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This article lists all folders and noteworthy files in Pikmin. Yellow rows are folders, and blue rows are files.

To do: Apparently we're supposed to figure all of these out and link them to the relevant pages.

Entry Description
dataDir Location of essentially all game files.
dataDir/archives Storage folder for all .ARC and .DIR file pairs
dataDir/archives/blo_eng.arc Copy of dataDir\screen\eng_blo
dataDir/archives/blo_kodomo.arc Copy of dataDir\screen\kodomo_blo
dataDir/archives/blo_otona.arc Copy of dataDir\screen\otona_blo
dataDir/archives/bomb.arc Copy of dataDir\objects\bomb
dataDir/archives/bosses.arc Copy of dataDir\bosses
dataDir/archives/bridges.arc Copy of dataDir\objects\bridge
dataDir/archives/effshapes.arc Copy of dataDir\effects\shapes
dataDir/archives/fl_water.dir Copy of dataDir\objects\fl_water
dataDir/archives/gates.arc Copy of dataDir\objects\gate
dataDir/archives/goal.arc Copy of dataDir\objects\goal
dataDir/archives/pelletsbin.arc Copy of dataDir\objects\pellets (.BIN files only)
dataDir/archives/pikihead.arc Copy of dataDir\objects\pikihead
dataDir/archives/plants.arc Copy of dataDir\objects\plants
dataDir/archives/rope.arc Copy of dataDir\objects\rope
dataDir/archives/tekikey.arc Copy of dataDir\tekikeys
dataDir/archives/tekipara.arc Copy of dataDir\tekipara
dataDir/archives/tekis.arc Copy of dataDir\tekis
dataDir/archives/ufopartsbin.arc Copy of dataDir\objects\ufoparts
dataDir/archives/water.arc Copy of dataDir\objects\water
dataDir/archives/weeks.arc Copy of dataDir\objects\weeds
dataDir/objects\plants/conversion.lnk Shortcut to Z:\conversion\courses\plants. Purpose is unknown[unsure]
dataDir/camera Seems to contains per-camera-ters (3 versions)[unsure]
dataDir/bosses Unused in the final game. Used in Windows x86 Debugger
dataDir/cinemas Contains (copies of) models and animations used in cutscenes, along with other stuff
dataDir/cinemas/opening.cin Used on for title screen?[unsure]
dataDir/cinemas/opening.ini Used on for title screen?[unsure]
dataDir/courses .MOD files for gameplay areas
dataDir/ghost/record.gst Mysterious file. What does this do??[unsure]
dataDir/intro Area names when landing, et cetera[unsure]
dataDir/MovieData Prerendered video in H4M format
dataDir/savedata/test.card Memory card defaults?[unsure]
dataDir/SndData/Seqs/pikiseq.arc The one ARC file that isn't like the rest (no partner DIR file)
dataDir/stages Contains GEN files for all stages[unsure]
config.ini A big let-down
dataDir/build.map An actual symbol map, unlike a certain sequel
sysBootup.exe Development tool left on the disk. For more info, see TCRF.net
Credits: Minty_Meeo