Pikmin enemy parameter file format

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Pikmin's enemy parameter data is stored in /dataDir/archives/tekipara.arc.

Entry format[edit]

This is the format of each entry in the file. The order of the entries can be found in /dataDir/archives/tekipara.dir.

Each one is separated by several bytes with the value CC.

The HP is a 4-byte floating point number.


The following is the location in the file for each enemy's data.

To do: Check those last two, as they don't quite make sense.

Enemy Start HP
Armored Cannon Beetle 0x0000 0x0074
Dwarf Bulbear 0x0160 0x01D8
Dwarf Bulborb 0x02C0 0x0338
Breadbug 0x0420 0x0498
Smoky Progg 0x05A0 0x0618
Yellow Wollywog 0x0700 0x0778
Wollywog 0x0880 0x08F8
Fire geyser 0x0A00 0x0A68
Breadbug hole 0x0B60 0x0BC8
Rock generator 0x0C80 0x0CE8
Rock 0x0DA0 0x0E08
Female Sheargrub 0x0EE0 0x0F54
Male Sheargrub 0x1040 0x10B4
Shearwig 0x11A0 0x1214
Puffstool 0x1320 0x139C
Puffy Blowhog 0x14A0 0x1520
Mamuta 0x1620 0x16A0
??? 0x1780 0x17F8
Water Dumple 0x18C0 0x1938
Swooping Snitchbug 0x1A20 0x1A98
Wogpole 0x1BA0 0x1C14
Pellet Posy 0xAD00 0x1D74
Pearly Clamclamp with pearl 0x1E60 0x1ED4
Honeywisp 0x1FA0 0x2014
Pearly Clamclamp with PG 0x2120 0x2194
Empty Pearly Clamclamp 0x2260 0x22D8
Spotty Bulbear 0x23C0 0x2434
Red Bulborb 0x2520 0x2590
Smoky Progg egg 0x2680 0x26F4
Fiery Blowhog 0x27E0 0x2854
??? ??? 0x28E8
??? ??? 0x29B4
Credits: Dude30500