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Pikmin 2 particle emitters are defined in JPC files. The following is a list of all particles within eff2d_world_map.jpc, as well as what particle emitters and particle textures they contain.


Found in /user/Ebisawa/effect/eff2d_world_map.jpc.

Particle emitters[edit]

ID Description Internal name Looping Texture ID used Image
0000 Onion sparkles --- True #3 WorldMap0.png
0001 Ship exhaust smoke --- False #4 WorldMap1.png
0002 Ship sparks --- True #5 WorldMap2.png
0003 Ship glow --- True #6 WorldMap3.png
0004 New area unlocked colored sparkle --- True #1 WorldMap4.png
0005 New area unlocked light beam --- False #2 WorldMap5.png
0006 New area unlocked white sparkle --- False #2 WorldMap6.png
0007 Rare background comet --- True #7 and #6 WorldMap7.png
0008 Comets when Wistful Wild is first unlocked --- False #7 and #6 WorldMap8.png

Particle textures[edit]

TextureID File name Image
#0 IP2_glowline_i IP2 glowline i.bti.png
#1 IP2_indwp2_ia IP2 indwp2 ia.bti.png
#2 IP2_glow2_i IP2 glow2 i.bti.png
#3 IP2_star5_i IP2 star5 i.png
#4 IP2_kemuri6_ia IP2 kemuri6 ia.png
#5 IP2_hire2_ia IP2 hire2 ia.bti.png
#6 IP2_glow1_i IP2 glow1 i.bti.png
#7 IP2_star4_ia IP2 star4 ia.bti.png