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This article lists all folders and noteworthy files in Pikmin 4 (DEMO version). Yellow rows are folders, and blue rows are files.

To do: Go into more detail, especially in terms of adding sub-folders.

Carrot4 Game Content
Carrot4/Content/Paks/Carrot4-Switch.pak Game Files - 2.29 GB when unpacked (Demo version)
Carrot4/Content/Paks/Carrot4-Switch.pak/Carrot4 Game Files
Carrot4/Content/Paks/Carrot4-Switch.pak/Carrot4/Config Unknown However, this appears to talk about textures and their relation to different devices (ex. iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Linux, Android, Windows, etc.)
Carrot4/Content/Paks/Carrot4-Switch.pak/Carrot4/Content Where a majority of the game's files are located - 2.24 GB (Demo version)
Carrot4/Content/Paks/Carrot4-Switch.pak/Carrot4/Content/Carrot4 Unknown
Carrot4/Content/Paks/Carrot4-Switch.pak/Carrot4/Content/Localization Text files for the game in locres format - 30.9 MB (Demo version), 74.5 MB (Full Game)
Carrot4/Content/Paks/Carrot4-Switch.pak/Carrot4/Content/Movies Video files for the game in WEBM format - 1.14 GB (Demo version)
Carrot4/Content/Paks/Carrot4-Switch.pak/Carrot4/Content/WwiseAudio/Switch Audio files in WEM and BNK formats - 945 BM (Demo version)
Carrot4/Content/Paks/Carrot4-Switch.pak/Engine Files for the game's engine. Appears to have content that works with Unreal Engine 4
Carrot4/Content/Paks/Carrot4-Switch.pak/Engine/Config Unknown
Carrot4/Content/Paks/Carrot4-Switch.pak/Engine/Content This appears to hold icons, images, etc for Unreal Engine 4
Carrot4/Content/Paks/Carrot4-Switch.pak/Engine/Platforms There is one file in here with unknown functions Platforms/Switch/Content/Localization/Switch/Switch.locmeta
Carrot4/Content/Paks/Carrot4-Switch.ucas Unknown
Carrot4/Content/Paks/Carrot4-Switch.utoc Unknown
Carrot4/Content/Paks/global.ucas Unknown
Carrot4/Content/Paks/global.utoc Unknown
__rom Unknown
Manifest_NonUFSFiles_Switch.txt Unknown
UE4CommandLine.txt Unknown

File Directory Tree[edit]

Carrot4 Game Content
Carrot4/Content/Carrot4/Characters Character/Enemy Models/Animations
Carrot4/Content/Carrot4/CommonMPA ???
Carrot4/Content/Carrot4/Core General Parameter Files (All Modes)
Carrot4/Content/Carrot4/Effects Particle Emitters (Enemies, Objects, ECT)
Carrot4/Content/Carrot4/GameConfig General Game Settings
Carrot4/Content/Carrot4/Maps General Map Data + Generator Files (Areas, Caves, Spawns, ECT)
Carrot4/Content/Carrot4/MasterMaterial ??? (Seemingly Related To Material Settings + Textures)
Carrot4/Content/Carrot4/Objects Objects, Models + Object Parameters (Sparing)
Carrot4/Content/Carrot4/Placeables Placeable Entity Data + Parameters
Carrot4/Content/Carrot4/QualityCoordinator Determines LOD Quality Settings
Carrot4/Content/Carrot4/Terrain Map Models + Foliage