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Pikmin 3 uses a variable to store progression through the game. This progress value is used for lots of things, such as controlling the weather, changing object placement in areas, controlling the end-of-day voyage log, and controlling the objectives shown on the day selection menu. As the player progresses through the game's linear story, it counts upwards, sometimes in consecutive integers and sometimes in larger jumps. Multiples of 10 generally indicate a major milestone. In almost all cases, progress values are incremented by cutscenes. While they go up immediately, many of their effects are not seen until the end of the day or the next day. Progress values can also be subdivided based on certain events, and these subdivisions are generally used to make the voyage log more relevant.

The table below lists the known values and subdivisions the progress variable can hold, along with some additional information. The trigger column lists the cutscene that increments the progress value to the value on the left. The weather column indicates if that progress value has forced weather (instead of random weather), the area the forced weather occurs (in acronym form), and what the weather is (either sunny (shine), rain, or snow). The subdivision column states the subdivisions of the progress values – most have only 1 subdivision, but some have multiple, and if so, the cause of each is listed. The objective column states the objective shown on the radar in Pikmin 3 Deluxe. The table is not complete, as it is likely some values are missing from day 1, and some triggers are not known or not confirmed.

Value Trigger Weather Subdivision Objective
p00 Initial value 00 Exploration Day 1
p10 Intro cutscene DT Snow 00
p20 End of Charlie's section of Day 1 TW Shine 00
p22 Get KopPad 00 Find S.S. Drake!
p23 Unknown (could be paper bag or dirt wall?) 00 Find S.S. Drake!
p30 End of Day 1 GoH Shine 00 Where's Brittany?
p31 Garden of Hope initial landing GoH Shine 00 - default Find Brittany!
01 - no juice Find Brittany!
p40 See Brittany GoH Shine 00 - default Find the Fruit!
01 - no juice Find the Fruit!
p41 See the Sunseed Berry GoH Shine 00 - default Save Brittany!
01 - no juice Retrieve the Fruit!
02 - collected the first fruit Save Brittany!
p49 Obtain Rock Pikmin GoH Shine 00 - default Brittany and the Fruit
01 - unknown, probably inaccessible Brittany and the Fruit
02 - collected the first fruit Save Brittany!
p50 Rescue Brittany 00 - default The Captain's Signal?
01 - unknown, probably inaccessible The Captain's Signal?
02 - collected the first fruit The Captain's Signal?
03 - seen the rotten tree cutscene The Captain's Signal?
p51 Get Olimar's data file in the corridor 00 Follow the Signal!
p58 See the Armored Mawdad 00 Defeat the Armored Mawdad!
p59 Defeat the Armored Mawdad GoH Rain 00 Recover the Device!
p60 Collect the Data Glutton DT Snow 00 Find the Captain!
p61 Distant Tundra initial landing DT Snow 00 Find Alph!
p70 Leave Brittany's cave DT Snow 00 - default Reunite with Brittany!
01 - second day in the Distant Tundra Reunite with Brittany!
p71 Distant Tundra third landing without saving Brittany DT Shine 00 - default Reunite with Brittany!
01 - fourth day in the Distant Tundra? Reunite with Brittany!
p80 Complete the double bridge 00 - default Where's the Captain?
01 - second day after completing the bridge? Where's the Captain?
p88 See the Vehemoth Phosbat 00 Defeat the Vehemoth Phosbat!
p90 Defeat the Vehemoth Phosbat TW Shine 00 - default Find the Cosmic-Drive Key!
01 - second day not in the Tropical Wilds Find the Cosmic-Drive Key!
02 - third day not in the Tropical Wilds? Find the Cosmic-Drive Key!
p91 Tropical Wilds initial landing after Charlie TW Shine 00 - default Follow the Mystery Signal!
01 - second day before seeing phone (any area) Follow the Mystery Signal!
p97 See the phone TW Shine 00 The Sandbelching Meerslug
p98 See the Sandbelching Meerslug TW Shine 00 The Sandbelching Meerslug
p99 Defeat the Sandbelching Meerslug TW Rain 00 Recover the High-Tech Device!
p100 Collect the Folded Data Glutton TR Shine 00 To Twilight River!
p101 Twilight River initial landing TR Shine 00 Track the Mystery Signal!
p102 See the Winged Onion TR Shine 00 Save the Winged Onion!
p103 Free the Winged Onion TR Shine 00 Winged Pikmin!
p104 Obtain Winged Pikmin TR Shine 00 SOS from Olimar
p105 Lift the dam 00 Save Olimar!
p117 See the Scornet Maestro 00 Defeat the Scornet Maestro!
p118 Defeat the Scornet Maestro TR Rain 00 Retrieve Olimar!
p119 Collect Louie (first time) 00 Find Fruit!
p120 Unknown (Louie's landing?) GoH Shine 00 Follow Olimar!
p121 Unknown (Louie's landing?) GoH Shine 00 - default Follow Olimar!
01 - start lifting Blue Onion The Blue Onion
p122 Lift the Flukeweed with the Blue Onion GoH Shine 00 Blue Pikmin
p123 Obtain Blue Pikmin GoH Rain 00 Find the Hocotatian!
p128 Awaken the Quaggled Mireclops GoH Rain 00 Save the Hocotatian!
p129 Defeat the Quaggled Mireclops GoH Shine 00 Retrieve the Hocotatian!
p130 Collect Louie (second time) FO Shine 00 Head to the Formidable Oak!
p131 Formidable Oak initial landing FO Shine 00 Find Captain Olimar!
p132 See Olimar FO Shine 00 Save Captain Olimar!
p133 Enter the cave in the Formidable Oak FO Rain 00 Save Captain Olimar!
p134 See the Plasm Wraith FO Rain 00 Save Captain Olimar!
p140 Defeat the Plasm Wraith 00 - 0-32 fruits
01 - 33-53 fruits
02 - 54-65 fruits
03 - all 66 fruits

To do: Find missing or unconfirmed information, and if possible, add columns for the effects of progress values on other things. Also, elaborate exactly on how the variable works and what values it can contain. Is it a string? Is "p00" acceptable, or does it have to be "p00_01"? etc.