Pikmin 3 oddities

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This page is dedicated to all the strange programming and flagging reactions that happen in Pikmin 3.

  • Certain flags will unlock every single leader for that flag on the map. For example, unlocking Brittany will unlock every single Brittany and Alph clone on the map. Unlocking Blue Pikmin will unlock every Alph, Brittany and Charlie present.
  • Every single Onion can be activated through breaking open a crystal or being plucked from a branch, if they are inside of it.
  • If the Tropics is completed without opening any gates, the phone will get stuck in-between a log and the ground. The phone resets to the Meerslug arena every day, so there is no softlock as long as a gate is opened later.
  • If more than 5 captains are spawned, the game will crash. Only 4 health bubbles can be shown at a time, if 5 are active.
  • Red/Blue team pikmin function normally in Mission and Story mode, as if they were on the same team. Neutral Pikmin in Bingo Battle act as if they are on a 3rd team, with neither player able to call or pluck them. They won't fight enemies, but will fight player Pikmin and carry items.
  • Gold pieces cannot be obtained by the S.S.Drake, since Pikmin head for the direct middle of the ship instead of its beam.