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Welcome to the Pikmin Technical Knowledge Base!

A wiki dedicated to modifying Pikmin games.


For years, Pikmin fans have united to document the inner workings of their favorite franchise. This wiki's goal is to document their findings. Links to sub-wikis dedicated to each game can be found below. Information relevant to multiple games can be found on this page as well. Partners:

What this wiki is not

  • It's not a wiki about pirating Pikmin games.
  • It's not a file-sharing service.
  • It's not a wiki where you document...
    • Canon content. Try Pikipedia instead.
    • Fan-made content. Try Pikmin Fanon instead.
    • Unused content or regional differences. Try TCRF instead.
  • It's not an official source of info. The information here is mostly obtained via experimenting, and is subject to change as new discoveries are made.


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