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To do: There is an undescribed parameter, meaning that the order is potentially incorrect!

naviMgr.bin is a labeled parameter file located in /dataDir/parms/. In it are several parameters pertaining Captain Olimar, who is internally referred to as navi.



Label Descriptor Value Purpose
s00 friction 1.00
s01 wallReflection 0.50
s02 faceDirAdjust 0.50 Rate at which model rotates
s03 accel 0.10 Acceleration time (larger=slower accel)
s04 bounceFactor 0.30 Bounciness
p00 アクション半径 25.00
p60 連続抜き距離 200.00
p01 ピキ呼び最大半径 90.00 Whistle ending radius
p53 ピキ呼び最小半径 5.00 Whistle starting radius
p02 ピキ呼び最大時間 0.18 Whistle transition timer
p03 サークル消え時間 1.00 Whistle holding timer
p04 移動速度 160.00
p56 走る速さ(好調時) 160.00 Movement top speed
p38 表示スケール 1.20 Olimar size
p05 Stick 0 0.001 Control Stick distances?[unsure]
p20 Stick 01 0.10 Control Stick distances?[unsure]
p06 Stick 1 0.80 Control Stick distances?[unsure]
p07 Stick 2 1.00 Control Stick distances?[unsure]
p08 すべり角度 120.00
p09 投げため限界時間 2.50
p10 投げ距離(Max) 140.00
p11 投げ距離(Min) 140.00
p24 投げ高さ(Max) 75.00 Normal Pikmin throwing arc height (charged)
p25 投げ高さ(min) 75.00 Normal Pikmin throwing arc height (uncharged)
p54 投げ高さ(黄色) 115.00 Yellow Pikmin throwing arc height
p26 着地時間 1.00 Throwing arc multiplier?
p37 ピキをつかむ有効範囲 15.00 Olimar's Pikmin grabbing range
p42 抜くループ回数 0
p39 ピキが待つ範囲 15.00 Olimar's distance from Pikmin formation before it is adjusted
p40 ピキがフォーメーションを変える範囲 40.00
p21 当たりサイズ 8.00 Olimar's hurtbox radius (effects onion spotlights too)
p41 地面当たりサイズ 8.50 Olimar's collision radius (XZ ovoid?)
p22 重さの逆数 1.00 Olimar's weight (inverse)
p23 エイミング回転スピード 0.03
p14 ASIBUMI 開始スピード 5.00 Walking straight animation rate
p15 WALK 開始スピード 8.00 Animation[unsure]
p16 RUN 開始スピード 20.00 Animation[unsure]
p17 ESCAPE 開始スピード 95.00 Animation[unsure]
p18 WALK 再生フレーム数(min) 60.00 Animation[unsure]
p19 WALK 再生フレーム数(max) 90.00 Animation[unsure]
p27 RUN 再生フレーム数(min) 40.00 Animation[unsure]
p28 RUN 再生フレーム数(max) 60.00 Animation[unsure]
p29 ESCAPE 再生フレーム数(min) 60.00 Animation[unsure]
p30 ESCAPE 再生フレーム数(max) 90.00 Animation[unsure]
p31 つぶれ総時間 2.00 Animation[unsure]
p32 ぺったんこ時間 1.00 Flattened animation duration
p33 押し開始時間 0.80
p34 押し開始スティック量 0.30
p35 手ぶれ防止角度 10.00
p36 手ぶれ防止大きさ 0.10
p48 0.85
p49 ピキがしびれを切らす時間 5.00
p43 ニュートラルスティック 0.10
p44 カーソル移動スティック 0.65
p48 クランプスティック 0.85
p45 カーソル移動最小半径 0.00 Cursor movement radius (Min) (Inconsistent) (Contributes to starting distance)
p46 カーソル移動最大半径 100.00 Cursor movement radius (Max)
p47 カーソル移動スピード 300.00 Cursor movement speed
p50 ライフ 100.00 Olimar's health
p51 攻撃力 10.00 Olimar's punch damage
p52 攻撃範囲 10.00 Olimar's punch radius
p55 カーソルカウント 1
p57 kinoko Flick Count 3 Maximum[unsure] number of complete rotations needed to flick Mushroom Pikmin off Olimar
p58 bury Key Count 2
p59 bury Exit Count 2
p61 寄りカメラズームアウト(frame) 80 Frames of delay before [Attention] camera setting ceases after rapid-plucking ends


Parameter grouping p14 to p30 appears to be a set of controls for animations.

There are groupings of parameters that appear to be Control Stick deadzones.

An unused mechanic can be re-enabled by modifying parameter p24. This mechanic allows for Pikmin to be thrown higher when held for longer. The "charging" stops shortly after the Pikmin stops humming.

Olimar uses the global parameters s00-s04. Olimar, Pikmin, and bosses are the only objects to use them.

Credits: Minty_Meeo