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otakara_config.txt is a file that dictates non-Exploration Kit treasure properties in Pikmin 2. item_config.txt is a similar file that lists all Exploration Kit treasures. This page will explain both files.

To find them, go to /user/Abe/Pellet/<region>, where you will see a list of several .szs files. Look for the one named pelletlist_<region>. Extract this file to get several text files, including otakara_config.txt and item_config.txt. The files /user/Abe/Pellet/<region>/otakara_config.txt and /user/Abe/Pellet/<region>/item_config.txt are unused by the game.


The first line that's not a comment indicates the number of entries.

Then come a series of blocks, starting and ending with curly braces – each block is a treasure. Each has a series of properties, one per line, and ends with just the word end. The following properties exist:

Property Description
name The internal name of the treasure (used when spawning treasures in caves).
archive Name of the .szs archive containing the model, in /user/Abe/pellet/region.
bmd Name of the .bmd model within the .szs archive.
animmgr File name of the animation manager in otakara_texts.szs.
colltree Name of the collision text file in otakara_texts.szs.
radius Collision processing radius?[unsure]
p_radius Radius of shadow and where Pikmin pick up the treasure base.
height Height offset of the treasure model.
inertiascaling A number that relates to the moment of inertia, i.e., how much it resists angular change. Higher values translates to higher resistance and reduced wobbling intensity.
particletype Unknown[unsure].
numparticles Unknown[unsure].
particlesize Unknown[unsure].
friction Likely unused.[unsure]
min Minimum Pikmin strength needed to carry.
max Maximum number of Pikmin that can carry.
pikicountmax Unused. Number of Pikmin treasure produces. Leftover data from pellet files.
pikicountmin Unused. Same as previous.
dynamics A value related to treasure collision. This is set to "lod" for most treasures, but "never" when the treasure weighs 1.
money Number of Pokos the treasure is worth.
unique If set to no, the treasure will always appear, even if it is already collected.
code Most treasures have a code of 0, but treasures with a code of 1 cannot be grabbed by breadbugs. Exploration kit treasures use a code of 2.[unsure]
dictionary Spot placement in the Treasure Hoard.
depth This and the next values are how you make treasures buried.
depth_max Depth is the most important for this.[unsure]
depth_a These seem to be radii the Pikmin make around the object as they dig it out.[unsure]
depth_b Same as previous.
depth_c Same as previous.
depth_d Same as previous.
message Controls the ID of the ship's announcement message. If not present, no message loads, as is the case with all normal (non-Exploration Kit) treasures.


The following is the example of an entry.

	name		ahiru
	archive		ahiru.szs
	bmd		    ahiru.bmd
	animmgr		animmgr.txt
	colltree	collInfo.txt
	radius		     35
	p_radius		 35
	height		     25
	inertiascaling	500
	particletyp  simple
	numparticles  8
	particlesize  1
	friction	0.1
	min		      8
	max		     15
	pikicountmax  0
	pikicountmin  0
	dynamics	lod
	money		 90
	unique		yes
	code	      0
	dictionary	129
	depth		  0
	depth_max	 25
	depth_a		 15
	depth_b		 20
	depth_c		 37
	depth_d		 37