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Welcome to the Pikmin Technical Knowledge Base!

A wiki dedicated to the internal files in Pikmin games.


Throughout the years, Pikmin fans have tinkered with the files inside the games in order to better learn how they work, and to create custom content. Since there are a lot of nuances in every little thing, and since newcomers to the concept of file editing show up all the time, this wiki was created with the purpose of serving as a knowledge base for all that the fans know!


What this wiki is not

  • It's not a wiki about pirating Pikmin games.
  • It's not a file-sharing service.
  • It's not a wiki where you document...
    • Canon content. Try Pikipedia instead.
    • Fan-made content. Try Pikmin Fanon instead.
    • Unused content or regional differences. Try TCRF instead.
  • It's not an official source of info. The information here is mostly obtained via experimenting, and is subject to change as new discoveries are made.

Global information

Global info

Game-specific information

(and New Play Control! Pikmin)
Pikmin 2
(and New Play Control! Pikmin 2)
Pikmin 3
(and Pikmin 3 Deluxe)
Hey! Pikmin Pikmin 4
File lists
Particle effects
Stage generation
File formats

Explanations and Notes