Pikmin 2 otakara config.txt

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Found under /user/Abe/<region> is a list of several .szs files. Look for the one named pelletlist_<region>; can be pelletlist_us.szs, pelletlist_pal.szs or pelletlist_jpn.szs. Extract this file to get several txt files, including otakara_config.txt. Inside otakara_config.txt are several blocks that look like the following:

	name		ahiru # The internal name of the treasure (used when spawning treasures in caves)
	archive		ahiru.szs # name of the .szs archive containing the model, ins user/Abe/pellet/region
	bmd		    ahiru.bmd # Name of the .bmd model within the .szs archive
	animmgr		animmgr.txt # File name of the animation mangager in otakara_texts.szs
	colltree	collInfo.txt # name of the collision text file in otakara_texts.szs
	radius		     35 # Radius where pikmin pick up the treasure base.
	p_radius		 35 # Radius of the shadow the treasure makes
	height		     25 # height offset of the treasure model.
	inertiascaling	500 # has to do with ground collision. higher values = more stable
	particletyp  simple # (?)
	numparticles  8 # (?)
	particlesize  1 # (?)
	friction	0.1 # Likely unused.
	min		      8 # Min number of Pikmin needed to carry.
	max		     15 # Max number of Pikmin that can carry.
	pikicountmax  0 # Number of Pikmin treasure produces. Leftover data from similar files.
	pikicountmin  0 # Same as above.
	dynamics	lod # (?)
	money		 90 # Number of pokos the treasure is worth.
	unique		yes # if set to no, the treasure will always appear no matter what.
	code	      0 # (?)
	dictionary	129 # Spot placement in the Treasure Horde
	depth		  0 # This and the next values are how you make treasures buried.
	depth_max	 25 # depth is the most important for this.
	depth_a		 15 # these seem to be radii the pikmin make around the object as they unbury it.
	depth_b		 20 # ^
	depth_c		 37 # ^
	depth_d		 37 # ^