty?
metaboss_core A cube related to the Plasm Wraith Unknown
metaboss_crystal_break  ??? Unknown
mukade_piece*  ??? Unknown
mush_piece*  ??? Unknown
namapongashi Mimic Candypop Bud Unused, eats Pikmin thrown in. Uses modified Pikmin 2 Candypop model
nest P2 Hermit Crawmad nest Unused, not sure if it's a P2 copy
net Arachnode web
ohjamacrystal Large crystal
onyon Onion
orima_memo Data file Empty?
orimamemo Data file Empty?
pellet1 1-pellet
pellet2 5-pellet
pellet3 10-pellet
pellet4 P2 20-pellet Unused
pikihead Pikmin seeds
pongashi Candypop Bud
portal Path Warp between areas
pull_gate Bamboo gate
pull_plant Flukeweed
reflect_box Test box object thing Unused
rock_break  ??? Unknown
rock Boulders? Unknown
rock359 Iron ball
sandball Meerslug Sandball
sango Garden of Hope teacup
sango_carry Garden of Hope teacup fragment
sango_station Garden of Hope teacup fragment pile
ship_obj Drake
sizai Gold nugget
sizai_station Gold nugget pile
slope_clay Clay ramp Unknown
snowball Cannon Beetle Snowball
stopper Invisible Wall Clearly used in Twilight River often
tateana Dirt mound
test_block Some small test block Unused, uses the concrete texture from P2 caves
test_box Some small test measuring cube Unused
trampoline Bouncy Mushroom
tsuyu Spiderwort berry
tunnel Tunnel
ufo Hocotate ship? Unknown, could be the ship, but it's all opened up
ukikusa Leaves on top of water? Unknown
VR Skybox
wall359 Distant Tundra walls destroyed with iron balls
water_drop_*  ??? Unknown
waterbubble Water bubble? Unknown
water_gate Dam
water_plane Plane that has a moving texture to simulate water
wbox Tin box
xbox Cardboard box
ybox Paper bag

Fruits and treasures[edit]

Internal name Object Notes
apple Insect Condo
apricot Searing Acidshock
avocado Scaly Custard
b_dama Marble red/yellow/blue varients exist
banana Slapstick Crescent
chance_dama Chance Time marble
cherry Cupid's Grenade
dekopon Pocked Airhead
fig Delectable Bouquet
gfruit Astringent Clump
gold_cherry Golden Grenade
gold_ichigo Golden Sunseed
grape Dusk Pustules (full thing)
grape_carry Dusk Pustules (single grape)
kiwi Disguised Delicacy
kiwigold Blonde Impostor
lemon Face Wrinkler
lime Zest Bomb
loquat Velvety Dreamdrop
mango Heroine's Tears
mangosteen Dapper Blob
melon Wayward Moon
mikan Citrus Lump Is sometimes referred to as orange
muscat Dawn Pustules (full thing)
muscat_carry Dawn Pustule (single grape)
nashi Crunchy Deluge
papaya Seed Hive
peach Mock Bottom
pear Tremendous Sniffer
persimmon Portable Sunset
pitaya Fire-Breathing Feast
plum Lesser Mock Bottom
raspberry Juicy Gaggle
starfruit Stellar Extrusion
strawberry Sunseed Berry
watermelon Crimson Banquet
win_dama Victory Macaroon


Internal name Object Notes
antennaA Data Glutton
antennaB Folded Data Glutton
drc Alph's KopPad
drcopt_radar The Key from Pikmin 2 on top of a blue pedestal Unused
drcopt_radar_2 Same as drcopt_radar Unused
energy Battery Unused
engine_1 Red bolt Unused
engine_2 Blue bolt Unused
engine_3 Yellow bolt Unused
engine_4 Green bolt Unused
navi Same as drcopt_radar Unused
powerup_damage Metal Suit Z
powerup_fire Scorch Guard
powerup_thunder Anti-Electrifier
step_out Dodge Whistle
test_item_0 Blue bolt (like engine_1) Unused
test_item_1 Louie in a capsule Unused
test_keyitem_0 The Key from Pikmin 2 on top of a red pedestal Unused
test_keyitem_1 Some toy thing Unused

