Pikmin prefs parameters

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prefs.bin is a labeled parameter file located in /dataDir. It goes completely unused.

It appears similar to key.bin. Could this be an earlier version?

Parameter s17 appears to be a string length indicator for the "blah" left just before the Null Byte Partition. Since the file is deprecated, however, there is no way to say for sure.


Local Parms[edit]

Label Offset Value
s00 1
s05 2
s06 1
s01 1
s03 1
s02 1
s04 1
s12 1
s07 1
s13 1
s16 1
s14 1
s08 1
s09 1
s10 1
s11 1
s15 1
s17 4
0x90 blah
Credits: Minty_Meeo