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STB files contain cutscene data in Pikmin 2.

STB File Format[edit]

Overview: Contains cutscene information. File may include data for spawning objects, assigning particle systems, calling animations, grabbing text ids for textboxes, transitions between scenes, rendering cutscene exclusive BMDs.

Header: 0x00 (4 char) - Magicword, “STB ” 0x04 (4 char) - BOM (FEFF), data read in big endian 0x06 (uint16) - unknown 0x08 (uint32) - size of file in bytes 0x0C (uint32) - object count 0x10 (8 char) - unknown string, “jstudio” 0X18 (uint32) - unknown 0X1C (uint32) - unknown

Objects: JFVBFVB - Camera translations, rotation values, keyframes? And such 0x00 (8 char) - String, “JFVBFVB ” 0X08 (4 char) - BOM (FEFF), data read in big endian 0x0A (uint16) - unknown, set as 0x0100 0X0C (uint32) - size of data in subsection as bytes 0x10 (uint32) - Number of batches 0x14 (uint32) - ? ~Start of data~ (length depends on number batches and its contents) 0x18 (uint16) - 0x1A (uint16) - 0x1C (uint16) - 0x1E (uint16) - 0x20 (float32)

JCMR - JStudio Camera Manager, defines camera parameters and lengths of each cut in frame? 0x00 (4 char) - String, JCMR 0x04 (uint32) - Set to 7 0x08 (8 char) - String, camera

JMSG - JStudio Message, triggers text box messages and pulling contents from BMG by index IDs.

JACT - JStudio Actor, Cueing of animations? JSND - JStudio Sound, Cueing of sounds? Particle emitters? Queueing of particles?