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To do: Add info on bflim, bflan, and bflyt files

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SZS, SARC[edit]

For SZS and (most) SARC files, the regular version of Uwizard works just fine.

Some SARC files require padding to work correctly (Layout files, models, ect.), to pack SARC files with padding a modified version of Uwizard is required. The padding value Pikmin 3 uses is 2000.


To convert .gtx to .dds, Download NWPlayer123's TexConv2. Place all GTX files you wish to convert in the "Convert" folder, and run the "convertGTX.bat" batch file. All converted files will be located in the "OutDDS" folder after running the batch.

To easily convert files one by one, create a .bat file with the code:

<path to texconv2.exe> -i %1 -f GX2_SURFACE_FORMAT_TCS_R8_G8_B8_A8_UNORM  -o %1_
<path to texconv2.exe> -i %1_ -o %1.dds
del %1_


"C:\Users\[User]\Documents\TexConv2.exe" -i %1 -f GX2_SURFACE_FORMAT_TCS_R8_G8_B8_A8_UNORM  -o %1_
"C:\Users\[User]\Documents\TexConv2.exe" -i %1_ -o %1.dds
del %1_

Drag a .gtx file into the .bat file to convert to .dds.


Download Vgmtoolbox.
Download wiiufwar.
Put wiiufwar.xml into "vgmtoolbox/plugins/AdvancedCutter".
Open Vgmtoolbox.
In the program select "Vgmtoolbox>Misc Tools>Extraction Tools>Generic>Advanced Cutter/Offset Finder".
On the right hand drop down window, click and select "Nintendo Wii U - FWAV Streams" then press "Load".
Drag your .bfsar or .bfgrp file into vgmtoolbox.
It will create a folder full of bfwavs.


Download Uwizard.
Open the program and click on "Sound Manager".
Select a collection of bfwav files. Don't select more than 4,000 files to avoid crashing.
then press "Decode Wii U sound streams to wav".
This will convert all bfwav files into wav files.



.bfres model files can be viewed using Switch Toolbox, which also allows viewing of animations and textures.


.dds files will open with many photo viewing or editing programs such as Paint.net
However many .dds files in Pikmin 3 will have graphical errors due to the way the Wii U renders transparency.
In order to fix this, Download Quick Bms.
Then download BFLIMDDSfix.bms.
Create a .bat file with the code: </pre> "C:\Users\[User]\Documents\quickbms.exe" -g "C:\Users\[User]\Documents\BFLIMDDSFix.bms" %1 pause </pre> Example: </pre> <path to quickbms.exe> -g <path to BFLIMDDSFix.bms> %1 pause </pre> Make a selection and then press enter.
Your DDS file should now be fixed. If you see no change, then there was most likely no change needed.


These files should open with a program like notepad or "Notepad++"

Inaccessible files[edit]

These are files we don't currently know how to open! If you have information on how to access them, please contribute to this page!

  • baglmf
  • baglblm
  • baglenvset
  • bagldof
  • sharc
  • sharcfb
  • bofx
  • bflyt