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This article lists all folders and noteworthy files in Pikmin 2. Yellow rows are folders, and blue rows are files.

To do: Figure all of these out and link them to the relevant pages.

Entry Description
AudioRes Audio: music, instruments and sound effects.
AudioRes/Banks Sound effect and instrument files.
AudioRes/BgmList.txt List of songs used in the game.
AudioRes/Conductor.arc Some .cnd files about the songs in the game.
AudioRes/Key.arc .bas files that supposedly link the enemy's actions to the corresponding sound effects. There's also an enemy.prj file.
AudioRes/PSound.aaf Unknown.
AudioRes/PSound.asn Unknown.
AudioRes/Seqs Sequenced music (like MIDI files).
AudioRes/Stream Streamed (non-sequenced) music.
banner Presumably the game banners, on the GameCube menu, for each language.
enemy Enemy data.
enemy/common Contains enemyCommon.szs. Models of the rocks used in petrification.
enemy/data Enemy and plant models and animations.
enemy/enemyResList.txt List with enemy resource file paths.
enemy/parm Contains enemyParms.szs. Enemy settings (collisions, animations, ultra-bitter petrification models, misc.).
gameConfig.ini Game settings.
memoryCard Contains memoryCardHeader.szs. Something about memory cards (banner.dat and icon.dat)
message Fonts and text strings for all languages/regions.
new_screen Menu resources, in all languages.
opening.bnr Game banner
pikmin2*P.MAP Unknown. The filename is pikmin2UP.MAP in the US version, pikmin2PP.MAP in the European version, and pikmin2JP.MAP in the Japanese version.
thp Pre-rendered videos.
timeStamp*.txt Build dates. File names are still a bit unclear.
user/Abe/cave Lighting settings.
user/Abe/item Minor settings for some objects (clog, bridge, geyser, plant, rock, treasure).
user/Abe/map Area settings, test map and Piklopedia areas included (routes, lighting, ...)
user/Abe/Pellet Treasure models and some configuration files.
user/Abe/Pellet/*/carcass_config.txt Unused enemy corpse settings (plus leader carrying). The used settings are in /user/Abe/Pellet/*/pelletlist_*.szs.
user/Abe/Pellet/*/item_config.txt Unused Exploration Kit + The Key settings. The used settings are in /user/Abe/Pellet/*/pelletlist_*.szs.
user/Abe/Pellet/*/item_texts.szs Unused Exploration Kit + The Key collisions and animations settings. The used settings are in /user/Abe/Pellet/*/pelletlist_*.szs.
user/Abe/Pellet/*/otakara_config.txt Unused treasure settings. The used settings are in /user/Abe/Pellet/*/pelletlist_*.szs.
user/Abe/Pellet/*/otakara_texts.txt Unused treasure collision and animation settings. The used settings are in /user/Abe/Pellet/*/pelletlist_*.szs.
user/Abe/Pellet/*/pelletlist_*.szs Carriable thing (treasure, leader, enemy corpse, Exploration Kit + The Key) settings.
user/Abe/piki Pikmin and leader settings.
user/Abe/stages.txt Area listing.
user/Abe/time Day time settings.
user/Abe/vs 2-Player Battle stage settings (list of cave units for every pattern)
user/Ebisawa/card_e_reader e-Reader stuff? (.dwn format)
user/Ebisawa/effect Visual effects? (.jpc format)
user/Ebisawa/testdata Test stuff?
user/Ebisawa/testdata/_2D Old menus?
user/Ebisawa/title Title screens
user/Kando/aiConstants.txt Some constants (gravity, spray berries needed, debt, camera angle (FOV?)).
user/Kando/bridge Bridge models.
user/Kando/develop Some development tool resources?
user/Kando/effect Visual effects? Contains Onion beam animations.
user/Kando/map Area models and route/hitbox settings, including Piklopedia / Treasure Hoard, as well as water and the cave vrboxes (skyboxes).
user/Kando/mizu.bti Unknown texture.
user/Kando/objects Model and animation for some objects (clog, bridge, holes, gates, nectar, geyser, mold, Pikmin head, spiderworts, "rock", Ujadani, nectar weed).
user/Kando/onyon Onion model and animations.
user/Kando/piki Model and animations for the cursor, Pikmin and leaders.
user/Kando/pod* Research Pod model and animations.
user/Kando/resulttex Old Treasure Hoard icons.
user/Kando/texCaster Unknown texture.
user/Kando/ufo* Ship model and animations.
user/Kando/vstex 2-Player Battle Roulette icons and other minor HUD textures.
user/Kando/zukan Slightly simpler version of the test level.
user/Koono Space mail stuff.
user/Matoba/challenge Challenge mode level settings, used and unused.
user/Matoba/resulttex Treasure Hoard icons.
user/Mukki/mapunits/arc Cave unit models and settings.
user/Mukki/mapunits/caveinfo Cave settings.
user/Mukki/mapunits/units Cave unit lists.
user/Mukki/movie In-game cutscenes.
user/Nishimura/Camera Camera settings.
user/Nishimura/Rumble Rumble settings.
user/Nishimura/Shadow Shadow settings.
user/Totaka Music settings.
user/Wakai Some text files related to music?
user/Yamashita/arc Boot screens.
user/Yamashita/enemytex Piklopedia icons.
user/Yamashita/zukan Some settings for the Piklopedia/Treasure Hoard areas.
*gameConfig.ini Alternative game configuration files.