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This is a list of STX files inside the disc in Pikmin. They can be found in /dataDir/SndData.

Files identical to the ones found in the Revision 1 Mix are omitted for clarity.



Filename Song Revision 1 Mix Revision 2 Mix EU mix
badend0.stx Bad & Neutral ending part 1
badend1.stx Bad ending part 2
badend2.stx Bad ending part 3
compend0.stx Good ending part 1
compend1.stx Good ending part 2
d_end1.stx End of day
d_end3.stx End of day (unfortunate)
fanf5.stx New High Score! (Challenge Mode)
happyend1.stx Neutral ending part 2
o_dead.stx Olimar is down! & Pikmin extinction!
onion.stx Onion boot-up
opening.stx Opening cutscene
piki.stx UNUSED


JPN Demo, JPN v1.01, and EU Demo all use the Revision 1 Mix.

JPN v1.02, USA Demo, USA v1.00, and USA v1.01 all use the Revision 2 Mix.

PAL v1.00 uses the EU Mix, which borrows musical cues from the Revision 2 Mix.