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Internal names, and ID numbers used in Pikmin


ID Object Internal Name
0x00 Yellow Wollywog frog
0x01 Iwagen iwagen
0x02 Rolling Boulder iwagon
0x03 Dwarf Bulborb chappy
0x04 Spotty Bulborb swallow
0x05 Honeywisp Spawner mizigen
0x06 Honeywisp qurione
0x07 Pellet Posy palm
0x08 Breadbug collec
0x09 Puffstool kinoko
0x0A Pearly Clamclamp (Shell) shell
0x0B Swooping Snitchbug napkid
0x0C Breadbug Nest hollec
0x0D Pearly Clamclamp (Pearl) pearl
0x0E Pearly Clamclamp (Ship Part) rocpe
0x0F Fiery Blowhog tank
0x10 Puffy Blowhog mar
0x11 Armored Cannon Beetle beatle
0x12 Female Sheargrub kabekuiA
0x13 Male Sheargrub kabekuiB
0x14 Shearwig kabekuiC
0x15 Giant Egg tamago
0x16 Smokey Progg dororo
0x17 Fire Geyser hibaA
0x18 Mamuta miurin
0x19 Wogpole otama
0x1A Cut Enemy (crashes) usuba
0x1B  ? (crashes) yamash3
0x1C  ? (crashes) yamash4
0x1D  ? (crashes) yamash5
0x1E Water Dumple namazu
0x1F Dwarf Bulbear chappb
0x20 Spotty Bulbear swallob
0x21 White Wollywog frow
0x22  ? (found in string table) nakata1


I don't actually fully understand these guys, so they're subject to change and don't have spawn IDs currently.

I think that the two unknown bosses are just parts of Goolix, but with names like that, I'm not sure. I'm not even sure of the purpose of this list I pulled out of the string table.

ID Object Internal Name
Beady Long Legs boss:Spider
 ? boss:Giant
Burrowing Snagret (detection sphere) boss:Snake
Burrowing Snagret (detection prism) boss:TwSnake
Emperor Bulblax boss:King
Goolix (?) boss:Slime
Iridescent Flint Beetle boss:Kogane
Candypop Bud boss:Pom
kingback (Emperor Bulblax back?) boss:KingBack
Water Geyser boss:Mizu
 ? boss:XXX3


Coming soon

Credits: Minty_Meeo