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key.bin is a general parameter file located in /dataDir/parms/. It is responsible for the mapping of inputs from controller port 1 to actions performable by Olimar.


Offset Descriptor Value Purpose
0x00 投げ 0x00001000 Throw Pikmin / Punch
0x04 集合カーソル 0x00002000 Whistle
0x08 抜き 0x00001000 Flavor text (ship parts and checking ship status)
0x0C アタック 0x00001000 Deprecated punch trigger?[unsure]
0x10 解散 0x00004000 Dismiss Pikmin
0x14 メニュー 0x00008000 Deprecated radar screen trigger?[unsure]

Values for detecting controller input[edit]

The following are the values used to detect of individual controller inputs. Boxes left empty are invalid controller inputs

Value Controller Input
0x00000000 Nothing
0x00000001 C-Stick left
0x00000002 C-Stick right
0x00000004 C-Stick up
0x00000008 C-stick down
0x00000100 D-Pad left
0x00000200 D-Pad right
0x00000400 D-Pad up
0x00000800 D-Pad down
0x00001000 A button
0x00002000 B button
0x00004000 X button
0x00008000 Y button
0x00010000 Z trigger
0x00020000 L trigger
0x00040000 R trigger
0x00080000 Control Stick up
0x00100000 Control Stick right
0x00200000 Control Stick down
0x00400000 Control Stick left
0x01000000 START button


Adding hexadecimal values together causes multiple buttons to be usable for a single action (i.e. 0x00016000 will make the B button, X button, and Z trigger all cause the same action). This suggests that the translation of controller input to in-game actions is done with bitwise operator masking.

The values in the table above match the values found at 0x80495d18 when controller input is given.

Parameter 0x08 only functions when set to the same button as parameter 0x00.

This file does not control:

  • Any menu navigation whatsoever
  • The radar screen (Y Button)
  • Moving Olimar (Control Stick)
  • Swarming pikmin (C-Stick)
  • Camera controls (L, R, and Z triggers)
  • Interacting with Onion nor SS Dolphin spotlights (A button)
  • Pausing the game (Start button)
  • Laying down (D-Pad)
Credits: Minty_Meeo