DLC stages[edit]

Internal name Stage
Hex Mission Name Type
0010 Mis6 Tropical Forest Remix Poko
0011 Mis10 Silver Lake Remix Poko
0012 Mis7 Thirsty Desert Remix Poko
0013 Mis9 Twilight Hollow Remix Poko
0014 Mis8 Shaded Garden Remix Poko
001A Mis11 Forest of Festivity Poko
001B Mis14 The Rustyard Poko
001C Mis13 Beastly Cavern Poko
001D Mis12 Forgotten Cove Poko
001E Mis15 Clockwork Chasm Poko
0015 MisA Tropical Wilds Remix Teki
0016 MisB Garden of Hope Remix Teki
0017 MisC Distant Tundra Remix Teki
0018 MisD Twilight River Remix Teki
0019 MisE Forbidden Oak Remix Teki
001F Mis11 Forest Of Festivity Teki
0020 Mis14 The Rustyard Teki
0021 Mis13 Beastly Cavern Teki
0022 Mis12 Forgotten Cove Teki
0023 Mis15 Clockwork Chasm Teki

Bingo Battle stages[edit]

Internal name Stage
CMCmn/generator CMCmn/system/vs_set Name Number
vs_antsnest vs_04 Twisted Cavern 3
vs_antsnest2 vs_03 Buried Pond 9
vs_buildingblocks vs_11 Jigsaw Colosseum 12
vs_buildingblocks2 vs_12 Jigsaw Fortress 6
vs_flowerbed vs_01 Blooming Terrace 7
vs_flowerbed2 vs_02 Shaded Terrace 1
vs_pipeworld vs_07 Rusted Labyrinth 5
vs_pipeworld2 vs_08 Corroded Maze 11
vs_puddle vs_09 Parched Brook 8
vs_puddle2 vs_10 Stagnant Sea 2
vs_sandbox vs_05 Arid Metropolis 4
vs_sandbox2 vs_06 Sandbox Kingdom 10

Leaders and Pikmin types[edit]

Both Pikmin and leaders seem to share the same colour IDs for when deciding which to spawn.

ID Pikmin/Leader
0 Pikpik carrots
1 Purple Pikmin
2 Blue Pikmin
3 Red Pikmin
4 White Pikmin
5 Yellow Pikmin
6 Winged Pikmin
7 Rock Pikmin
8 Alph
9 Brittany
10 Charlie
11 Louie
12 Olimar
ID Team
-1 None
0 Team Blue
1 Team Red
ID Onion
0 Combined/Story Onion
1 Red
2 Yellow
3 Blue
4 Pink
5 Rock
6 Red/Rock
7 Red/Rock/Yellow
8 Red/Rock/Yellow/Pink
9 Red/Rock/Yellow/Pink/Blue
10+ Red/No animation, broken
ID Pellet
0 Cycling
1 Rock
2 Yellow
3 Winged
4 Blue
5 Red
6+ Random

When a Pikmin is changed into a leader, they seem to spawn in panicking, and crash when called. When a leader is turned into a Pikmin however, they seem to turn into a mutant of both Pikmin and leader. They can pluck Pikmin, attack creatures and walls. When playable, functions fully like a normal leader. If you switch characters, the idle Pikmin-leader will attack walls. They run from creatures like leaders, and can be eaten like normal Pikmin. Pink leaders can fly, but cannot move normally.

Common enemy parameters[edit]

All or most enemies share these parameters.

ID DamageEffectType
0 Unknown, must test
ID DamageEffectTarget
0 Unknown, must test
ID AttackEffectType
0 Normal enemy hit/creature
1 Ineffective/crystal hit
ID ReadDamageActionInput
0 Cannot damage
1 Can damage